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  1. I hardly think the overstuffed right wing stiffs that inhabit msnxforums are the target audience here. Good on them I say. Fight the power word up bro.
  2. Has the Israeli collusion investigation got underway yet?
  3. Driver aids are for crap drivers and turn decent drivers into crap drivers. If my car even had any of these sensors I'd tape them over.
  4. If the insurance company have anything about them they will declare this an act of God.
  5. None of that crap in my car. I've had zero malfunctions to date.
  6. By that you are assuming boot's planning decisions are based on rationality, fairness and sense. I admire your optimism
  7. Must admit, the Emirates Notre Dame Cathedral does have rather a nice ring to it
  8. Does the mayor get a pension for being the mayor too?
  9. It at least proves that there is not an illegal drugs culture up at the hospital
  10. The only real religious question I still need an answer to is what was Jesus's middle name? I know it starts with an H but that's about it.
  11. Woody as a sage is closer to Nora Batty than Nostradamus
  12. Be a nice place to build some apartments.
  13. Having said that, both those posts are in the wrong thread. I thought I was in the Kevin Oliphant whatshiskipper one. Nevertheless, the points still stand.
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