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  1. That's as despicable a post as i've seen on here. Well done
  2. Its basically a big shed with a few chairs and a bit of a heating system
  3. It's exactly what i would expect from a ferry terminal, just at 35 times the price
  4. Well said jason. Big fan here.
  5. I sort of had stu pencilled in as our declare war on china minister but i seee no harm entertainments wise in him taking up judy's position in the interim
  6. Nations propaganda machine. If it's KPMG it means government fiscal policy, i still struggle to work that one.
  7. Anyone that plays the national anthem in an unironic way should be shot
  8. Once we get the feb and march snow and ice road closures over and done with then we can get this road closed for a couple of months and get the work done.
  9. It at least proves my old agage that the only people that wear tt merchandise are either foreigners or manx pissheads.
  10. I still cant see it. Any chance of a running commentary?
  11. How much of this is related to the US deciding European policy because they don't want anyone using the Nord Stream 2?
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