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  1. And before you go playing any cards, by that I mean you personally as a human. Which is what we all are first and foremost.
  2. Fuck you rog you twisted old cunt. The sooner the likes of you are off this earth the better.
  3. It's the big kid giving the little kid a slap in the hope that the little kid will slap back. Bullying at its finest. American foreign policy in a nutshell.
  4. The training, the medical care. Any thoughts?
  5. Israel's funding of these terror groups china. Obviously there wont be as much evidence but what is your viewpoint on this?
  6. So. Graffiti by proxy. I didn't realise he'd gone that far.
  7. its a great video. reminds me a bit of command and conquer
  8. https://twitter.com/TeamTrump/status/1213188112710602753
  9. Yes thanks. Like I said, it was just for calibration.
  10. Just watching trump on fox news delivering a speech to the evangelicals. Something about the most virtuous most exceptional military on gods earth. Going down a storm
  11. This soleimani guy probably did more to stop isis than any other military leader on the planet.
  12. Finally... it took a threat to the sandero to make him see sense
  13. Would it be acceptable for Iraq to drone strike eddie Gallagher for his terrorist crimes?
  14. Shooting a schoolgirl from a sniper post. I'd find that quite terrifying were it to happen here.
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