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  1. Hardly a glowing testimony, it's akin to dilli's character references...
  2. Is this because you are too fat to get onto a bicycle?
  3. talking of which, where is our resident forum loon
  4. Damn - now I'll have to buy toilet paper...
  5. You're not from round here are you?
  6. Neil Down

    Death & Dying

    It is definitely not an art
  7. It's football as a whole Declan. It's no longer the sport it used to be. it is now purely a business cash cow for those at the top. Not so for grass root level sadly
  8. we'll have to stay, that monorail won't build itself...
  9. Footballers have been out of touch with society for a good many years...
  10. RC update - he’s now offering advice contradictory to what is on the Government website and stating his is the correct version. Pure comedy gold
  11. Not at all. I am currently working from home and go out once a day for a hours exercise cycle. Not on the roads though
  12. Should have learned to drive a lot better then...
  13. why, we are allowed to go out for exercise
  14. Protection from Eviction get's my vote
  15. Because he, like others voted in are total dicks...
  16. If you look like this, you got your wiring wrong...
  17. He’s now putting out updates under his own name. Does this prick ever know when to shut the fuck up?
  18. I recommend the ketchup bottle for a good read
  19. To be fair, the taxpayers have not had any say in what the fuckwits did with the money...
  20. This could be the perfect "get out" clause...
  21. Love the sentence "to help flatten out the curve" priceless
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