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  1. Or the famous Athol Street 'helicopter' (no picture available)
  2. Maybe he was just doing the famous elephant impersonation:
  3. I remember a particular pissed up advocate going off the road there, 20 odd years ago.
  4. Ahh the switchback. Great fun on the motorbike. Oh, if you are going to peg it in a car, use a borrowed car.
  5. Yep, this is the sort of thing. Advocates make £millions (literally) from all these people dying and leaving behind all that wonga, especially when there is a doubtful will but the friendly court can put the required gloss all over it.
  6. Yes. A very specific example and if you really want it with all the proof even your type would need. A neighbour trotted on down to the court case involving the Chief Minister's wife. You know the one. After a couple of days of one of the ushers talking about how a court case is nobody's business but those who are involved, another usher said to my neighboiur that the High Bailiff had been asking who he was and why was he "taking notes". My neighbour replied that he would contact the High Bailiff (the chap Moyle) directly. He wrote a letter apologising to the High Bailiff that he had been brought to his attention, but that he was interested in building and construction law cases and was attending a Foundation Degree in Construction at IoM College, and also that he was interested in the legal system on the Isle of Man, the courts, and political matters on the Isle of Man. The High Bailiff wrote back saying that he had asked no one about the people in the public gallery and that as far as he was concerned the behaviour had been exemplary. (If you really, really want it, I can give you examples of courts being suddenly and unnecessarily adjourned when public entered.)
  7. Divorced but does that have any bearing? Some of the most horrendous paedo crimes on this Island have been committed by 'happily married' men with family.
  8. gettafa

    Drink Driving

    You are Quirky* and I claim my £5. *might be Buster, or David from Ballasalla or Tommy from Douglas.
  9. You have a point of course but only up to a point. Where does keeping matters quiet lead to? It would be the thin end of a very nasty wedge. Incidentally, on a not unrelated subject, the courts on the Isle of Man discourage members of the public from entering, despite the flimsy facade that the courts are open to the public (as they are in all other western civilisations) . It is not unknown for the court ushers to accuse a member of the public of being "nosey" simply because they were interested in a court case. On the Isle of Man it is not unknown for courts to suddenly adjourn when members of the public enter. Secret courts and secret police. The Isle of Man where you can and, well, they do.
  10. I am amazed the cabinet office is so involved in such matters. It's the 'Goebbels with a touch of Kafka' angle. Then I realise this is the Isle of Man and it is just ineptitude that is the concern.
  11. Search and Rescue....multiple road closures....cordons... Maybe it is because the Home Affairs Minister's ladyfriend lives down there and the police had to go OTT and then some.
  12. Good post Derek, but you blew it with your last sentence. It's one of the stock answers with IoM Gov and it's agencies.
  13. The trial carried out in public is notional only. This is the Isle of Man we're talking about. ( eg I know members of the public who have entered a court's public gallery only to have the deemster hurriedly adjourn. Multiple occasions) They wouldn't have got away with it in Esther's day. Which brings me nicely to: And I would suggest, that the problem here may well be that we have our first local Chief Constable rather than someone brought in from the UK.
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