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  1. This reminds me of the days when a mini van would go round the village with a loud hailer on its roof announcing to our visitors about the Port Erin or Port St Mary Regatta etc. I suppose getting on the top deck of a bus, pissed up and yelling "Fuck Port St Mary" is indicative of how things have become.
  2. Ballaugh is a twat, Then Peel is an arse, St John’s field an armpit All covered in grass To “Fuck Port St Mary” Then a cunt it must be I’ll get on the bus, All the way from Ramsey Pointing out places Such as that pair of tits Snaefell and Barrule, And the River Neb pouring shit
  3. gettafa

    TT 2021 ??

    And it looks like your glass is half empty. (fair points though)
  4. Whatever happened to the old street lights? Were all those 3 legs that were in the auction from them?
  5. gettafa

    TT 2021 ??

    It's not altogether certain who and what drives the classes of the TT these days, just as long as the Island is filled to capacity it's ok. And this past decade or so, that may well have been good enough. Back in the day the Isle of Man TT drove the industry. If a bike was tried and tested on real roads over many laps, then who could ask for a better advert. These days it is more the industry in charge. But as long as the campsites, pubs, B&Bs and restaurants are full it doesn't really matter. Things will have to radically change with the way the world is going, such as more emphasis on the marmite that is the electric bike, full circuit internet broadcasting etc. Then it may survive. The Isle of Man's high;y unique position needs to be seen as an opportunity
  6. The hearing was told the restaurant owner had initially refused to make a statement to police, and customers who’d dealt with Dimitrov that night now had to be traced and might have to quarantine themselves. Little fucker should be banged up too.
  7. Aye, we had cheap stuff here. It's rarely mentioned or admitted to, but a big factor for the holiday industry was the cheap booze available on the Island. Oh, and all day pubs. For many that was paradise. In the 1980s, UK started afternoon pub hours so we lost out there, and we couldn't compete with cheap sangria etc in the sun. We just have to watch the situation in UK and see if there is anything we can offer people that they don't get at home. It looks like the continent, due to Covid and Brexit, is going to be a bit of a no-no.
  8. Oh fuckenell. Car tax up, landowners grants up, roundabouts up etc
  9. Fookin' 'ell slinky, that's a bit severe. I see where you're coming from kinda thing, but it's a bit harsh. So . . folk interested in matters political should be silenced unless they have been elected? I think you have something you need to tell us?
  10. Mr Speaker seems an ok type of person and that little incident probably helped his street cred no end. Pomposity and power are an awful combination.
  11. This from the Isle of Man Examiner last week, £250 fine for drunk and incapable. There was another report on the same page but it wasn't on a bus.
  12. Manx Radio - All Jersey residents are being given £100 each That'll do for me. Isle of Man can do better than that though, I'm sure
  13. It's been a good 'un. I look forward to next year sat on that wall with a pint of Bushy's and the bands playing:
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