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  1. More a reader....sorry to derail, but didn't think it was worth it's own thread
  2. I knew I could rely on you........My memory is shot
  3. I also remember Geoff Duke selling Auto Union aka Audi, but who was the first Audi dealer?
  4. I can however, remember seeing the old Renault 4 at the Brown Bobby
  5. Kingswood is coming back to me, and the Coop....Don't remember the Triumph dealer or Hamills, or Santon Motors
  6. I remember Datsun arriving around 1970 at old Woodbourne bakery site
  7. Impressive memory..........Ayre motors, I had totally forgotten.
  8. Even the Bmc split between Mylchreest and Athol eludes me
  9. Not worth a new topic..........but who can name the car dealerships of the 60's/70's? I can recall a few, but not all the obvious ones
  10. No doubt, Boris, or one of his researchers, read her page. Removed shortly afterwards.
  11. If you post information on your Linkedin page, someone may read and quote it.
  12. So..what do they know in Brussels?
  13. http://brusselstimes.com/brussels/14753/radiation-concerns-halt-brussels-5g-for-now
  14. Stitch


    Maybe suicide was nothing to do with the show
  15. Stitch


    It emerged on Tuesday that Mr Dymond had been the subject of an arrest warrant after he failed to attend a court hearing for non-payment of a fine. He was originally ordered to pay nearly £6,000 in compensation to two finance companies in 1997 at Poole Magistrates' Court. And in February, Mr Dymond had been due to attend a hearing at Southampton Magistrates' Court for the non-payment of a fine of £4,329. After he failed to attend the hearing, a warrant was issued for his arrest
  16. Going back to the original Sweeney reference...I can't stop smiling at the muppet wpc in the Joey Barton clip on Sky. https://news.sky.com/story/police-stop-joey-barton-from-leaving-ground-after-alleged-assault-11692884
  17. Wow.....I had forgotten about Chicken Maryland
  18. I recall Candyland...but that was earlier...late 60's.
  19. I have no idea, if he was evil, before he got involved with drugs....but they certainly didn't help.
  20. It is 'highly likely' to be a coincidence........Chief nursing officer in the British army Abigail McCourt was with her family when she saw the 66-year-old former KGB spy and his daughter collapsed on a bench at the Maltings shopping centre in Salisbury on the afternoon of 5 March last year. The 16-year-old thought Sergei Skripal had suffered a heart attack and alerted her mother, Alison, who is an army colonel, and chief nursing officer, and they went to administer first aid.
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