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  1. People thought Shitebook was bad for rumour monger it...
  2. I think he's XL, wouldn't do him any harm to miss a meal...
  3. Still a pigeon's breeding ground now isn't it?
  4. For the love of god - no... just no
  5. Agree, my son wanted to start his own business and had most things in place. Dodged a potential bullet though as given the current climate he's put this on hold
  6. But it went through?
  7. Hmmm - Rog goes missing at the same time as Sir Nige, what a to do!!!
  8. This clown is currently offering transport advice over on FB, what a total bellend
  9. I would hope that nobody loses their home over this. Banks appear to be going the extra mile to help out. Private landlords should do the same. We are all caught up in this vicious circle...
  10. You'd think the newsagents would start offering free delivery of papers to the elderly and vunerable
  11. How are we supposed to tell the difference...
  12. Woman in on Friday night trying to buy 90 packs of UHT milk. Reason - her kids like the taste...
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