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  1. Overseen by the gambling supervision commission no doubt
  2. The sad thing is that if we get involved in this it will be because there's a few quid in it.
  3. I will not capitalise it whichever way
  4. So, can anybody tell me what the point of all this is? What does it matter whether douglas is a city or a town?
  5. Surely just kicking him in the bollocks every morning would have dampened his desire down a bit. There was no need to kill the poor fucker. I despair at times
  6. Why does the radio keep announcing it as a 40 million pound scheme? Seems pretty meaningless. How many houses is it?
  7. The guys that do the grass cutting seem to have a pretty efficient routine last time i watched them. Can't fault them
  8. Maybe they are all walking round with them in their pockets, too scared to wear them in case the big boys laugh at them. Meanies they are.
  9. How they still get away with it being viewed as pure incompetence is beyond me.
  10. I'd have thought they may have anticipated this possibly happening. There should be like a general inquiries number advertised as such.
  11. Did each wave of spanish flu get progressively milder?
  12. It's the lack of finacial support which has caused a lot of problems, and it will again. Mainly because it's designed that way. To anyone at the bottom. Covid has very much reinforced that, to the point where even their prescription chemical cosh can't hide that reality.
  13. Israel seems to have quite a bit of data, lucky thing for them that they let the saffas announce this variant first.
  14. Could have been taken years ago too. Can you go back in tomorrow but hold a copy of the daily star up? Then i will 100% believe it.
  15. I'd post a link but i have no idea how i found myself in that rabbithole in the first place. There's no way i'd find it by looking.
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