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  1. I'm guessing, that there are a few of us, that were taught by Pappa Quayle and Mrs Boni.
  2. More a reader....sorry to derail, but didn't think it was worth it's own thread
  3. I also remember Geoff Duke selling Auto Union aka Audi, but who was the first Audi dealer?
  4. I can however, remember seeing the old Renault 4 at the Brown Bobby
  5. Kingswood is coming back to me, and the Coop....Don't remember the Triumph dealer or Hamills, or Santon Motors
  6. I remember Datsun arriving around 1970 at old Woodbourne bakery site
  7. Impressive memory..........Ayre motors, I had totally forgotten.
  8. Even the Bmc split between Mylchreest and Athol eludes me
  9. Not worth a new topic..........but who can name the car dealerships of the 60's/70's? I can recall a few, but not all the obvious ones
  10. No doubt, Boris, or one of his researchers, read her page. Removed shortly afterwards.
  11. If you post information on your Linkedin page, someone may read and quote it.
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