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  1. Wouldnt it be better to discuss the issue, based on the scientific evidence available and any health tests which have been conducted ?
  2. People thought the earth was flat kev x
  3. As only a true religious walter could x
  4. You cast an awful spell dill. What scientific proof can you provide for us, that the earth is spinning please?
  5. I highly doubt you are in Owens bracket of IQ. You rate welll below him in my opinion, based on your content, and his x
  6. Moon skepticism leads down the natural, logical path x
  7. Thats owen benjamin you silly old duffer! Great musician and comedian. Very intelligent with a high IQ x
  8. Not really, especially as it is promoted as "proof" of the shape of the earth!
  9. The image was photographed? really?
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