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  1. All, thank you for the helpful feedback. We'll go check out similar developments and will worry less. To the poster asking about parking: part of the proposal seems to be to include underground parking on the Park Road side and parking spots inside the plot on the Melbourne side. They do seem to be taking parking into consideration.
  2. Might be worth you visiting one of the other developments of this nature. It might not sound great from the planning description, but you'd probably be pleasantly surprised once you'd checked them out. We'd be very happy to do that. Are there any that you would recommend we visit? It would be a great relief to know we're worrying about this unnecessarily.
  3. I hope it's the same for us as well. Thank you for this. To Meir: I've got no objection to low income people, but I do to low-value rentals being built in one of the most populated areas of Douglas, one with a bunch of houses and apartments to rent already. And a house is not just a place to live, but also an investment. But like mojomonkey said, I'm here for advice. This isn't a situation we've been faced with before, and feedback from anyone with more knowledge than us (pretty much anyone at this point) is very welcome.
  4. There's an argument we could make for our quality of life being negatively impacted. Do you know what sort of objections are usually listened to? This impacts us in many different (and bad) ways.
  5. So, there was a Public Exhibition yesterday and today to show the government's proposal for what they're going to do with the block that formerly held Park Road School. The end on Hilary Road will be sheltered housing for the elderly. It looks on the plans to take up about the same amount of space as the former school. There will be a garden behind it. The side facing Melbourne Street will be subsidised terraced houses for sale to low income people. The Bowling Green may or may not stay. The government is soliciting opinions on what should be done with it. Next to it will be public garden space. The side facing Park Road will be a combination of apartments for people with living disabilities and terraced houses for low income people, all rentals. Underground parking on the Park Road side is part of the proposal, as are parking spots in the middle of the block, accessed from Melbourne Street. They estimate it will take about 15 months to build it all. I don't know when it would start or how firm the plans are. (Edited to remove any details that could be construed as inflammatory.)
  6. Could anyone recommend a good plumber to install this for us? Preferably someone who's done this sort of thing a few times before.
  7. Thank you, everyone. It's a detached house from the 1950s. The guys at Cu-plas seem to think that the underfloor will be concrete in a house like this. We've asked the current owners, but they don't know. When we find out what kind of flooring it is for sure, what's the worst kind for this?
  8. Hi all, First time poster here. Please let me know (gently!) if I'm doing this wrong in any way. We're in the process of buying a house. We're planning on tearing up all the carpets and putting down tile flooring on the ground floor and bamboo flooring on the first floor. Since we're going to that effort, we figure we may as well also install underfloor heating. We've got an oil boiler (Camray Utility Systems Boiler (20/32kw) and a CL210 solar megaflo) and we're going to be replacing all the single-pane windows (there aren't many) with double glazing before we move in, plus putting some extra insulation into the loft. We can only find Cu-plas as a supplier, and they've likely got a list of plumbers who have done this for them before. Does anyone in here have any experience doing a similar project? Does anything I mention raise any red flags? Any suppliers, plumbers, etc. I should consider working with, or any I should avoid? We're complete DIY-novices, and we've never done this sort of thing before, so any advice at all would be really appreciated. Thank you!
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