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  1. I actually asked someone from the Highways about manhole covers being either above or below the road level - the reply was that when above they have allowed for the manhole to subside, when below they have allowed for the road to subside. I suggested that he was joking and he became quite angry and insisted that it was policy! I have just returned from a weekend in the UK on my motorbike and until I got off the boat on my way home I had forgotten just how bad the roads here on the Island actually are. In England I was riding Motorways, A roads, B roads and unmarked roads - without exception they were better condition. Manhole covers were level with the road and in most cases the gaps between the raised bits on the covers had tarmac in. Sadly the condition of the roads has been allowed to deteriorate to the point where it will cost far too much to repair. Maybe if a couple of MHKs went without their expenses for a year we could afford to do it!
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