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  1. When i was growing up for a bomb threat to be taken seriously there needed to be certain phrases used... If you took the call you needed to get Location of bomb time of planned explosion codeword organisation these were then passed to the police, Now it seems any youngster who wants to have a day off or piss people off just phones and says anything!!
  2. x2 is £160 plus for children going to/from school on top As I say in theory its great if you work down south, if you work Douglas or North it isn't great. Or have houses in different areas not just one.
  3. The problem with this (we did look into it) - what you save in rent you use in petrol esp if you work in Douglas or further north as the houses were in Colby. We worked out we could save £150 a month in rent, but would be spending that or more commuting - not able to travel together as one works shifts. Good idea but in practice not workable.
  4. Safe to say I won't be standing as I'm guaranteed a table upstairs
  5. I've no issues with work being done .. My issue is the time it takes. That stretch of road should take 2 days top of not just 1
  6. That's it though We need someone with some balls (metaphorical) to shake the place up There's too many yes men (and women) and sadly most will be voted back in due to lethargy and apathy from GMP. Christ if I worked like the DOI I wouldn't last 1/2 hr in my job!
  7. Yes I know - I have emailed Mr Black several times with queries and some questions he was unable to answer re the Prom, Why have none of the current Politicians not held him to account? Same with Longsworth. This is OUR money they are squandering... If someone stands on this and actually DOES it then I think the GMP would make them our un-elected but popular leader
  8. Someone needs to stand who will make the DOI take responsibility for all their F*ck ups! Someone who won't be afraid of the civil servants and will make them accountable and accept consequences even if that is leaving their position, Someone needs to take control of the all the clusterf*cks that are currently taking place.... Sack all involved with the prom and get a crew in from across to get it finished to a decent standard soonest! Someone to question why everything takes so long to be done.... roads re tarmacking taking 6 weeks when miles of motorway can be done in a week! Thats the kind of person who we need - unfortunately its not the type of person who will get elected...
  9. Sorry will stop dumbing down
  10. tbh I think it would be hard to beat Peake and Ashford, a lot of ppl appreciate what David has done as Health Minister esp with Covid (and even if you think he didn't do anything right at least he tried) and to be fair Ralph is a good constituency MHK.. it seems to be one area where the balance is working.
  11. I would consider standing again, but I just don't have the money or time needed to put 100% into it, Maybe in the future.... (hopefully I'd do better than coming 3rd in a 3 horse race ..opps!)
  12. of course I had but not everyone has a spare 3/4K lying around (not including time taken off work if unpaid) that is what can put people off
  13. Actually I was speaking from experience... I managed to knock on every door but obvs not everyone there... I had 'missed you' cards that were used. It takes time and money ... If you have a young family you need to rely on friends and family for babysitting whilst you pound the pavement.... I had to have someone look after my son every evening for 3 months. Money is the main obstacle for a lot of ppl. Even if leaflets, cards etc are done at cost they still cost a few grand.
  14. Nope just someone who stood and lost in the past
  15. tbh its not as easy to stand as some people think, Not only do you need to have money behind you (at least a few thousand) but you need to: a - take a lot of time of work b - have a very understanding boss c - give up work Not everyone is in a position to do this, Not forgetting having a thick enough skin to take the flack from social media that is at times unjustified (sometimes justified). Also you need to take your family and how they will react into account especially if you have younger children.
  16. I thought the circuit breaks were a case of trying to stop the hospitals from being overwhelmed rather than total elimination of the virus? We need to realise that this is here and won't go away, we need to learn to live with it and to keep the balance of 'normality' vs 'breakdown of NHS'. Why not bring in the wearing of masks? It may not be the best, but if it stops person X spreading it to person Y then is it not worth it?
  17. Just driven along the prom in glorious sunshine at 11.30... Counted 50 guys in high vis... Approx 30 actually working and not just talking and pointing... Colour me surprised, at this rate we might finish in 2025!
  18. It's a small job for their parent company who should be able to advise them
  19. The lack of forward planning from both the DOI and the contractors is astounding, Any other jurisdiction they both would be held accountable But this is the Isle of Man - Where You Can..... make a major balls up and get away with it
  20. Actually as a tax payer I have the right to ask questions. Knowing someone who ran these type of projects and their disgust and disbelief at how this has taken place and is taking place then yes I feel better. At least when it's over we have some previous answers to recall when the budget is double, there is no comeback on the contractor and our govt says.. lessons will be learnt. Ps..the parent company of the contractor have enough staff in the UK to be able to have 200 ppl a day on site...
  21. I have been in contact with Nick Black and Keith Podmore via Rob Callister and asked them several questions: A good friend who owned a building company has looked over this and tbh he was shocked at just how unprofessional and how open to abuse the whole thing is... I just dread to think just how much the whole thing will end up costing both in monetary terms and time. Below is the email trail (I've removed some personal details etc) I have put my questions in italics Dear Maire, Nick Black has requested I respond to your recent emailed questions, responses provided below. Should you require any clarification or have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please verify what local firms are involved and under what conditions are they integrating with the main contractor? The following companies are sub-contractors to the main contractor: o Stephen Christian and Sons Ltd o Excel o Island Drainage & Groundworks Ltd o JCK Ltd o K Henry Construction Ltd o Gibson Paving o SCUK Global Services o Watling Streetworks Ltd o Sweeney Groundworks Ltd o TQC o RGW Ltd o Island Civils & Plant Ltd o C&C Groundworks Ltd o DWT Ltd Are there detailed drawings for every aspect of the works or is the work being carried out merely with schematics. If there are detailed drawings are they being produced on an ad hoc basis or were these available to the main contractor at tender? Detailed design drawings are provided for all aspects of the construction work. At tender stage, a full set of outline design drawings were provided. Finalised detailed design drawings have been updated where required and provided to the Contractor throughout the construction period. Was there a BoQ, Bill of Quantities, produced prior to tender, in fact, does one exist at all? If there is a BoQ in existence, are there any contingencies allowed for, if so what are these contingencies and in what sum? A detailed Bill of Quantities was provided at Tender Stage. The Contract is procured under the ‘NEC ECC Option B – Priced contract with bill of quantities’. A Client contingency of £1.25M has been allocated to the scheme. Please can you confirm that the penalty clause commences on March 2021 despite Covid 19. The penalty clause commences 6 weeks after the Completion Date. With reference to your comment, " We already have every civil engineering contractor on the Island working on the scheme with the exception of one firm that is too busy." Are these firms being employed (a) as sub-contractors by the main contractor, (b) nominated sub-contractors or, (c) directly by the Dept of Public Works and on loan to the main contractor? The firms listed above are employed as sub-contractors by the main contractor. The exception to this is a DOI workforce whom are undertaking works at the side streets on Loch Promenade; this work was de-scoped from the main contract following the impact of the COVID-19 shutdown. Have any extensions been granted in principle, if so, how much time has been awarded? Under the Contract, the Completion Date can be changed following a Compensation Event that has demonstrated a time impact to the programmed work on the critical path. Following the re-start after the COVID-19 shutdown and to date, the agreed Completion Date of 31st March 2021 has not changed. Are there regular site meetings to discuss progress, if so, is there a Quantity Surveyor acting on the government's behalf at these meetings? Progress meetings are held weekly. There are also numerous other meeting which are held on a weekly / two weekly or monthly basis. Bell Burton Associates act on behalf of the Department as Cost Consultants and attend all necessary meetings. Who is the Quantity Surveyor? See above On Tue, 8 Sep 2020 at 12:54, Black, Nick <nick.black@gov.im> wrote: Dear Maire I have answered your questions within the email below. I have put them in bold so that you can work out what has been added. Nick What is the budgeted manpower for the works and how many workers should be on site at any one time? The Contractor has provided a programme for completing the works and is responsible for providing sufficient plant and labour to achieve this programme. There is no minimum or maximum figure to accompany this requirement. Worker numbers will also fluctuate based on the activities being undertaken, however the current daily average is 50 construction workers on site. Given the size and economic impact of the project would it not be prudent to have a minimum of man power for the work, I would argue that there are not on average 50 daily - maybe 50 over the course of a full day but I have driven down mid morning and mid afternoon and the most I counted was 47 - the least was 3 (on a working day) Speaking to a project manager who is used to doing major works he has advised that there should be 150-200 per day especially given the time scales. That would be great but we already have every civil engineering contractor on the Island working on the scheme with the exception of one firm that is too busy. We cannot import labour from the UK due to border controls. We have committed as many of our own staff as we can. The contractor would love to be able to find more staff but we are a small Island with a limited workforce. what are the penalty clauses for overruns on works schedule? For late completion, the Contractor will be liable for £3,000 per week of overrun. thanks please confirm that this will kick in March 2021 It will, unless the contractor makes any successful claims for extra time under the NEC contract process. Are there any clauses for roads not reopening as per timetable - IE Broadway over 7 weeks late In the case of Broadway no- this was a decision of the Department to facilitate the re-opening of 2 way traffic. is there a detailed schedule of works? The Contractor provides a comprehensive programme of work to completion. Additionally the contractor provides a four week look ahead programme which is published on the myProm website. I'm afraid that this is usually out of date - where can the public find the comprehensive programme of works from beginning to planned completion? I will ask for the up to date links to be sent to you. what is the cost for the unused machinery that sits on the site? As per above, the Contractor provides the plant required to undertake the work. Unused plant on site does not incur additional cost to Government.' Why has the full prom been worked on at one time rather than in sections? Due to the nature of the work and topography of the Promenade, it is necessary to install new services (gas main, water mains etc.) in long lengths. These lengths have where possible, been kept to a minimum. Since the impact of Covid-19, the Department have worked with the Contractor to complete the scheme by March 2021. To achieve this, larger sections of works are again inevitable. The Department made it clear that it was choosing additional disruption now to give the visitor economy the best possible start to 2021. Noted, however given the limited amount of manpower and actual workers on site is this feasible? Would it not be prudent to concentrate more crew at a smaller site? The Minister made it clear that he wanted to get the scheme done before the 2021 visitor season. The Department asked the contractor to accelerate the scheme and in doing this removed a lot of the constraints that had been imposed to reduce the impact of the works. Length of closures was one of the restrictions that we removed. what has Loch prom alone taken almost 2 years The works undertaken on Loch Promenade (new gas main, new water mains, new high and low voltage electric cable installations) have all taken a considerable length of time to install. The highway and footway construction is being completed after the installation of these services and the landside footway now almost complete. It must also be stated that throughout the work, access to businesses, residents etc. has always been maintained and this inevitably slows down the construction work and efficiency of construction. Again the above - even with access maintained - this area of prom should not take more than 2 years to complete, why have more staff not been used to get this completed sooner? As before- there are no more suitable construction workers available to the scheme.
  22. because that would mean putting their head on the block and risk not being re-elected or becoming another Peter Karran and get 'just' the basic pay, they don't want to rock the boat tbh, the system stinks and is loaded towards Comin - that is wrong, the IOM needs an opposition to keep Govt in check and not rely on the establishment rich MLCs most of whom are happy to just go with the flow.
  23. So is it the next pandemic or are the media causing panic? Are we not due another 'Spanish Flu' anyway?
  24. TBH we need new faces... But we'll get the same old again and they will be voted in again... The main issue is the lack of party politics - you vote for a name/face/best liar rather than policies that should be able to be delivered. UK Politics isn't the best but at least you know where you stand - Rich - screwed by Labour - Poor - screwed by Conservatives - Middle - screwed by everyone
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