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  1. For Political beliefs, s15 could be re-worded as ; Do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of ... philosophical belief which includes a reference to a lack of belief This seems quite wide to me. What more do you want? I expect the topic is not well documented partly because its tricky and partly because it does not happen very often, the other categories referred to do suffer discrimination on a regular basis. The UK has legislation which is similar and guidance says; "Beliefs such as humanism and atheism would be beliefs for the purposes of this provision but adherence to a particular football team would not be."
  2. Isn't it? The operative bit is s15 which says don't be nasty on account of a range of specific issues. One of those issues is "religion or belief". This is defined as; "(1) Religion means any religion and a reference to religion includes a reference to a lack of religion. (2) Belief means any religious or philosophical belief and a reference to belief includes a reference to a lack of belief." I am sure there is much clarification further in the act, in case law and in the various codes but it seems that "philosophical beliefs" are protected characteristics and I can see this causing some difficulty.
  3. Is that right? Surely charitable donations are deductible whatever monies you use to make them. and Professional subs would only be deductible if "wholly, exclusively and necessarily" incurred for business purposes. Would that apply here? Assuming it does, why would using untaxed money to pay the subs deny a right to tax relief?
  4. Co Act 2006 s157 allows for an arrangement to be binding on all shareholders if 75% have agreed (and Court approved) but I can't see this happening in secret with the other 25% being unaware.
  5. On 13th March the Board of Manx Telecom recommended that shareholders accept the deal. https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/LON:MANX/Manx-Telecom/rns/LSE20190313070005_13999832 That transaction appears to have completed on 9 May. https://www.manxtelecom.com/about/media/press-releases-2019/3480-manx-telecom-stronger-with-new-owners-says-ceo How could the shares be sold without the shareholders knowing?
  6. That is why the "Reserve" figures are not very meaningful. The Reserves are one side of the Balance Sheet and they are really just a historical record of how we got here. The other side of the Balance Sheet does include schools and roads, the accounts are correct but these are not money that can be used to pay bills. A Reserve figure of £10bn or £100bn would not be much use to pay bills if all the assets it represented were used tarmac and breakwaters. Those who care need to look at cash, near cash and cash flows. These numbers do look good for now but could get stressed as we move forwards.
  7. What does that figure mean? The Audited figures show that from 2009 to 2018 Total Funds and Reserves of the Govt. fell from £2.7bn to £421m (or from £2.2bn to -£437m if you exclude the NI Fund) Those figures are not cash and liquid assets. They are the bottom half of the Balance Sheet, to be compared with the P&L and Share Capital of a company. Nevertheless the reduction is indicative of a problem. At 31/3/18 the Govt had +500m of cash and a similar figure for Net Current Assets so they/we are a long way from a crisis but there is a long-term issue to be dealt with.
  8. Is a hotel retail and selling goods? These arrangements often involve a separate landlord, operating company, franchisor etc...If so, there may be rent which may be taxable but I am not sure the profits of a hotel trade are taxed as "large retail".
  9. I have tried to be helpful. I apologise if I have failed.
  10. Most will and if a minority were to consider acting otherwise they know they would encounter a grumpy regulator.
  11. I wish I knew who was who but I don't know that I know anyone...except John W.
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