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  1. Nothing nice about hearing from you! You're a gobshite
  2. You wankers use deaths for political gain and bang on about the Government sponsoring the event... 8 people have died on the roads of London this year... are the Councils of London to blame as they supply Boris bikes? I suppose some how you moaning twats will say that it's different...
  3. All very quiet from on here, now that they've recovered the fishing gear and offered to help with and pay for the damage caused to the fishing boat? Moaning fuckers.
  4. Good! Let them leave. Please let me know when they're all gone and we can have a fucking party!!!1
  5. You fuckers are obsessed! Great advert for Isle of Man Politics!!
  6. In my lifetime as a passenger the racket have mucked me about & ripped me off more times than I can remember You must be ancient to be so senile!
  7. More bollocks? If the Packet had purchased this bucket, you'd be slagging them off.
  8. Or just that you're factually and grammatically incorrect, also a bit of a cunt too.
  9. I'm willing to bet it's closed on 1st Jan 2017 - Bank Holiday, you tit! You're on... £5First to spot that. Worth a fiver. Will you be paying out in postal orders only redeemable at Ramsey Post Office?
  10. I'm willing to bet it's closed on 1st Jan 2017 - Bank Holiday, you tit!
  11. Is this the same Peter Jordan who was responsible for kicking up a stink about homes in Friary Park? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/banks-reluctant-to-lend-on-400-manx-homes-built-in-1970s-1-6505680 If he wants to use the bus he can pay for it, never mind rocking up here and expecting a free bus pass for his volunteer work. There are plenty of people in full time employment who pay £25 a week for bus travel - why does he feel he should get £1,300 equivalent of free travel?
  12. One of 'em jousters too are you?
  13. When I was a young fella there was none of this modern crime. It's all these come over jousters!
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