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  1. If you go to suez.co.im, under the news section you can find the 2017 annual public report. This shows exactly what is processed, fuel oil (diesel) used, electricity generated, etc.. I encourage anyone who has any interest in this facility to read this, so they can understand what goes on. The 2018 report is released in hard copy but doesn't appear to have been put on the website yet. If you look at the reports you can see they are checked by a independant, global auditing firm.. The 2017 report, which you can see on the website, is very informative as it attempts to dispell many of the local "myths" about the facility. I think a lot of the myths came from postings on this very forum! And cover the subjects of fuel use, (non)importation of wastes, etc. Regarding 'not producing electricity' for periods of time, the plant shuts down for planned maintenance 2 or 3 times per year, for up to 3 weeks at a time. As you can imagine it would be difficult to perform maintenance "on-line" in a furnace that operates at a minimum of 850.c
  2. As had said before I've posted rarely since 2014 and have been regularly lurking many years before that. Reason I don't post often is that I would have to bite my lips too hard dealing with rogues like you, who are increasingly making this forum like wading through 40 posts of shit and snipe for the one post of genuine local opinion or fact. I post when I have something valuable to add, or when I have a query that real life people can't solve. Let's keep this thread on cheese please.
  3. Since when has this coloured version been around? Like people this coloured version seems to be a lot harder in consistency. Something cheesy going on at the creameries.
  4. Yes that's the point. Used to be white. Last few weeks has turned to orange. Very distressing. I know mild cheddar is normally for kids but I am circumcised which means too strong a sensation can cause pain.
  5. Creameries Mild Cheddar. Is orange. Does anyone know WTF? Have they made too much red Leicester by mistake? Somebody join me in my anxiety please.
  6. My first post was in 2014 and I was a long time lurker before that.
  7. This stuff is really interesting. When did Roly die? And was there further goings on after the court case where Roly was fined? Is there anywhere that can be found with reference to exactly what Roly wrote on manxman.com? Also what was written on MF that led to pressure for the public appologies and charity donation? Also people need to stop feeding Snorri obvious use he is just the latest evolution of TJ/llap, etc
  8. I don't believe Mathematics was invented. I think Mathematics is a division of Logic, and I think that Logic definitely wasn't invented. If you agree with this then the deeper question is what is Logic, and is it necessary for Logic to exist? Was there a beginning to our universe / multiverse, and if so, did logic 'exist' 'before' then?
  9. Do you have any friends that work at any of the 2 sites (I think,) on the island that operate steam turbine generators?
  10. Its to cool a CO2 laser. Water having amazing thermal properties, The laser tube has Aluminium parts that come in contact with the coolant... Won't de-ionised (and polished) water (<0.05uS/cm-2) be fine for that???
  11. Nobody seems to believe you Slim, rule 163, there's even a picture for you: https://www.gov.uk/using-the-road-159-to-203/overtaking-162-to-169
  12. Not true, however all equipment needs to be maintained.
  13. The plant shuts down for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance at different points throughout the year, which is normal for an energy from waste plant. Also, the website is updated by a person who is entitled to their annual leave now and again :-) , check back in a week or so to see the electricity generated since 5/3/15.
  14. When I got my Barclaycard, about 2 years ago, you did not have to have a Barclays bank account. I don't know about now, but the barclaycard website mentions nothing about being a Barclays account holder. You could always give Barclaycard a call to confirm.
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