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  1. A bit like you really. A lot of attention on a shouty forum one trick pony.
  2. The moral of the story being if you're going to tell David Cretney to fuck off, wear a mask! I can think of all sorts of reasons to wear a mask when in proximity to Cretney. And I can think of 100 reasons why you"re a twat so get over yourself.
  3. Negativity is as negativity does. Nietzsche only knew about all the supermen but not the Clark Kent's. This thread is one of the low points of Manxforums. If anyone wants to buy any cheap white paint to whitewash it out I know a man in the know ;-)
  4. In Douglas the streets are paved with horse shit.
  5. You're all full of shite. It's all a done deal. Suck it up and smell the roses.
  6. None of your business pal, jog on. There's those that can do as they like, and there's those who do as they're told.
  7. Bollocks. A retired knick-nack shop owner and MHK would be a much more suitable candidate than a respected qualified lawyer who has run an international law practice for the last 25 years. What the f**k so you know about anything? You people deserve all you get. What's he going to know about Manx laws and legislation stuff?
  8. I can assure you this is my real name. Now can we get back to the Douglas South election? Thank you. Yes, corporation or Keys? Corporation without a doubt. People think the keys are fixed. The safest seat is Douglas Corporation. The same talentless people have got in for donkeys.
  9. Moanisteroffun


    Dog shit, that's hard currency for some of us.
  10. Baby were we born to run? Same era, different genre, Google never lies.
  11. A summer's disregard, a broken bottle top, and a one mans soul, they follow each other on the wind you know, because they got nowhere to go, that's why I want you to know ...
  12. Look in the mirror. You're just a boy arms who is fooling nobody. Surprised they haven't twigged on here what's going on for years. Then again it is easy to fool most of the people all of the time. We should know. ???? What's been going on then ?????? You're the one fooling nobody. What you see is what you get with me; no pretense, hidden agendas or twofacedness. I'm legit unlike you. You saying you're putting up no pretence fella? Maybe you are legit one. Whatever than means.
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