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  1. He really does somehow fit the "Tim Nice But Dim" moniker probably better than any politician we've ever had
  2. I doubt it. I think there's probably about £4.73 left after Douglas Prom gets finished
  3. I'm sorry, are you new to the island? The only thing they'll be thinking about is pension pots and salary increases.
  4. I didn't think any of us would live to see Brexit, given how stupid a concept it seemed - We Did I didnt think any of us would see something like Trump in the whitehouse, and a literal insurrection - We Did I didnt think any of us would see a land war in Europe that resulted in a massive recession and the threat of NATO intervention - We Did Assuming that ridiculous things wont happen has been repeatedly proven incorrect in the last 10 years. I blame the internet ....
  5. FCIOM is in a good position by the looks of it, successful first season, and achieved the goal of selling out the bowl a few times in their opening season. Their challenge is maintaining that goodwill with the local clubs when its consistently "Borrowing" their players for games. The first couple of big injuries will test that goodwill.
  6. I think a number of forum users would qualify
  7. Does Part 2 involve an A-Team style rebuilding of rusted tractors in an Andreas barn to create a hybrid Van/Boat which is chased across the seas by Margo and her army of self employed roofers on Jetskis?
  8. Source? Best I can find is his POCA case here (he lost) where they took his £500k , and the liquidation process of his companies. The much vaunted £21m VAT fraud disappeared into the ether, either with much schmoozing or a strategically negotiated settlement with HMRC. I recall his defence in the POCA case was that if it succeeded it would prejudice any potential criminal trial in the UK, so at that point he was clearly expecting such a trial.
  9. "Won't somebody think of the Children"
  10. There's more to this than just one idiot trying to enrich himself. Boris and Chums would rather like direct control back of the BVI because it's where a lot of their Trusts with patsy Trustees are based, and they need topping up under more direct control. After all they're doing their best to stifle UK Democracy of late, why not grab back control of some overseas territories while you're at it.
  11. Whilst I can't see Alf getting picked up by Special Branch for sourcing a ton of Colombian Pure in Toxteth, there are plenty of other ways to be dishonest within the rules.
  12. I wonder if, as usually happens, the wealthy, well connected Mr B will sail off into the sunset on an expensive boat whilst Messrs Coole & Page take the fall on their bosses behalf?
  13. This went super quiet again. How long does it take to prosecute a man who gets arrested with a suitcase full of cash in an Airport? A lot longer than your average pot head?
  14. Mr Hooper will likely focus on something petty, irrelevant and self-serving, as is his Normal approach.
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