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  1. Yup . . . Appalling service from people who have no idea how to talk to customers, assuming of course that you get to speak to someone. . . . . 45 minutes in a que at the weekend and no answer. Eventually spoke to somebody on Monday who was completely useless. I still have loads of emails missing and what are they doing keeping emails I've deleted ages ago . . . .
  2. So roaming charges from U.K. Providers will be dropped . . Vodafone scraps roaming fees in much of Europe. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39576402 So what's to stop us having U.K. Mobiles here now, with all the benefits that brings, unless MT and Sure follow suit ?
  3. Check out the signs coming from Douglas to Peel . . . Entering Crosby the sign says "No right turn at Crosby - follow diversion" but there are no diversion signs going in that direction . . . .
  4. Haha. That little fella is thick as fuck. Not so thick . . . He's got his family on the payroll too
  5. According to Ronan one of the options for the meat plant is to close it . . With Scott Baker involved it's probably a dead cert.
  6. The name Gawne is enough to put the kiss of death on it
  7. Think you need to be properly rested
  8. You can't stop it here because they will just leave. The fact that we can't recruit sufficient health professionals means that we are stuck with it. Doesn't mean I have to respect them though.
  9. Very good but fat lot of good it will do
  10. Not sure chicken is appropriate as they do beef, lamb, pork and goat. maybe you were just kidding
  11. That is a very good point. I know someone who has waited over a year for a procedure but could have had it done privately within a couple of weeks. In my view they shouldn't be allowed to do private work when the health service is in such a mess but unfortunately they have us over a barrel because so few want to come here they can demand this perk. There are a few however who don't do private work and I respect them enormously. Funny also how those few are really decent, down to earth people whils the other, Bently driving stuck up twats, are some of the rudest, most ignorant people imaginable
  12. I've got the horn . . .
  13. Is that a joke or are we back on track ?
  14. Think you are all loin f*****s
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