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  1. It sounds like something the cabinet office would come up with.
  2. I think dr sosthene for ayre and michael is in with the same crowd. China reparation seems a fundamental
  3. Nice. We are off to Tenerife early october. Hopefully the tungsten umrellas should arrive early next week
  4. Are we going to run the horse tram over her?
  5. Oh, and thanks for turning him sociopathic.
  6. I din't see us ever winning eurovision again in my lifetime.
  7. To this day i have not seen anyone wearing a howard swimsuit on any of andreas's beaches
  8. I don't remember a howard o' clock cult movement. I do though, remember paying a pr firm to tell me there was a howard o' clock cult movement.
  9. Al has been pushing this one for a while now. Pathfinder platoon of the iom government seventh regiment white ops division would be my best guess
  10. It was always going to be the fourth or fifth shot that contains the kill switch. I'm sound, i'll take another.
  11. No chief minister should ever be allowed to leave the island after their tenure. 3 weeks a year for holidays that's about it.
  12. Granite kerbs on alloy wheels. I forsee a 500% rise in blowjobs year on year.
  13. We are going to have to learn to live with brexit. Cancel any bad news, fudge the figures, that type of thing.
  14. Thats a pretty strict criteria you are operating under there
  15. It doesn't seem to tally with our own figures. I'd say at the very least 50% of our deaths have been in double jabbed people in the same period
  16. Heading is quite obviously an establishment stooge. Howie is going to come out of this looking quite well.
  17. I don't see it. Why must people like you always include this caveat?
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