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  1. Ah, I see. I know particularly of a south based one. The peppered backside was more middle.
  2. From the husband of the interrupted courtee.
  3. Backside got peppered with gunshot during the escape is the story.
  4. Has Pierrot Lunaire, The Sick Moon etc..etc..died?
  5. That's a lot of pension payout to come too. Totally unsustainable but the great VAT rip-off has put enough in reserves to line 'em up for plundering it.
  6. There were some hefty pay-offs during the merger too. One or two thought all their Christmas' had come at once and to this day they can't wipe the grin off their faces.
  7. The Chief Minister, to be fair, is not known for his level of intelligence or ability. Chris Thomas provides the very much needed illusion of someone who knows what they are doing, and is being shovelled all the stuff others can't understand or deal with. As a point of reference the 'Father of the House' is Credgie Cregeen.
  8. When people fail to stop and/or they are found in a stolen car, make the little darlings pay for all the damage they have caused. If they don't have enough money then make them work for it or take away their possessions and sell them at the auction. But in any case, put them in a proper prison, the most severe possible that can be got away with under Human Rights Laws (Hey, make a TV series on it). That's my way of dealing with such matters. No need for any DFE grants, and it can be used for any crime where the scrotes knowingly break the law, but especially theft.
  9. It had to happen, if only to try and cover up the fiasco/fraud/shenanigans of the MEA. Quayle used the argument that water and electricity don't mix. And not in some figurative way or anything. He was absolutely ernest. It was as if he thought the electricity and water would be going down the same pipes or something. Anyway, Howard is our Chief Minister now and he must surely have been given a brain transplant or something to reach that dizzy height..
  10. It's a pity the scrotes don't get the bill for vehicle repair and other damage.
  11. £95k is £95k, dress it up however you want. If you claim you don't know what the establishment is, the chances are you are a part of it. Who? What? How? try going to the Villa Marina on any 4th July for the Tynwald Banquet as a good starting point. I would point out that the establishment (the definition of which is rather nebulous depending on context and your ability/desire to understand) interferes with all our daily life, although I have to say not necessarily detrimentally.
  12. Doesn't the government now have a team of these carbon emission wallahs with a view to decreasing emissions by 2050? Now that is a job for life.
  13. This leads me on to another point. When you consider the longest serving member of House of Keys is.....Graham Cregeen MHK, then I wonder if Manx Radio generally was becoming far too knowledgeable about local politics and indeed local life in general. With so many of the House of Keys (and LegCo) these days being know-it-all newcomers to the Island (that is not intended as an insult, just a simple straightforward observation) there was a danger that the tail was wagging the dog. Manx Radio - let's get it dumbed-down and make those pesky presenters more do their DJ record spinning job rather than dabble too much in things Manx and politic. £95k will sort it. ...and job done.
  14. Thing is Stu, if you're not part of the inner clique with tentacles into the establishmnet and your not the sort of guy who can be a little got at, you ain't gonna be got at, in any form. Hence maybe that is one reason why you were shifted from what was becoming a very popular daytime Mandate.
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