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  1. When i was growing up for a bomb threat to be taken seriously there needed to be certain phrases used... If you took the call you needed to get Location of bomb time of planned explosion codeword organisation these were then passed to the police, Now it seems any youngster who wants to have a day off or piss people off just phones and says anything!!
  2. x2 is £160 plus for children going to/from school on top As I say in theory its great if you work down south, if you work Douglas or North it isn't great. Or have houses in different areas not just one.
  3. The problem with this (we did look into it) - what you save in rent you use in petrol esp if you work in Douglas or further north as the houses were in Colby. We worked out we could save £150 a month in rent, but would be spending that or more commuting - not able to travel together as one works shifts. Good idea but in practice not workable.
  4. Safe to say I won't be standing as I'm guaranteed a table upstairs
  5. I've no issues with work being done .. My issue is the time it takes. That stretch of road should take 2 days top of not just 1
  6. That's it though We need someone with some balls (metaphorical) to shake the place up There's too many yes men (and women) and sadly most will be voted back in due to lethargy and apathy from GMP. Christ if I worked like the DOI I wouldn't last 1/2 hr in my job!
  7. Yes I know - I have emailed Mr Black several times with queries and some questions he was unable to answer re the Prom, Why have none of the current Politicians not held him to account? Same with Longsworth. This is OUR money they are squandering... If someone stands on this and actually DOES it then I think the GMP would make them our un-elected but popular leader
  8. Someone needs to stand who will make the DOI take responsibility for all their F*ck ups! Someone who won't be afraid of the civil servants and will make them accountable and accept consequences even if that is leaving their position, Someone needs to take control of the all the clusterf*cks that are currently taking place.... Sack all involved with the prom and get a crew in from across to get it finished to a decent standard soonest! Someone to question why everything takes so long to be done.... roads re tarmacking taking 6 weeks when miles of motorway can be done in a week! Thats the kind of person who we need - unfortunately its not the type of person who will get elected...
  9. Sorry will stop dumbing down
  10. tbh I think it would be hard to beat Peake and Ashford, a lot of ppl appreciate what David has done as Health Minister esp with Covid (and even if you think he didn't do anything right at least he tried) and to be fair Ralph is a good constituency MHK.. it seems to be one area where the balance is working.
  11. I would consider standing again, but I just don't have the money or time needed to put 100% into it, Maybe in the future.... (hopefully I'd do better than coming 3rd in a 3 horse race ..opps!)
  12. of course I had but not everyone has a spare 3/4K lying around (not including time taken off work if unpaid) that is what can put people off
  13. Actually I was speaking from experience... I managed to knock on every door but obvs not everyone there... I had 'missed you' cards that were used. It takes time and money ... If you have a young family you need to rely on friends and family for babysitting whilst you pound the pavement.... I had to have someone look after my son every evening for 3 months. Money is the main obstacle for a lot of ppl. Even if leaflets, cards etc are done at cost they still cost a few grand.
  14. Nope just someone who stood and lost in the past
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