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  1. John wright has left me in charge for the week, gave no specific instruction, he trusts my judgement. One more peep out of you or the sultan and it's the banhammer for both of you. Dont try me.
  2. The methodists are the worst of the lot. Maybe not the congregation so much. But the preachers certainly.
  3. They're all pissheads on the quiet anyway. There's Methodist preachers in my line of family. Pissheads to a man.
  4. Nope. He's just returning after dropping his daughter tara off at Manchester metropolitan university last week.
  5. Decided by referendum. Only people that have listened to an entire shaq laair programme eligible.
  6. Bit of chinese granite around the outside of that place would really smarten it up. A giant 150ft seagull in that middle bit wouldn't go amiss either.
  7. The only reason people live in onchan is to be near where they work. A miserable existence. In fact, not even a existence. Nuke the lot of them I say.
  8. I always had the impression that Ronald Reagan was some sort of bumblingly benign old chap. Turns out some pretty bad things went on while he was in charge. Boris will come out of it well I think. I can't really see which way they can go with him. He already plays a spitting image character of himself.
  9. You seem to be arguing with the facebook mob via a different medium. As if we are all somehow responsible
  10. I dont remember that part of the song. Was it on the ep?
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