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  1. Well you never can tell. I once met up with a forum member who had (I now understand) a picture of Jennifer Aniston as their avatar. Imagine my shock. I have never come across a more surly, burly grumpy bloke in my life.
  2. It is surely. No one has yet mentioned the applause (including the Public Gallery) when it was announce that the President of Tynwald was awarded an OBE (or whatever) and there was applause all round. But TJ makes a good point. Who the fuck goes in the public gallery, let alone applause the P of T for getting a gong for simply (and I mean simply) doing his fucking job.
  3. You ain't diddly pat in Tynwad unless you have had a thread on ya on Manx Forums. (and btw Juan is King in this respect)
  4. Actually, you have said it right there. You know all about him.
  5. It's been a quid for many months (aye..a quid) The scoop doctor.
  6. But that's the point sid. The hassle of boiling water so you can drink it. It used to be a case of drink it straight from the tap. (ps does boiling it get rid of Chlorine? It certainly tastes very different after boiling and I doubt nicer)
  7. It's very varied depending on the area and such as limestone deposits etc. Isle of Man water was always excellent. Due to the Chlorine in it these days, it's maybe a bit yeughh* for some. I was told by a former Chief Exec (Smithy) of Water Authority that it needs to be sat in the fridge to allow the chlorine to evaporate off. Others have told me that is the usual bullshit and I am inclined to agreed. (How to remove Chlorine from tap water). It's a sorry state of affairs when people are buying bottles of drinking water. * 1.Back in the day I never heard of people being ill from drinking tap water 2. Tap water is fine and clean to wash your car and that. And for having a shower
  8. I have just loaded Viber, which needs to be loaded onto mobile too, and giving this a go for now. I have mixed experience with Whatsapp, I am sure there are people on MF with better knowledge. I see it more for mobile phone users. Incidentally, I realise there is a big Google to look for the answer to my question, but over the past 20 years or so I have found the tech advice on MF has been good, and it's from people I 'know'. Plus there may be issues with a service here rather than in California, or Russia.
  9. Why is that? Tap water was fine for everything back in t' day. Maybe you are in a hardwater area? If I was the head of Isle of Man Water Authority/MU and I saw all those plastic bottles of water in Tesco/Shoprite then I would see a big 'YOU FAIL' sign on every single bottle.
  10. I've been with Skype a long time and have gone with the various directions and it was progressing well, but the takeover by Microsoft seems to be the final straw. It just seems so slow to load and respond. I use Skype in the office and need to use phone numbers for outgoing calls, in preference to the mobile from when the landline was dumped. Not too bothered about video. Any suggestions for alternatives?
  11. When I first saw bottles of water for sale in supermarkets I thought it was a joke. I realised there was Perrier water for posh folk at dinner parties but that was the days of yuppies. Then plastic bottles of plain water went on sale. I couldn't then and I still can't believe it.
  12. For sheer devilness I'd sell the air out the back of our bog window after I've had a night on the Guinness. A bloke from Newcastle became famous for selling sand to the Arabs. He literally made £millions. It later transpired that this was because the sand in Arabland is derived from nuclear explosion or whatever and is rounded and useless for building, but good ol' Geordie sand is from sea shells etc and is jagged and excellent top quality sand for buildings that will last.
  13. Still poor driving. No excuse for it. Grown adults should be able to read the conditions. And having an inoperative windscreen washer as in the case shown is no excuse. The person driving must have known the windscreen washer wasn't working and to use it in mitigation is outrageous. It's all about who you know, eh.
  14. Erm, it very nearly did and lost in Tynwald by the narrowest possible of margins. Speed doesn't cause accidents, per se. Poor driving/riding does. Every single time
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