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  1. The Island of Fantasy, and idiot politicians.you are becoming a total joke. Fully agree with diligaff.Glad I got to Fuck away, best thing I ever did.
  2. Hi John Hi Allan Welcome Thanks Allan I'll put you on some department and that will give you an extra 10 k Gee thanks Allan great what do I do Just vote as the rest do and toe the line I'm your boy Allan easy money this gig ain't it Just toe the line and don't rock the boat you will be minted soon I should have done this year's ago Yahoo I'm rich
  3. How to get rid of Ball is the problem
  4. Old system or it's 5 million upgrade surely everything should have been tested yesterday to ensure everything was funtional knowing there was a raceday following I still agree with 2012 !! Typical Manx cock up.
  5. Another big money scheme proves how our political leaders are ineffectual at getting it right !!!.
  6. Well lets be honest about this, which ever way you spin it , or which thread you choose, this is beyond a joke now. The entire Island and it's governance is beyond a farce now.
  7. Wasters don't pay for fook all 2012
  8. What a load of Bollocks has been posted on this thread
  9. A full and complete inquiry and this Island do not equate I am afraid
  10. As is the norm with our media all the indications of public displeasure with this process is simply being ignored what an Island
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