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  1. No he wasn't doing the right thing. The right thing would be to pull over, stop then use the phone
  2. Was there a genuine reason Rob or just a clash of egos?
  3. Apology accepted. I don't think you have a commercial licence to appreciate that (just a f'rinstance) Vs increases in a turn etc etc I take it that one wooshed right over your head
  4. Ah the secret world of government eh
  5. Pretty obvious really. Someone with a pilot's licence will know a bit more about flying than the average local radio dj. Apologies, he never mentioned him being a commercial pilot
  6. That would be the worst of all the options. With Klopp driving, you'd look like you were going forward, only to go backwards a bit and then realise that you've actually gone nowhere at all. oh dear....another deluded united fan
  7. I think the local radio dj's got a pilots licence innit? Your point being?.... I can drive but that doesn't make me a road infrastructure expert (mind you, compared to the dept of Incompetence, I probably am)
  8. So an aviation expert thinks it is feasible whilst a local radio dj says its nonsense.......
  9. Its simple enough....if the moaners on here are so anti this new taxi firm than pay for your own transport. Simples
  10. Stick with Oasis, you can't go wrong
  11. Why? From the Traffic lights to Greensills Corner, if you want to avoid the bumps and hollows, the newly laid tarmac hugs the tram lines. Not sure why the didn't just widen that section and tarmac the whole bit. They seem to have done that on the landward side of that section.
  12. Do you really stand by that ridiculous comment?
  13. There used to be a plastics factory on the Ballasalla estate that dealt with this sort of thing. I remember working for a haulage company many moons ago and bringing in a top of the range machine for recycling plastic
  14. Jeez, having seen some of the language on this forum, yours must have been something special
  15. Not sure what they were thinking when they re-laid the bit of road opposite the Villa gardens on the seaward side
  16. The only thing this achieves is giving the MHK's a rosy we care feeling
  17. It is probably because the kids with Special Education Needs are centralised there rather than dotted around schools which are not resourced to teach them? Which makes perfect sense. Why stretch what little resources are available?
  18. Unbelievable. If you were a fish Richard, you wouldn't last a minute
  19. Your experience on the matter would be what exactly? I'm with Richard on this one
  20. Neil Down

    MLC'S ROLE ?

    Did you miss the word "enforce"?
  21. Neil Down

    MLC'S ROLE ?

    It's alright having these laws......how about enforcing them more stringently.
  22. Darts Festival? I thought it was the Rob Callister road show
  23. Could never understand why he never received a much deserved knighthood
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