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  1. Previous winners trump Putin, probably Kissinger
  2. Chrimbo must add a fair bit to climate change. One would have thought that considerate souls like ourselves may think about toning the whole thing down a bit. Instead Christmas trees seem to go up earlier, adorned with more and more lights. How are christmas lights even legal in these woken times?
  3. Could you give a couple of examples of how its blatantly obvious please rog.
  4. I think it's for switching off your water supply. Designed for people too stupid to work out what a stop valve was. Or where it was. There'll be a switch nearby or more likely above the worktop
  5. They have manage to convince most people that they are incompetent rather than corrupt. I'd say that's quite impressive.
  6. I thought somebody was spreading the pellets on land above glen Helen. That's what I was told a few years ago anyway.
  7. These refugees should just go to another european country for a couple of years, get citizenship, then we'll pay them to actually move here and give them ni breaks when they do.
  8. Quite a lot has changed in the world since 1910
  9. Antisemitism = bad Islamophobia= a word made up by fascists
  10. Maybe not in the public interest to release it. Its jolly good of them to protect the public from knowing about their ballsups.
  11. The russian angle on the leaks will become a far bigger story than the content of the leaks. It's almost genius
  12. Doesn't matter what gets leaked. The focus will always be on the leakers rather than the content. Corbyn will actually come out looking worse as a result. It's kind of a reverse of the Biden story
  13. We used to play with mercury as kids, roll the drops from hand to hand. The old man used to bring it home from work. Think it was used in boat keels.Never done me any harm, as I'm sure you will agree.
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