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  1. PC you seem to know a lot about these issues, are you an ex member of the mental health department? do you have a personal grudge?
  2. TBH we all know JC is a twat and anything he says should be taken with a pinch of salt. When I stood for election he was all over me like a cheap suit then when I didn't win (yes I came third out of 3 ) he was soo sympathetic etc. I then challenged him one day on this views on the MSPCA and ever since I'm a troll and blocked from his page LMAO He even threatened to sue me. I find here more interesting and more on the ball when it comes to seeing peoples views on politics however the constant childish bickering is very draining and I wish those that partake in it would just cease.
  3. I've given you the reason several times... The reasons are from a Northern Irish Catholic who now lives here.
  4. Did your family live through it? Where you brought up with stories about it? Was your family directly affected by it?
  5. Ummmm The curfew ONLY in Catholic areas Allowing Catholics to be beaten etc in front of them and doing nothing to stop it Using old intelligence to raid houses and arrest people Being the ones who enforced interment Killing innocent people Need I go on?
  6. *from giving beatings.. Soz on phone
  7. Because the army didn't stop the RUC etc from beatings etc.. The army enforced a curfew on the Catholic areas.. The army basically stopped the burning of houses.. that's it.. They didn't stop attacks on Catholic people by loyalists or the police.
  8. PK... People's perceptions and reality are different. I'm telling you that this is why the Catholic people turned against the army.. I have it from the horse's mouth.
  9. So you believe that a gerrymandered govt and treating people of a certain religion as second class citizens was acceptable?
  10. So why did the Catholic ppl turn against the army when weeks previously they had welcomed them with open arms? They weren't the saviours they expected but instead became another arm of a gerrymandered govt
  11. The problem was the political system was so loaded against the Catholic population. The belief was the UK govt and army where there to stop this as well as stopping the burning etc.. This was obviously a mistaken belief but it didn't make it any less real for those affected.
  12. Wow ok history lesson time.. The Fenian movement was started by a member of the Protestant faith not a Catholic therefore to call Catholic people Fenians is technically wrong. It is fine as a description of the Nationalist population. In 1969 Catholic families where burned out of their homes in what was mixed areas at the time. These families where moved into estates and thes so called ghettos grew. Given what was happening the UK govt sent the army over to try and regain control for the NI government. At 1st the army was welcome in the Catholic areas as there was no protection for them at all (at this stage the official IRA was virtually non existent and membership was generally old men with limited access to weapons that were antiquated). However it became apparent that the army were not the saviours that the Catholic community believed but we're in fact to help the NI govt basically keep the status quo where Catholics were second class citizens. The Catholic people then turned on the army seeing them now as oppressor's. At this stage young men started the PIRA as a way of protection of the people who lived in their areas. To say all Catholic people are nationalists is like saying all coloured ppl are rastas. The NI govt asked the UK govt for interment and they agreed.. A few issues with this... 1 those who they wanted had been tipped off and disappeared. 2the intelligence used was old and tbf useless...the people lifted where not IRA they were instead those who spoke Gaelic and/or members of the GAA. Re Ballymurphy..it was a deprived area but with community who worked together. It was a travesty/masacre what happened there... Could it have stopped bloody Sunday? I doubt it because the govt was determined to crack down on the civil rights movement. Is it worth an inquiry? Yes... families have the right to have those who were murdered name's cleared.
  13. If the Ireland boats were at decent times and if they were on set days then you might find more people will use them. I've been on the Irish boat in the past with just a handful of others, even in peak period. Plus cost is as always a factor
  14. TBH life is much simpler and blood pressure returned to normal when both he and B are ignored,
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