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  1. I desire only to be left alone. P.S. Your anti-semitic opinions expressed on this thread put your personal attacks against Mr G on the other thread into perspective. You are obviously a racist bigot, to go along your homophobia (see post 76 above).
  2. The island's accommodation/hospitality/venue sector is over-saturated. I wouldn't invest in a venture which would further saturate it and only result in the exact same thing (a closure) happening a few years down the line.
  3. I'm Manx and proud to be so. Wouldn't want to be anything else. No cigar!
  4. 1) Do we have Isle of Man figures on the amount spent per person; and the number of people living in care and nursing homes, and how many get help in their own home? 2) I am also curious as to whether there is any tangible data to prove that our current financial problems are caused by people living too long? Could it not be that we have a system of inequality where we've got one lot on very high salaries and pensions in the public sector and another lot who 'avoid' taxes in the private sector? I am a regular reader of the Tax Research UK blog and I remember reading some figures which showed the amount, plus the amount needed to pay off the deficit and outstanding UK debts, would be more than covered by the amount of tax which goes unpaid to Her Majesty's Customs and Revenue. My bottom line question here is - are people having to work into their 70s because of an aging population or because of financial deregulation and widespread corporate tax avoidance (and evasion)? 3) What actually caused the UK's debt? I know the Daily Mail would have us believe it's single mothers or immigrants on welfare but did the UK Government not give out billions of pounds in bailouts to banks? Or was it the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which again were basically just a way to subsidise private sector contractors. And of course allowing tax avoidance is itself a form of subsidisation. I just feel socialism or the welfare state gets the blame, yet from what I can gather it looks like most of the debt was built up because of taxpayers giving out welfare to corporations and big business. And we're the ones who will have to work longer to pay for it all, while the ones responsible for the economic crisis of 2008 (which we are all still affected by) are getting big bonuses and retiring early. Thanks
  5. I never said I was a Jew so your post is meaningless.
  6. That depends whether the victims of a future holocaust are Jews or not. My comments relate to any form of discriminatory genocide. This thread is about AUSCHWITZ where the victims were overwhelmingly JEWS and ROMA. If you wish to discuss others, go start a new thread on them because yes there ARE other genocides. In fact, I have created a thread on the genocide against the KURDS by Isis. So no, Lxxx, nobody us saying there aren't others. I just take offence to attempts to dejudaise Auschwitz and the Holocaust.
  7. You're talking rubbish. No such thing has happened.
  8. Why do all bus telephone queries have to go via the Welcome Centre who close at 6pm? It's poor service that we can't even speak directly to someone at the bus service during the day, but there is no means of communication at all at night time.
  9. BS! The Israelites have done such Genocidal Things to the Palestinians numerous times. 3X3 1) Citizens of the state of Israel are Israelis, not Israelites. Israelite is an archaic term referring to the biblical people of Israel. Granted, the Jews of the state of Israel are indeed the very same Israelites as mentioned in the Bible, but 20% of the Israeli population is also non-Jewish so technically it's not accurate to refer to Israelis as Israelites. 2) There is no need to capitalise the words "genocidal things". 3) The Palestinians didn't even exist until the 1960s when they were artificially invented. What you had before that were just Arabs. There was never a distinct nationality of Arabs who were called Palestinians. The region of "Palestine" was a geographic term for the area and during the British Mandate all people - both Jews and Arabs alike - were referred to as Palestinian; ergo, the Israelis have just as much claim to the title of Palestinian. The term "Palestine" comes from the Romans renaming the area after the ancient Philistines, a people who were allegedly killed off around 4,000 years ago. The current Arabs (who are originally from Arabia, hence the name) are not descended from the Philistines. There is no connection whatsoever. Now, you can criticise Israeli policy toward the Palestinians, but I don't think there is any genocide going on. It is the Arabs who have tried several times since 1948 to wipe out all the Jews from the land, and they were also allied with the Nazis during the Second World War.
  10. The Nazis were put in power by the conservative establishment to serve as a bulwark against left-wing groups who they regarded as a threat to the status quo. The establishment thought they could control them but they couldn't. The establishment were happy for Hitler to discriminate against and imprison Jews, socialists, gypsies, and the like. They didn't particularly speak out against the Holocaust either, save for the usual dishonest claims after the war about not knowing what was happening. And of course the establishment profiteered from the slave labour all throughout the war so yes they were fully behind it. Germany under the Nazis was fascist, the synthesis of big government and big business. No idea what Italian fascism, which was different, has to do with anything. Yes, we've already established that you're a pop psychologist.
  11. The point (which you all seem to miss) is not that they're the same in overt practice but that they are the same in thought and in subtle ways. They have the same psychology and need to suppress dissent against the establishment order.
  12. We don't have the answers to prevent another Holocaust? Fortunately Jews aren't betting their lives on you or others here doing anything to help them. If anyone is going to prevent another Holocaust, it'll be the Israeli Arny. Jews learned in the last one that they can't depend on others to help.
  13. I have just been burgled. No wait, it was the wind.
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