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  1. Flubbergump

    Code red or code brown?

    Much as I would like to agree on that one, I think he's one of those who does his business quietly and get support where it matters. If as you suggest he's Quayle's marionette, then I wouldnt put it beyond the realms of possibility he will get a few nods from those who backed Quayle to get him the top job. Its all academic for a while anyway whilst they ensure they qualify for those nice fat ministerial pensions. You know, the ones that wont get frozen or reduced when every other Civil Servant's does .....
  2. Flubbergump

    Code red or code brown?

    I think he was quite clever to be fair. When the other new boys and girls all stepped up looking to jump nose first into the ministerial trough, he held back and let them be put into areas where they really couldn't do much. He waited till someone screwed up one of the higher profile posts (Health) and then came in relatively bulletproof in that everyone knew successive ministers had failed in this job, so even if he did, he wouldn't be held accountable. I think he has his eyes on a higher position, he only has to not totally screw up during his tenure at Health and he's in line for a bigger job in any reshuffle.
  3. Flubbergump

    Code red or code brown?

    He inherited the poisoned chalice, and to be fair, he's a lot less likely to take some of the bullshit previous Ministers have come up against. I doubt he even comes close to the budget as he said, but i suspect he will come closer than Beaky did.
  4. Flubbergump

    New Tech Firm owes wages

    End result was 10 successful claims in employment tribunals. https://www.judgments.im/content/@54.htm So did we say they had 11 staff?
  5. No amount of alcohol could create a constructive response to the OP. However in the interests of fairness I'm going to continue drinking as I have done since 6pm to see if my viewpoint changes
  6. Flubbergump


    Theres a closed group called RPG Isle Of Man on FB. If anyone's running a game, they'll advertise it there.
  7. Flubbergump

    Lowlife scum

    Arse-Twaddle You've about as much understanding of how alzheimers affects the brain as I have of why the hell you'd write a post like this other than "Becoz I Can".
  8. Flubbergump

    IOM News and Politics

    I did note that particular candidates are very vocal when criticised. One going so far as to declare criticism of her in that group was a "Pathetic personal vendetta". If FB criticism upsets her like that, she definitely ahould avoid getting an account here.
  9. Flubbergump

    Manx Radio DJ Autism Comments

    Stu suggested he has the 'Right to Free Speech'. A history lesson followed
  10. Flubbergump

    Poutine (manx National Dish)

    The only variations of Poutine I have tried included Bacon. Does this invalidate it?
  11. Flubbergump

    Manx Radio DJ Autism Comments

    Or a single episode of Talking Heads.
  12. Flubbergump

    Manx Radio DJ Autism Comments

    Whoa, nobody mentioned that the kids took a shit in the restaurant.This changes everything. Indeed. Time to return to outside toilets like the good old days. Or maybe just a couple of pits and a pile of leaves
  13. Flubbergump

    Hospital shops

    "I wonder if he's going to put it to tender again" I meant. Because if its such a 'Fantastic Retail Opportunity' then it will make a fortune , fill that public sector pension deficit in no time, and have us all walking on roads made of solid gold in no time* * Except the Prom , which will still be shit
  14. Flubbergump

    Hospital shops

    I think I preferred it when charities ran the shops in hospitals and the staff were volunteers. You would think that someone, somewhere in government, has become so obsessed with increasing returns on government property that he's now living in a dreamworld where rents can rise every year on every property and if the tenant goes out of business, don't worry, there's an infinite supply of suckers to replace them. I wonder if he's going to put it to tender, the way he's done with multiple other sites that should really be run by local government.
  15. Flubbergump

    Manx Radio DJ Autism Comments

    'I am Entitled to Free Speech' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh how M'learned friends on Athol Street would love to educate you on the concept of free speech in Manx Law. MF's older residents can perhaps educate you on how many posts have to be moderated on a daily basis to avoid being 'Drowered'