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  1. Just driven along the prom in glorious sunshine at 11.30... Counted 50 guys in high vis... Approx 30 actually working and not just talking and pointing... Colour me surprised, at this rate we might finish in 2025!
  2. It's a small job for their parent company who should be able to advise them
  3. The lack of forward planning from both the DOI and the contractors is astounding, Any other jurisdiction they both would be held accountable But this is the Isle of Man - Where You Can..... make a major balls up and get away with it
  4. Actually as a tax payer I have the right to ask questions. Knowing someone who ran these type of projects and their disgust and disbelief at how this has taken place and is taking place then yes I feel better. At least when it's over we have some previous answers to recall when the budget is double, there is no comeback on the contractor and our govt says.. lessons will be learnt. Ps..the parent company of the contractor have enough staff in the UK to be able to have 200 ppl a day on site...
  5. I have been in contact with Nick Black and Keith Podmore via Rob Callister and asked them several questions: A good friend who owned a building company has looked over this and tbh he was shocked at just how unprofessional and how open to abuse the whole thing is... I just dread to think just how much the whole thing will end up costing both in monetary terms and time. Below is the email trail (I've removed some personal details etc) I have put my questions in italics Dear Maire, Nick Black has requested I respond to your recent emailed questions, response
  6. because that would mean putting their head on the block and risk not being re-elected or becoming another Peter Karran and get 'just' the basic pay, they don't want to rock the boat tbh, the system stinks and is loaded towards Comin - that is wrong, the IOM needs an opposition to keep Govt in check and not rely on the establishment rich MLCs most of whom are happy to just go with the flow.
  7. So is it the next pandemic or are the media causing panic? Are we not due another 'Spanish Flu' anyway?
  8. TBH we need new faces... But we'll get the same old again and they will be voted in again... The main issue is the lack of party politics - you vote for a name/face/best liar rather than policies that should be able to be delivered. UK Politics isn't the best but at least you know where you stand - Rich - screwed by Labour - Poor - screwed by Conservatives - Middle - screwed by everyone
  9. Source please as Syrian's getting visa's for anywhere in the Arab world is almost impossible!
  10. TBH the schools meals are a disgrace, there are usually 2 'hot' options - I've known 1 of them being a sausage roll (not exactly what you call healthy!) there is usually some sort of fried potato. there is always a pudding. I stopped sending my son to them as often there was nothing he would eat with the hot options (and he's not that fussy an eater)... so I was paying over £2 per day for him to have cold pasta and some peppers! We now stick to packed lunch for him, and as long as there is pudding available with school meals then I will happily add a small chocolate biscui
  11. I think the worry with allowing him to just do this is how many other people will he damage? Honestly he's just a few tweets away from WW3 - someone needs to take that phone away from him.
  12. Wow - lots of empathy and understanding here...... I'm not Kate's biggest fan but I have sent her a message wishing her all the best as splits are hard for all involved (remember they both have children and grandchildren) but must be worse when you have all on here giving their 2 cents worth,
  13. PC you seem to know a lot about these issues, are you an ex member of the mental health department? do you have a personal grudge?
  14. TBH we all know JC is a twat and anything he says should be taken with a pinch of salt. When I stood for election he was all over me like a cheap suit then when I didn't win (yes I came third out of 3 ) he was soo sympathetic etc. I then challenged him one day on this views on the MSPCA and ever since I'm a troll and blocked from his page LMAO He even threatened to sue me. I find here more interesting and more on the ball when it comes to seeing peoples views on politics however the constant childish bickering is very draining and I wish those that partake in it would just
  15. I've given you the reason several times... The reasons are from a Northern Irish Catholic who now lives here.
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