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  1. gettafa

    The budget

    The 2019 Budget: This is the year that the Landowners' grants are to be reviewed. Don't do anything that would upset the plebs. Throw them some crumbs. Then the truly rich can continue to receive huge sums of government money for owning land. Watch 'This Space
  2. gettafa

    Cut & paste

    Oh and I'd wish they's stfu saying stuff about reinventing the wheel. Another use of a cliche to cover stuff up. We're talking about a heath service here.
  3. gettafa

    Pubs closing

    ( ^ I don't think anyone wants to run it as a pub) So is the situation then, that the brewery want the building changed to residential use but the planners rejected the application saying the evidence ’was insufficient to justify the loss of the public house’. Does that evidence include the brewery's own covenant?
  4. gettafa

    Manx Gas profits Officially too high

    Or chucking money at the TT. A monopoly . . . on an Island . . . does not need to advertise. Gets rid of plenty of cash though.
  5. gettafa

    Manx Gas profits Officially too high

    Manx Gas is a business like any other except they have easy and unfettered access to members of the government. The loyalties of our MHKs are clear. And those loyalties aren't to the people who put them on their 5 year ego trip.
  6. gettafa

    Manx Gas profits Officially too high

    Bring back Quirkie, he could run rings around Manx Gas.
  7. gettafa

    Planning Appeals

    His Stepford wife?
  8. gettafa

    'Nothing to hide' says chief minister on tax

    You must be on the Gov intranet or whatever. The full link isn't pasted:
  9. gettafa

    Cut & paste

    To people from down South etc, anything past the proverbial Watford Gap is all a mish-mash of 'up north', so Wigan...Isle of Man..Wigan, it's pretty much the same.
  10. gettafa

    Man (Child?) to face rape charges!

    Historical context? In 1921 a starving 8 year old boy was birched for stealing a loaf of bread.
  11. gettafa

    Cut & paste

    It was only the one particular sexual act he was concerned with and that was the one that meant his Sharon couldn't sit down for a week.
  12. gettafa

    Cut & paste

    edited . . .
  13. gettafa

    Cut & paste

    To be fair, I can see why I am not a highly paid civil servant. If I was at one of these committees and someone questioned me and I hadn't a clue how to get out of it, I would simply say "fucked if I know?"
  14. gettafa

    Cut & paste

    Go to 1:40:30 where Chris Robertshaw MHK raises the prickly subject of using examples from the Wigan strategy despite the Department suggesting it is in touch with the Island's population. There is an awkward silence and this is where Speaker Watterson takes up the issue. But there is more to all this than the Wigan thingy, the Department seems to be mightily proud of its high levels of highly paid meeting goers.
  15. gettafa

    Cut & paste

    I was in the civil service and had a boss who would tell the staff that he would always back them no matter what. It was reassuring to know. It was his management style and one that is often used, and it can work well if you have staff you can rely on That style shouldn't cross over to politicians. They are there to represent the interests of the public, not the interests of their new besties in the government employ who butter them up at every opportunity. Give Speaker Watterson his due for his excellent chairing and questioning of the Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive at the Public Accounts Committee. http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/listen/AgainFiles/pachsc190213a.mp3