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  1. I applied for compensation after our Easyjet flight from Gatwick was delayed overnight and rescheduled for the following day, (and even that flight was delayed!) I've recently received an email from them saying we are not entitled to compensation. The reasons for the flight disruption was crew issues (the pilot could not fly any more hours that day). According to Easyjet this is classified as an 'extraordinary' event and therefore no compensation can be paid.
  2. Well, I got an 'A' in Biology, 😉
  3. "Parent with a liking for maths", well that's certainly not me! I never managed to pass O' level maths all those years ago, despite trying several times. Maybe I should've had a tutor!
  4. Thanks, sounds intriguing! Will give him a shout.
  5. Can anyone recommend a maths tutor for my struggling child who will be doing gcse maths this June? Many thanks for any assistance.
  6. I've been gripped by 'Serial'. Listened to all of it inside 5 days, and missing it big time now.
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