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  1. It's about time we made a decision and put this thing behind us
  2. Whatever your politics, he was certainly the victim of the most concerted and long running smear campaign I have ever witnessed in my lifetime, Meghan markle's being up there but not as long running or all encompassing.
  3. You had me up to that point. Nope, sorry not having it.
  4. I apologise unreservedly. Couldn't help myself. It's an impulse thing. Sorry doc
  5. They can't call it king orry. Too soon. So that only leaves 3. I'm not that bothered what they call it to be honest. My opinion is meaningless. I never get a say in these things.
  6. That month will come in handy to remove the navigation systems to upgrade them with an experimental and super expensive new system developed by nautical boffins in Kazakhstan
  7. It's not quite full doppleganger status due to the cigar mans more modern taste in suits
  8. Having watched the glorious nations station clip with an ashy morphing into the guy from the hamlet cigar ads I kind of got the impression ashy wont be losing any sleep over the whole matter. Saddened is a bit of a weird word to use even though he doesn't seem to mean it. Also, he said he'd had a conversation with rach. Via email. Could he not have gone to the trouble of at least phoning her up? The guy is an arse, MBE or not. Strikes me as a bit of a slimeball. It's obvious Rachel has been working all hours all through this, I expect she's exhausted. These idiots have no people skills
  9. Holding neither a doctorate or employment within government far be it from me to comment, but why couldn't they just hold the press conference a bit later?
  10. I heard the tory sir kier on about this earlier. He didn't like the denial of antisemitism. Looks like we have moved on to a whole new level. It's now an offence to deny it once accused. Powerful stuff
  11. I dont like cake. Never have done, never will do. Or trifle. Trifle disgusts me.
  12. We have a lot to offer. Our children's livelihoods so a load of buy to letters can cash in on the fact they need somewhere to live being the main one.
  13. I had a couple which I never ended up paying due to that lady that was robbing from the fines office. which was nice.
  14. It's pretty poor form all the same. They could have at least gone to the pretence of asking Rachel's advice before completely ignoring it.
  15. I quite like the fact this guy had to put execute on a checklist just in case he forgot what his plan was. Respec. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/23/man-searched-biden-home-made-checklist-with-execute-court-says
  16. It's quite simple. Any vaccine from a country that we don't like will be useless/a poison in itself. Any vaccine from a country we like will be a miracle cure, awards all round.
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