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  1. Trumps best hope is that it kicks off big style
  2. No pension should be bigger than the average wage of those that are paying it.
  3. You make it sound like he was smuggling crack cocaine or something
  4. Add to that people saving for a potential second wave in November-ish. I think most people know where they stand with alfie now. That is, if you didn't get much last time you wont be getting much next time. Though you will be proportionally paying much more back.
  5. Will we be able to see a breakdown of who got all this money at the end of this?
  6. Has china started calling for regime change yet to protect the american people.
  7. I got no problem with 60, might have been better building it up though, maybe starting at 50 a week before. I was doing 45 yesterday felt like 80.
  8. Seems the don wants to shit down twitter for stifling his free speech.
  9. I still dont really understand. What's the point of having a vote if there's only one option to choose? Why even have a vote?
  10. Why was the planning vote deemed more important than the closing the border one?
  11. Maybe we should appoint a minister for policy and reform to reform them?
  12. Doesn't seem too overly democratic to me
  13. Seems a bit odd you can get sacked for being principled? And what's so important about getting the planning thing passed?
  14. What actually is the point of having a council of ministers anyway? Why not just have one person deciding what's what?
  15. Chris Thomas has the brains to take this government to task on many things. The only problem is that by the time he's finished waffling, nobody can ever remember what it was all about in the first place.
  16. What you see is what you get with Jethro boot. And what you see is an absolute ballbag.
  17. He is saying that so when nobody turns up he can congratulate them for following instructions and sacrificing their chance of witnessing the oldest parleeamennnnnt in action for the greater good of the people of this wonderful island of ourrrrrs.
  18. You do only have these 2 choices
  19. On a separate note, ashcroft has that australianism whereby every statement he makes sounds like it's a question when he says the last word of it.
  20. I'm not sure with regards to covid that the main thing is people worrying about their own health, should they catch it. More that they may unwittingly pass it on to others that aren't as healthy?
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