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  1. You've hit the nail right on the head there. Now, it is defined, could the racists all raise a hand please. What - there are none, but . . . but there are loads of them aren't there? The word is used so pejoratively in the extreme and yet it is used so often. Willy nilly. It is losing all meaning. Once you start calling people racist then you may as well stop as the argument is lost.
  2. You will have difficult finding anyone in Tynwald who will agree with that. They are all now fully paid members of the club and even Robertshaw, the oil and gas explorer, knows which side his bread is heavily buttered.
  3. And therein lies the crux of the whole question. Who the fuckety fuck fuck is representing our interests and speaking for us all? I'll tell you who the fuck is - some faceless highly paid penpushing smarmy (by definition) civil servant. Other than that I haven't a clue who he is.
  4. gettafa

    Flat Earth?

    Like Mr Gates, Mr Youtube can do whatever he likes. For example, remove stuff and that if he so wishes. He is like a supermoderator/owner of a forum site.
  5. First opinions are: The guy is an utter knacker: I'm happy to be proved wrong but anyone wo sucks onto the supposed reputation of their parents is an utter knacker. And as for: ". . . . blue chip companies. . . ". Oh come on pal. Fuck off. ETA: That website is a hoot. Well worth a glance through. Actually @Roger Mexico that is hardly military music. The first few bars maybe, but I suppose that is where everyone turns it off. It is more Gunfight at the OK Caroll or whatever it is. I'll let @La Colombe do the honours.
  6. Like many, she knew, of course. It's just no one has dared tell the emperor he's bollock naked. Well actually he wasn't, not until he started trying to worm himself out of it. Up until then he was wearing a paper thin metaphorical dressing gown type thing or whatever. With the collars turned up at the ends. That video is up there with the 'secret door' one at the press conference pre-BBC Panorama event .
  7. To be fair, the question is a bit of an interesting catch 22. Asking the monkey why the organ grinder is controlling him?
  8. Howard was rattled. The troops rallied around him though. They all know which side their bread is buttered. He had a few 'bants' at the end there, and I think nearly invited Chris Robertshaw to pop over the hedge and have a nifter. Juan can come along too. And the rest. Not that Mrs Beecroft though. Oh no.
  9. gettafa

    MLC in court for data protection breaches

    Of course you didn't.
  10. gettafa

    MLC in court for data protection breaches

    Well that's twisted that then, hasn't it. It was the defence' fault all along.
  11. gettafa

    MLC in court for data protection breaches

    I want to read through the judgment, but it looks like a scatter gun approach. Chuck in everything including the kitchen sink. Wing it on the day. Charm the judge over or 'whatever'. It looks like the Deputy High Bailiff don't take no shit. I wish there were some of late that were the same. Maybe she is trying to salvage the reputation of the Isle of Man courts, and indeed the whole Isle of Man legal system.
  12. gettafa

    MLC in court for data protection breaches

    121. 122. for a start.
  13. gettafa

    MLC in court for data protection breaches

    This is the sort of thing that goes on in the civil courts, particularly when the advocates had their pet deemster hearing the case. It would appear the bonanza might be getting curtailed a little.