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  1. the stinking enigma

    Onchan's finest

    She was misleading. Deliberately so. Why did no one ask for the management figures, salary and pension wise?
  2. the stinking enigma

    P.O Strike Begins.

    They'll have to be pretty sturdy drones to withstand the windy conditions here. Be easier just to train a fleet of seagulls.
  3. the stinking enigma

    P.O Strike Begins.

    You'd be run out of a north korean village for being too much of an indoctrinated lickspittle dilli.
  4. the stinking enigma

    P.O Strike Begins.

    So the future is a nation of renters then.
  5. the stinking enigma

    P.O Strike Begins.

    These politicians will be getting more than that as a pension
  6. the stinking enigma

    P.O Strike Begins.

    What? 25k a year? Don't think so.
  7. the stinking enigma

    Flat Earth?

    He might be joking now
  8. the stinking enigma

    Flat Earth?

    He probably didn't fancy the smear campaign that was coming his way. Can't blame him really
  9. the stinking enigma


    I thought it said 37 hours. It's more than possible i'm wrong though.
  10. the stinking enigma


    Just how is this myprom.com guru going to fill the other 36 hours of their week?
  11. the stinking enigma


    People go on tweetbeet for a nose in the hope of some salacious gossip. I don't see the comparison other than the waste of resource and money bit.
  12. the stinking enigma


    So we are paying 100k over 4 years to inform dog walkers who also are taxpayers and also are residents about how the prom is coming along? I must be stupid
  13. the stinking enigma


    The worrying thing is, i get the feeling you expect me to take that answer seriously
  14. the stinking enigma

    Manx Radio

    On the 5 o clock news there was a report about the babes in the wood killer being sentenced then a cue to a statement by the chief inspector in charge of the investigation but instead a very loud advert for shoprites meat counter came on.
  15. the stinking enigma


    I'm a bit confused as to what sort of different "stakeholder groups" are there?