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  1. I recently began to blame the water quality for naff cups of tea but turns out someone had bought tetly tea bags from dealz and snuck them into the tea jar. She's banned from buying any more. It's orrible.
  2. Bought many of different types of tea bags.... usually what's on offer at the time.. but really, what makes the best cup of tea?? I take milk and one sugar... I like it strong
  3. when did I become a Senior?

  4. still think its sad that they are having to pack up and leave
  5. Fewer than half of my candidates have turned up so far and one of those shoved a flyer through the letterbox and legged it. not sure its actually been the candidates themselves putting the flyers through here. two nice chaps i've spoken to now. not a clue who they were, the mrs has hidden the leaflets apparently manifestos are to follow edit just to add the two chaps were actually the candidates, but the leaflets were put through days earlier by others
  6. only two in our area have knocked on our door to say hello... that's good enough for us as we have 2 votes each.
  7. Definatly deja vu.....
  8. http://www.musculardystrophyuk.org/news/news/campaign-victory-in-scotland-on-duchenne-drug/ Scotland seems to be the place to be to get it :/
  9. I think even somone with 29million they'd still try the NSH first. Maybe it's them that take the money from the needy.
  10. Just trying to see it through the boys' parents eyes. I guess when it's your own child you don't see all the alternatives to where they can spend the money. It must be hard in both positions as a parent and the decision maker
  11. Can you imagine as an adult being told, yeah, that medicine is available to make your life more comfortable and maybe longer... But nah, you can't have it. Now imagine that's your child.
  12. Not knocking it. Just asking why it's okay for some but not for others.
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