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  1. I really wish, that someone would ask her, what happened to her Linkedin page. It disappeared straight after Boris, or his researcher read it.
  2. I'm guessing, that there are a few of us, that were taught by Pappa Quayle and Mrs Boni.
  3. More a reader....sorry to derail, but didn't think it was worth it's own thread
  4. I also remember Geoff Duke selling Auto Union aka Audi, but who was the first Audi dealer?
  5. I can however, remember seeing the old Renault 4 at the Brown Bobby
  6. Kingswood is coming back to me, and the Coop....Don't remember the Triumph dealer or Hamills, or Santon Motors
  7. I remember Datsun arriving around 1970 at old Woodbourne bakery site
  8. Impressive memory..........Ayre motors, I had totally forgotten.
  9. Even the Bmc split between Mylchreest and Athol eludes me
  10. Not worth a new topic..........but who can name the car dealerships of the 60's/70's? I can recall a few, but not all the obvious ones
  11. No doubt, Boris, or one of his researchers, read her page. Removed shortly afterwards.
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