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  1. What is the significance of the blue hand on some avatars now? If it's like a team thing then that's perfectly ok but I can't work out why I haven't been invited. I don't think my software is working correctly.
  2. Sad days, absolute legend. With today's protection from referees he'd be untouchable. Proof of the old adage, there's a fine line between madness and genius. RIP fella.
  3. Yes, but without the presence of an mhk, I'll wager you wouldn't have gone higher than 7 pounds 50.
  4. Will we still be allowed to watch escape to victory?
  5. I can't actually think of anything to say right now.
  6. Of course, there's also the mhelliahs and the church fetes
  7. The lettergate saga and the way the abbotswood thing was progressed from the start are the 2 things which have unsettled me most about the whole covid event from an isle of man perspective. There's a completely unnecessary vindictiveness about it all.
  8. I'm not partaking in the first batch. I expect it will be a little like el teapots cherry brandy. I shall wait for the third distillation at least, until a few of the rough edges have been ironed out, technically speaking.
  9. There are already vaccines. Necessity in this case is to have a home grown one.
  10. The only decent road we have is the sloc and Phil the gawne lost his job over it. I personally can't blame them for being a bit reluctant to fix any others.
  11. I realise I am way out of my depth here, but assuming the placebo was a meningitis vaccine, how can they be so sure there wasn't some sort of reaction to that which left those taking it more susceptible to covid?
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