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  1. Once again, thanks to all that have helped on my impossible quest. Couldn't have not done it without you.
  2. I can now confirm there is no new bean bag shop in castletown. Plenty of coffee houses though, some even open. Don't go to castletown if looking for a bean bag.
  3. Saudi jet just flown overhead, counting my blessings I'm not an innocent Yemeni child, but I'm running out of options bean bag wise, got 3 or 4 guys with the Ben askren perms left to ask, then the bearded lady with the cleft lip swigging from the plastic bottle of strongbow, then I'm pretty much done.
  4. The girl behind the counter had very nice eyes though. Both pointing in the same direction too, which I found a little odd. Must be from outta town.
  5. This is all very well and I am indeed thankful for the wide ranging and comprehensive help with regards to the spelling and pronunciation of castletown, does anyone actually know where this fucking shop is? It's my first visit since a Sunday school trip in the late 80's, reassuring to see not much has changed though, especially the hairstyles. Thanks in advance.
  6. I had to dumb it down a bit, bearing in mind the average manxforums clientele
  7. All I can find via Google that's remotely linked to castletown and bean bags is this... http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=37317&headline=Man threatened to burn down police officer's home&sectionIs=News&searchyear=2017
  8. I have it on good authority that there is a new shop opened in castletown. Unfortunately this good authority didn't stretch to knowing actually where it was. Where is it please? Need to nip down there this affy to get s birthday pressie.
  9. A bit of shit on the projector usually.
  10. I was and I wasn't. That said, I have no idea what that means.
  11. I spent many hours as a kid looking down upon the f1-11's from atop my favourite spot on the sand cliffs so definitely lower yep.
  12. What the actual f is an effing toucan crossing?
  13. They'll be counted on the tourist figures though.
  14. Any pay off should be on a whip round basis, contributed to by those in whose interest keeping quiet would be.
  15. It seems a bit of an insult to have to pay off someone to be quiet when I'd actually like to them to be a bit noisy.
  16. I'm sure they miss your 3 Half's over the course of 7 hours too.
  17. Nope, not that bad. Probably Israel or more likely the US. More likely both. Possibly likely the UK too would be my most likely guess. If it was anybody from the naughty countries group we'd already know by now a thousand times over.
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