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  1. I just cant believe elon musk is setting up here without first starting a thread on manxforums asking for advice about the pros and cons of setting up here. This guy is more crazy than i thought.
  2. I'm not looking for an award here but charities have missed out on probably a couple of hundred quid from me over the course of covid times. A cashless society is no society
  3. I'll still be voting for him rather than cannan. Cannan would have resigned the DOI months ago to protect his career. I quite like bakers lack of machiavanialism. Reminds me of me.
  4. I did think chemical would come first but we may just skip that stage now.
  5. Jesus himself was dismissed as a crank. He's in good company. The one certainty in all this is that the future of terrorism is biological
  6. We have just shelled out millions for an empty plane to fly between here and heathrow.
  7. I cant believe this is the only story to come out of this meeting.
  8. I'm not sure how that gives any advantage when the subject is the siting of fridges
  9. And did ashie actually give a direct answer to this question?
  10. Were there any reasonable questions asked at this thing?
  11. No wonder ashie and allansonie agreed to this meeting. And both masked to hide their grins too. Fair play to them
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