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  1. Mr Jones. A film based on real events, the dramatic thriller "Gareth Jones" tells the tale of a British investigative journalist as he travels deep into the Soviet Union to uncover an international conspiracy. His life-or-death journey inspires George Orwell's "Animal Farm". Well worth watching
  2. In your utopian world that would be ideal. The real danger is somebody in DC growing a pair and moving tenants that no longer require 3/4 bedroomed properties into these new flats. With that will come the cars they own...
  3. So you are basing this on once a tenant moves in then it's theirs for life as long as they don't own a car...get a grip for heavens sake. Tenants will move in and at some point in time may purchase cars. At that point there's nothing the corpy can or will do about it and you'll end up with more on street parking
  4. So on the application for housing will they be inserting the question "do you own or ever intend owning a vehicle?"
  5. You’re wasting your time mate, some people just love to revel in panic mode...
  6. Shame they don’t chase the feckin terrorists with the same vigor...
  7. The point of this topic is what exactly?
  8. Unfortunately, you may well be correct... unless of course a more suitable candidate stands in Onchan... like a tree stump or something
  9. Thought that investigation had been swept under the carpet...
  10. Wrong... the police are in a position of trust. If they break the law their punishment should reflect this
  11. He didn't do too badly out of it. One of them move to Australia IIRC
  12. We already knew you lived there...
  13. I may just move to Douglas South just to vote for him. Tynwald would be well worth listening to if he gets in. Who's going to be his publicity agent - Vader?
  14. just a pity they can't do "proper journalism" on everything instead of just cherry picking the easy stories...
  15. I do hope not...
  16. so offloading the crap that Jackson's take in as part ex?
  17. As previously stated. You get dafter with every new post
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