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  1. People are tribal - always have been and always will be. They like to belong to a club of people like them..........it can be based on colour, on religion, on which sport they prefer to support or how much money they have. Any reason that can bind them together. You will probably never stop it. Some saddos have no life to speak of and use this "tribe" to make themselves feel important; this can negatively impact other tribes. See christians/muslims, CofE/catholic, Extinctio Rebellion/everyone else.
  2. Finally, a politician who tells it like it is. The German health minister has said that, by the end of the winter, people will be "vaccinated, recovered or dead". Why do we not have more like him?
  3. Flyingfemme

    Legco 2021

    Common in practical, technical degree study. It is a year (usually between 2nd and 3rd years of study) with a relevant business to consolidate what you have learned, give it some real-world context and help in decisions about direction after university. Usually considered a "good thing"; at least it was when I did engineering in the 70s...........
  4. 500,000 visitors a year is ten packed Sleezyjet flights day.........on top of the travelling Manx residents. Is this in addition to the TT/Festival crowd? Seems totally unrealistic for so many reasons. The IOM is a pretty niche destination and the best way to encourage visitors is to improve some more niche reasons to visit - preferably spread across the year. It would have to grow organically because nobody is stupid enough to invest in enough hotel rooms to service that lot without some hope of getting a return. But I don't want to rubbish the Isle of Man particularly because the government is no worse at planning "stuff" than any other government out there..........
  5. Maybe they should have looked at Cheltenham instead of Shoreditch. The Paint Festival is run by street artists and costs very little (£30,000 in 2019). The results are interesting and very high quality. It doesn’t bring people to live in the town but the walking tours (all free) are popular with tourists and residents alike. I cannot believe that the Island doesn’t have enough local talent to do it. Maybe it should be taken away from middle-aged, middle-class civil servants?
  6. The CAA has "postholder" requirements for various roles in aviation. The qualifications are not always formal but the CAA has the last word on whether, or not, the person is "fit" to be a postholder. An aerodrome director is a postholder position.
  7. It isn’t an island problem; it is everywhere. Property prices in Gloucestershire have risen over 20% in the past year. Cheap money and agents ramping up the market are mainly to blame. People are reassessing where, and how, they want to live and tiny, dark homes with no outside space are not it. Mortgage rates are so low it ain’t funny and borrowing an extra couple of hundred grand is noproblem for people moving out of the big cities. When you compare the situation with 1990, don’t forget that mortgage rates were around 13% then! A hike in base rate would simply wipe everyone, and everything out now.
  8. Every year around 40,000 people pass their HGV test in the UK. For just over a year no tests were conducted. How many drivers are we now short? I echo what everyone has said about crap wages, even worse conditions and unrealistic expectations. No way would you get me doing that job (thought I do have a Class 1 licence). Businesses in the UK are run in disgustingly short-term fashion. The government encourages the “grab the money and run” mentality over building a truly “sustainable” business. Pigeons home to roost.......
  9. The main one being the cost of getting across the irish Sea........and the shortage of good hotels.
  10. Home was not suitable - stairs and rooms to small for wheelchair use. Overnight care was £230 per night (agency) plus daycare (multiple visits at 15 mins per visit) then cleaners. All plus the need for a live in relative to cook/shop/launder and the costs of the actual house and bills. Why is it not possible for the state to manage these services and those who have to pay could get a better deal? As well as paying the staff a better wage................
  11. There will never be enough money to pay for social care. A relative is in a (very nice) residential home in the UK at a cost of £9,000 a month. This includes all the nursing care and night cover required. At over £100k per year she simply could never have paid enough tax or NI to cover it. That’s before you start on disbility care, mental health etc fir people who probably pay no (or little) contributions.
  12. The universe is in flux - big bang theory? It changes constantly. How do we stop that? Who has decided the point in time that we stop all these changes? The whole thing is hugely arrogant to decide that man can rule the universe. That said, we should strive to live cleanly and economically to preserve the enviroment and keep our lives pleasant.
  13. The only way to make driving totally "safe" is to ban it. While you are at it, why not ban cigarettes, alcohol, meat, sugar, bicycling, rock climbing etc, etc? The island would then be very safe indeed - because nobody would ever go there! You might not actually live any longer, bit it will sure as heck feel like it.
  14. To attract students from afar you need a specialism.............that takes time to build and requires specialist staff. I can’t see that the IOM has anything special to market. Marine biology might have been a good one; plenty of water around but where are you going to find somebody to run it? You also need good transport links...............
  15. UK residents are Inheritance taxed on worldwide assets. The only way to avoid this is to actually be IOM resident.
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