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  1. "I doubt PGW will ever answer the question about what "causes" his thumb to change its position when looked at first by his left eye and then the right. He'd rather play games." be honest china Suspended 2 members active in this conversation (including you) paul's got wright Read: Just now Chinahand Read: August 14 Report reply
  2. john you couldnt moderate a game of kids rounders. and you have previous for forgetting that the essence of moderation, is impartiality as last logins post, resurrected in the best little prison thread, shows. how dare you allow bullying an intimidation of members, by way of allowing constant probing and accusations pertaining to their personal life, then have the audacity to ban the people who stand up to it, thus removing the right of reply! roger hunt of a moderator you fella wooley for moderator of course, as its clear you are not made for the job so to speak.
  3. Thats a great escape route for you blobzy, if only you could execute a strategy by quting me to prove it? Highly doubt
  4. I prefer wooleys analysis, coz hes not absolutley shittin himself when he posts blobby, you're legs are shakin lad
  5. Swimming in balls, about sums up your ballief system, top marks for honesty, a win for truth x
  6. Your opinions are not regarded when people test the ability of a student shelly It just doesnt work like that! Do you think you can get any of my achievements rescinded? Have you got special shelly powers or something useful like that? Walter of the highest order is what youare shelly get back in the superhero world where you belong
  7. I passed my dual science, passed my s.a.t to enter university, therefore i understand science shelly! I only ram it down the throat a bit til the false accusations are removed or cease. Until then get it up you! You obviously have no idea of the people of note, as students, who were in my year, and the achievements they earned and positions they hold to this day. And how dare you belittle Ballakermeen high school, its teachers, former and present, and its students. Shame on you
  8. Ok no problem john, i can show you how its done again, with a thorough analysis of how and why you are wrong and or factually incorrect, by quoting you directly. See you tea time and hopefully this time, you wll simply quote my post and respond. Thanks
  9. You're not tellin me anything i dont already know china, passed my dual science 22 years ago fella, been learning more ever since, took science at university along with anthropology and english lit. Remember china youre conversing with arguably one of the most talented students in my school year. Trolls are expected to infer callous notions. You are not a troll and you are better than that. Stick to the facts and lets debunk things by scientitic definitions please Its about time you man up to the scientific reality of your claims
  10. Because its not a SCIENTIFIC experiment, but of course! Proven by the fact that, every time i ask you for the naturally observed phenomenon, you wont provide it! Feel free china i love debunking nonsense x
  11. Is that the response to me oblitrating the article you recommended? And you claim that i "go wrong" somehow, yet you dont specify or explain. I easily explained everything that was wrong with the article, even china couldnt stand by it! If im wrong or factually incorrect about something then just simply quote me john and point out exactly what you disagree with. show me where i am wrong and how you are correct and i will happily admit to it if valid Thanks
  12. I know the cav ex inside out china! No need to explain it to me, just provide the naturally occuring phenomena please, for the readers x
  13. You cant handle the lack of proof blobzy, keep cryin wolf mate, then you can live on a ball, coz thats blobby science!
  14. Its a school boy error in comedy to lose the audience Lets keep it all in the open Cheers
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