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  1. Not TJ and how did your post relate to work permits? Maybe if some "Manx" people weren't so small minded, they would not be so offended about being called British. Manx people are British so live with it.
  2. Possible but debatable, not a lot of proof (i think it comes down to one piece of ogham writing by a druid) - they could have been a strand of the populace with the Irish. This is also a little tricky to explain. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronaldsway_culture The first inhabitants were Britonnic Celts. The Irish Celts arrived later, then the Vikings, then the Scots and English. The Manx culture is a synthesis of all of these influences.
  3. Nothing I said was intended as a threat. Nothing I said was a threat. And Gladys has already said she didn't take it as a threat (because unlike you she can read and isn't a shit stirring troll here to wind people up and cause arguments).
  4. Careful what you wish on your associates, Gladys. Preseved for posterity. Emphasis added for posterity. You said you wish no harm to anyone and my post was reflecting your own post. This is getting tedious. Let's just agree to disagree on this. Neither of us wish any harm on anyone and it only that child W_nkleaks who has made an issue of this, as he gets a kick off stirring things up. I don't wish to entertain him any further.
  5. To be fair, you did try to threaten, but a threat is only a threat if the recipient interprets it as a threat which I didn't. I was interested in your reference to my associates for the reasons I set out above. As I do not have any 'associates ' , I couldn't imagine who you were referring to - quite puzzled, really. You said you hope everyone gets their just desserts, all I said was be careful what you wish on your associates. Really that is no different to saying "people in glass houses". Now you do know what I was talking about as I've already posted it.
  6. You are now on my ignore. I have no time to deal with pinheads.
  7. Ridiculing other people and trying to put them down is another typical method of a bully. Does it make you feel tough?
  8. You did you pathetic human being. You threatened her, accused her of doing the same to poor old TJ (who has nothing to do with you, of course, everyone is just soooooo stupid to even make a connection) and then tried to distance yourself from it. People invariably pick poor role models, and if you think Buster is any example to use here to have a go at Gladys you are sadly deluded. Stop insulting me from behind your keyboard, you saddo. Have I insulted you? No. You are a bully and this vindictive attempt to try and make it look like I did something wrong when I didn't is just another method in your bullying. Gladys said she wishes everyone gets their just desserts, I said be careful what she wishes on her associates. There is no way you could say my statement was a threat without by implication saying Gladys was herself making a threat which obviously she wasn't and neither was I.
  9. If I had £50,000,000, I would buy up as much land as possible and setup a company which would build thousands of nice looking houses for poor people and hopefully bring down property prices all over the Isle of Man as a result.
  10. Gladys is the one who said she wishes everyone gets their just desserts. Nowhere did I threaten anyone. I just turned her own words around on her own associates. We were talking about karma.
  11. I'm sure you know - Its not that hard to work out Yes, that one is obvious but it's not what I was talking about. I was actually talking about the moderators and their nasty bully boy treatment of TJ who has been a friend of mine since primary school. He's better off without this forum anyway as it's just a bunch of whiny old men banging on about the government. He's better off hanging out with people his own age instead of wasting his time typing on a keyboard to you saddos. Now they'll bully boy ban me on the assumption I'm him too lol.
  12. Careful what you wish on your associates, Gladys.
  13. Lay off the drugs, grandpa.
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