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  1. ^ Yep. Also got a brain so know not to post it.
  2. Interesting. Is there an "insider knowledge" reason you don't use a smart phone?
  3. I usually scan through the forums in the morning while I'm taking a dump. Sometimes I'll post a thread with a simple question that tries to get people to think about something as I am interested in what other people think. The "if you had two nukes" thread is an example of that. It was half intended as a joke (expecting people to say Norfolk and Cornwall) but I was also interested to find out where other people thought bad things in the world originate from, rather than it being some morbid interest in bombing people. Then I go to work. I sometimes read and post a little at lunch time for five minutes. I don't post again until the evening and just post on anything I find interesting. I never go on the forum while I'm at work, not even on my mobile phone. I'm just too busy to do that. I'm on here more at weekends, usually at the same time as watching a film or documentary, or while waiting for dinner to cook. I would like to see him unbanned. Or at least allowed to log in and change his avatar.
  4. They've now changed it from the war memorial to (from left to right): Union Jack, England, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, England. More evidence of our failing education system.
  5. And don't forget people from bloody Ramsey coming down to Douglas and taking our jobs. Fckers!
  6. Because minimum wage is beneath everyone - it's exploitation. But wilfully not working is worse. I have always worked even if it was minimum wage or cleaning. A little thing called a WORK ETHIC. I totally agree with Hillshepherd - get slackers out working.
  7. They should send back all civil servants on over 35k.
  8. Did he do anything for private sector workers?
  9. There are plenty of lazy and unproductive workers from abroad. To suggest such people are a particularly local phenomenon is outright trolling.
  10. Most of the posts on this forum are better written and more interesting than what is in the newspapers. Mine are at least.
  11. Then why is it a stretch to say they're at least Manx? I'm not down and out with natural history but I assume they were here long before humans settled here. Anyway, I think they're beautiful, majestic creatures. One of the things I missed when I lived in the UK and far from the sea was the sound of the seagulls in the morning. I just love that sound.
  12. Depends what you mean by our 'work permit system'? If you mean handing brown envelopes under the desk to government officials then I would say no.
  13. Bit of a stretch that. That depends. Are they migratory?
  14. ? Ever heard of a laptop with a DVD player, sir?
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