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  1. gettafa

    P.O Strike Begins.

    Whither on the vine, my rebel ass. The ex-miners have never had it so good. They have done very well from white-finger to bad back compo claims, the money has been rolling in. Plenty of decent work for all. If they had all remained down t'pit they would have lungfuls of coal dust by now and probably 6ft under with it. Many realise this of course. Anyway, back to the post office - my Private Eye is late. There is little correlation between Isle of Man Post Office and the carpet-bagged Royal Mail plc. That union guy needs to realise this.
  2. gettafa

    Nobles hospital

    Quoted for posterity. Mrs Scott was no more than a firewall to fend off complaints. Insidious and stubborn in her methods, fobbing people off from their complaints and wriggling off the hook. Her sidekick in the management suite was as bad, but I would add smug with it.
  3. gettafa

    Richmond hill

    Potentially possibly yes, but in actual fact not. Mainly because it is closed to visitors weekends.
  4. gettafa

    Richmond hill

    This is the sort of thing that happens when egotistical fools are elected to represent our interests. The just bed in with the people pulling the strings. And that ain't the taxpayer. We even allow some of them to be called ministers and allow them even more to overflow with their own self-importance. Richmond Hill added to Iris. MEA. etc The stories are all the same.
  5. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    I take it that is the one just read. A decent reply.
  6. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    They spent a king's ransom refurbishing the place as a state of the art radio station, which served nicely to make sure they keep their room with a view for a few more years. Technology moves quickly and the next refurb will probably be in one of the industrial estates or in bleak cellar somewhere. Come on, it's only a radio station. 3fm do ok from, erm somewhere? That Manx Radio place on Douglas Promenade was actually in a nifty spot, to be fair.
  7. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    If anyone is rubbing Charles Guard up the wrong way, they must be doing something right. He does rather represent the higher echelons of the establishment.
  8. gettafa

    Has the Ben got new engines?

    Non-exec director, whatever. He would have the interests of the customer at heart and not profit, profit, profit. (I can't believe I said that about an advocate...)
  9. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    I've nothing personally against CG but I saw some of the accolades he received for the award. Eg from his bf the ex-deemster. Oh, I'm sniggering and scoffing like a good'un alright.
  10. gettafa

    Has the Ben got new engines?

    Dum......Dum.......dat.dat.dat.dat doo...do.do...dooo "The next contestant is a Mr Wright, who desrivbes himself as a semi-retired Manx Advocate, his specialist subject is The Isle of Man Steam Packet" Seriously though John, I hope you are considering a role in the new set-up somewhere.
  11. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    **snigger** Note to self: don't ask dili for a character reference.
  12. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    That is so woolly as to be meaningless. There are far too many up their own arse people proclaiming they or someone else is the great Manxman/women ever because,.....they were an MHK, or a musician, or whatever.
  13. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    Part 2 ends: " Mr Thomas has been instructed to go to the BBC to see if he can get money from them". Howards 'external brain' seems to get an awful lot of work to do.
  14. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    But that van is looking tatty (I bet they get a new van rather than a new decal. It's only taxpayers' money).
  15. gettafa

    Sexual Offences Bill 2019

    The only thing that politicians do to be popular is the stuff they do before an election. Then they get bedded in with the system and all that goes with it..