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  1. i actually happened upon these chaps yesterday affy. heavily armed, with 2 or 3 alsations. bit over the top i'd say
  2. It was always going to get a bit complicated once the Tories got into bed with the Dee yooy pee.
  3. This is still only really aimed at the lower end though
  4. Once he successfully sues us for 250 million pounds he can then build his marina at no cost to the taxpayer
  5. Especially considering the mananan contains a lot of aluminium.
  6. They may have thought it was the zombie apocalypse. Can't blame them for getting out of there fast if this was the case.
  7. Interesting that the police described a car travelling the wrong way on the course as "potentially catastrophic".
  8. Tell him I'll chuck him 200 quid to keep quiet about it.
  9. i have it on good authority that goings on of this type account for 95% of the 50 odd million jars of marmite sold annually woldwide
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