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  1. The vast majority of private wealth is held off-shore. The new in-vogue thing that the super-rich are doing is buying land in remote areas of other countries (typically tropical climates) and building bug-out enclaves for when things go south (or sideways, or pear-shaped depending on your desired euphamisms) in the US.
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    Technically speaking, they're the bank who was caught doing that. All international banks do it, few get caught.
  3. That's an understatement. From where I sit, while the UK and EU have significant issues of their own, the long-term balance sheet is still significantly better than the US.
  4. Yes. But it's getting so bad here, that's no longer is a reason against leaving. I'm not the only one.
  5. Oh boo-hoo! Disclaimer: we're planning a move to the Isle of Man in the very near future, and bringing a technology/Internet business with us. Being of deep Internet experience, I know that the "Interwebs" are a sounding-board for those who wish to gripe. It's been that way since Bulletin Board Systems, from which this website's core functionality has evolved. You have no idea how bad it is here in the US. While I can certainly empathize with much that has been emoted here… I'm like; "That's it? These are your problems?" Once one factors in all the various forms of taxation in the US, from Federal, through State & Local, with fees and sales tax, nearly 47% of all the money I make goes to a government entity. And I'm of the fortunate few entrepreneur's who are technically self-employed and get to pay more federal tax than those who are employed by an employer… but I digress. I don't have healthcare, I can't afford to pay that extra amount/tax because my income puts my wife and I in a category where it costs more than a car payment plus insurance. We just don't have the money. So it's not like that 47% of my income is giving me inexpensive healthcare. And it's not like that 47% is giving me great roads on which I and my employees can get to work. The infrastructure here is crumbling because only about 7% of what needs to be spent on roads and bridges is going to maintenance and repairs. More than 60% of all road traffic bridges in the US are classified as unsafe. Also, that 47% isn't giving us great schools either. Every year the USA plummets in student performance; it's pathetic. We have states writing key historic figures (Thomas Jefferson, among others) out of school text books because some of their opinions are seen as atheist/humanist in nature. We have entire states that refuse to teach sex education to students. We have states that teach creationism as science (two). Our education system is the laughing stock of the world. Additionally, recent financial forecasting has placed nearly every public university as high-risk and in danger of default on loans and bonds. So even higher-education is at great risk now. That 47% isn't giving us great parks and municipal facilities. Public parks are falling to pieces and being left to local volunteers to maintain. The airports are a joke when compared to other countries. Basic government services like licensing for autos, fishing, hunting, etc. have had staff cut backs in many cities; you have wait times of an entire day to get a receipt for turning in your car's license plate. Even the IRS (tax collectors) have had to cut back staff because of budget cuts -- the freakin IRS! -- and they no longer project wait-times for office visits and phone calls. But what that 47% DOES GIVE ME is an over-militarized police force that approaches your car (when stopped for speeding) with two cops who have hands on guns, and have sparked the serious possibility of all-out race riots here. What that 47% DOES GIVE ME is a government with a foreign policy that is seriously screwing up the world (and has been for a long time). What that 47% DOES GIVE ME is a government that refused to punish any Wall Street bankers/financiers for epic-level fraud and rampant criminal behavior that almost collapsed the nation. What that 47% DOES GIVE ME is a government that refuses to recognize the connection between the overwhelming number of firearms and violent crime. What that 47% DOES GIVE ME is a government that has been bought and paid for by a small group of billionaire oligarchs who control every national-level politician. What that 47% DOES GIVE ME is a government with no economic policy other than run to up historic deficits with no plan for fiscal responsibility (both liberals and conservatives). Wages have stagnated and we can't fill high-tech jobs with American Citizens because we're all dumb as a result of the pitiful education system. You have no idea how comforting this thread is to me.
  6. Highly recommend this: http://www.dlinkworks.com/DCS-5020L.asp But like the above comments, there will need to be additional light in your yard. It can get useable pictures if there's a full moon (I have one), but otherwise, not. You can set it to send video or a series of images to an email address every time it senses motion. Related question. In the UK, why is "CCTV" still used as an acronym/word for things that are not closed circuit TV, like a web cam? I've always wondered that.
  7. It's just the Eternal September finally finding the IOM. It took 21 years, consider yourself lucky.
  8. Not that "democracy" is doing all that much good for the US.
  9. There's a very strong possibility I may be adding a total of 4 to whatever numeric total is associated with that first one.
  10. Odd that. I'm on line a great deal, and perform lots of searches for research on a wide range of subjects -- I rarely experience issue where I cannot find satisfactory returns in the first 20 or so. As for ads… yeah, that's generally how free stuff online stays free.
  11. Stupid is reaching new levels here in the states. You'd think anyone that made it far enough through the education system could recall who won the civil war.
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