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  1. I voted I don't know. I'd like to hear more about why we need one or why we don't. Do other countries usually have them?
  2. Edward VIII's sympathies were well known. I'm more interested in who was behind the released of the pictures and what their motive is. There are people out there who want to trample on anything traditional as part of their left-wing political agenda, more than happy to exploit people's ignorance and emotionalism with an out of context non-news item like this.
  3. Amy totally PWNED by someone now: .....I wonder how long they'll last for stating the obvious truth. SIG HEIL!
  4. Why is it that we have all these dickwipes standing as candidates and NOT ONE of them is Manx? Hooper, Burns, Helmut Von Goering, and some twat called Malarkey. Where are the Manx people? Grow a spine and get on the ballot box !!!!!!!!!!! If we're going to elect complete toss pots, the least we could do is vote for homegrown ones!
  5. What are young people supposed to be saving? It's difficult to save money when you get only just enough to survive from pay cheque to pay cheque. Wages are stagnant if not lowering and the cost of living is rising. How they are supposed to also save up for their retirement despite paying heavy taxes is a joke.
  6. I thought I'd post my entry on here: I am really proud to be a quitter. I love being able to look down my self-righteous nose at smokers who haven't quit. I can walk through Strand Street with my head held up high, knowing that I'm not causing distress to non-smokers by a small amount of my smoke going up to their big sniffing noses. I have also picked up a new hobby – affectatiously coughing whenever a smoker walks past. It cracks me up every time. I am also able to go to sleep at night knowing all the tax money I once paid when buying cigarettes is no longer going to help pay for the NHS and public infrastructure and that I'll live longer and cause a greater strain on the care system as I get older. Yes, I'll be impotent, bedridden, incontinent, and probably senile, but at least I'll have healthy lungs. Above all, the best thing about quitting smoking is that I am now able to enjoy the company of all the tossers who caused me to smoke in the first place, because I've become a tosser now too.
  7. We can agree on that at least. It is truly sickening.
  8. No, your constant 'product placement' of TJ's name on every thread screams TJ, or TJ's stalker. Either way, you are boring.
  9. I must say that's a very clever non-use of an apostrophe. You almost had me fooled into thinking you were an illiterate bell end and not you. Nice one, TJ.
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