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  1. They're knocking it down as we speak, so hopefully...
  2. Neil Down


    You can hardly hold the Americans up as a shining beacon to the English language
  3. Didn't read the whole piece but as they didn't do anything offensive...
  4. It will never be better than your wife's moustache...
  5. So they are idiots for airing their views. I think you'll find that a tribunal will hold up their claim. You can't be sacked for airing your views. Seems like their respective employers have jumped on the "appease" bandwagon
  6. Hopefully the couple will sue their respective employers then
  7. Not what you said at all.
  8. Interesting change of views. Monday you were accusing me of being a racist for calling out BLM... Still awaiting an apology for that accusation
  9. Why would you label somebody racist because they don't agree with BLM? The whole thing has gone to hell in a handcart thanks to the radicals among them. Drop the whole BLM concept and just concentrate on trying to make the world a better place by eradicating racism altogether
  10. Instead of posting on here, shouldn't you be back at school...
  11. Not even a dip of the head...
  12. Neil Down


    At least it gives us something to smile about...
  13. Still nope, nope and nope. So as to save you looking for other kneeling options, i can confirm that the only kneeling I won't be doing is for BLM related garbage
  14. a squat at my age would have dire consequences...
  15. succinct and to the point...
  16. Nothing compares to real face to face meetings but whilst there is an element of uncertainty, Zoom is adequate
  17. What would you class as essential business though?
  18. I would suggest that keeping them shut until the end of August would be ideal. We have no tourism to lose. Businesses on the island can video conference. Lots of businesses we deal with world wide actually admire the Island for keeping the borders closed.
  19. You are definitely proof of that...
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