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  1. I agree ole is doing a decent job. Long may it continue. I like the guy.
  2. Howards we are still learning defence rather flies in the face of the abbotswood thing right at the very start when we really were still learning.
  3. If this comedy show was syndicated world wide we could rake in billions.
  4. I can see why a united fan would want klopp to leave. For the same reasons i would like ole to stay.
  5. I'm quite comfortable with what is happening this year, already written it off. Liverpools style of play requires fans, they look tired. People were saying the same things about city last year.
  6. Stop moaning. We like to be positive here
  7. Please god no not stevie me. Doubt the owners would be naive enough to put themselves under that pressure should things go wrong
  8. I am actually in a garden centre right now though, must admit.
  9. If you are travelling around b&q and all the garden centres who is supposed to keep an eye on all the teachers?
  10. Has it been confirmed whether this was the kent strain yet? Or if the original cluster was indeed 1 cluster?
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