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  1. He wasn't well received by whingers like you. But to everyone else, we all knew his past but he posted some good shit that was very helpful to understand things behind the scenes.
  2. Empty and falling apart. Some of those properties on the front promenade are a disgrace. I can't imagine what the tourists must think of the state of the place.
  3. Let's start a collection to buy him a computer and broadband connection. Any preference for doing car washes, raffle, bake sale?
  4. When was Buster's last post on here? Can he afford wi-fi?
  5. So instead we should concede to being ruled by generations of Etonians and inbred Kings and Queens to help us climb out of the middle ages? No, I never said we should be part of the UK. Just saying we're British. Have you ever been off the Isle of Man and seen the big wide world? This hang up about Manx vs British is silly. Look up Sagan pale blue dot. Consider that dot..... the Isle of Man, the British Isles and the world are small when you think about the small size of the earth in a big galaxy.
  6. Agreed. He has had his 5 minutes of being an amusing new username, but time to drop the "we...." shite.
  7. Fuck off back where? Norway? My family's been here since something like the 9th or 10th century. lolllllllll
  8. He makes a good point here. We've got literally BILLIONS of Chinese and Indians kicking our arses on the international stage, yet the crab mentality continues. "How dare you call me British". Haha! It won't matter if you're Manx or British when there are no jobs here and we're all speaking Chinese. The only way the Isle of Man will ever climb out of the middle ages is by introducing new blood to wash away the inbred farming families that still rule over us like Bond villains.
  9. I've known him for years and he is just a "likeable rogue" or Jack the Lad. I'm going to go with complete and utter c#nt. They won't be having my custom.
  10. Alright, sorry if I sounded mean, Manxy. No hard feelings but to be fair this thread does suck major league. Try harder next time!
  11. Originality - 0/10 Humour value - 0/10 Intellectual discussion - 0/10 Fail - 10/10
  12. If it wasn't for the government, most of you sad losers would have nothing to whinge about all day. Be thankful!
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