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  1. If Tim had anything about him, he should have resigned his position as Minister once he was elected to Legco. He is bringing dissent on himself by staying on. As Tim hasn't done what he should have done, then Alan Bell should now take the appropriate steps to correct the position.
  2. So all you need id is have a UK residential address from which you sign the Proms. Trued and Testrd
  3. iF he was a man he would stand in Middle next time, as there will be one seat that has not been filled before, bet you he doesn't unless he is promoted by MET under the table. Juan is the most greedy little pig when it comes to trough time, just see how he acted against his wife in the last divorce/
  4. Teare is the block behind Manx residents not being allowed to the same provision Manx Residents as UK Pension holders. Whilst Teare and Co are pushing for growth on the Island, this pension differential will be a real negative. Teare in real terms is saying the Manx people cant be trusted to manage their financial affairs. I wonder if he has called down his own gold plated Bank Pension, the annuity amount will be more than sufficient for him to live. Tne rule for one and one for the others.
  5. Come on James announce now, that will put others of who are not really committed, but want an easy meal ticket. Mind you there is nothing to stop Braidwood standing................................................................
  6. Howard is being silent, unless I have missed his Statement, his silence cant be that he is ls out of words. We deserve a full and factual honest statement, at least.
  7. Doesn't being convicted of electoral fraud prohibit one from standing, if not it should. I was not convicted of electoral fraud, it would be for the people to decide, had and have plenty of time to canvass!!!!! Sorry, my apologies. Just so I don't get it wrong again what were you convicted of? Well you are going to have to take the time out and go to the Court House to find out the facts, have fun.
  8. Could you imagine the online shit storm that would have caused if it had continued for more than a few days? Nowt wrong with James at least he would fight for the poorer in our Society, we don't have a James in the House.
  9. Doesn't being convicted of electoral fraud prohibit one from standing, if not it should. I was not convicted of electoral fraud, it would be for the people to decide, had and have plenty of time to canvass!!!!!
  10. In his "victory" speech in 2011 you could tell in his voice that Crookall himself was absolutely amazed to have been re-elected. Even someone with all the charisma of a bucket of mackerel and an IQ to match could see that there are/were at least half a dozen sitting MHKs who were so low in the public esteem as to make them all but unelectable. Four have now escaped to the promised land. Can anyone seriously believe that this farce cannot be allowed to continue and that major political reform has to follow this debacle. Every cloud..........at least we will not have to put up with the long mea
  11. Yes Lord Boot, and from his core vote over the last two elections, he would taking some beating, no well known name springs to mind for Glenfaba, bar John Kennaugh, god forbid, he would drive me to vote for Boot. unless I stood?
  12. Well the above clearly and without doubt that the 24 are not competent in being involved in the position
  13. I would certainly agree with Claire being brought back into play, after all when she ran the DHSS she ran it extremely well. I would move Howard out, replace him with Claire, with Rodan being President and Quayle into Cabinet office, as the main criteria for this post is in the UK they call it spin, here we call it bull xxxxx, and Howard is full of it, and can make it in excessive amounts.
  14. Yes I fully agree, COMIN wont let Chris Thomas in through the Door, but John Houghton would be sound but again COMIN wont let him in the Door, but I will bet that Shhimmin will be elevated, with Chris Thomas to replace Shimmin, then the Cabinet Office can be used to put out the increasing level of Austerity that is coming our way, just a question of when and what.
  15. McCarthy and Stone would do some decent homes for older people. They couldn't because Dan has all the options on all the land that is likely to be zoned in the future, or he owns the land, so prey tell me how is anybody going to get the land of him. Compulsory Purchase would be great for him, as the requirements of Compulsory Purchase are that the value that has to be paid is current land value plus a 10% uplift, which would be 60k an acre, a nice return for him for doing nothing. He cant lose. But if he wanted to, he could be an unwilling seller, and keep the land. You have t
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