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  1. You leave them alone. Athol Street makes a fortune out of them. Probate has been an utter gold mine on this Island, by fair means and particularly foul, for a long time and no one dare pick them up on it. Come on in you old folk, but 'specially if you is rich, and you don't have too many, or any at all, relatives. You will find a charmer or two on Athol Street for sure to look after you when you is gone.
  2. Everything will be ok. Howard is going on Manx Radio being chatted at by Andy Wint today.
  3. Well yes it does. It's easy to be flippant, and when I were a lad we 'ad a Christmas tree and a dozen measly lights that rarely worked anyway. These days there's a reindeer and Santa the size of the house lit up with 1kw of coloured lighting. Literally can be seen from space. Multiply that by a million or so. Ok, not massive when compared to the big big world, bit it is not insignificant. And that is the point. Lots of factors. Lots and lots, and many that few care or know about. Probably because to them they are meaningless and insignificant, but multiplied by millions and more, it becomes a different story. The earth has been around a long time. It and its resources and integrity aren't infinite. But to see that, one has to take their eyes off their computer screen/TV etc, and their head oot o' their arse. That's the difficult bit. But my life is ok Jack.
  4. The pollution one is simple enough. And global warming is surely as simple. Suddenly mankind is burning loads of stuff that has been sitting rather inert and content for a long time. Coal and wood and oil and that, and other stuff. Loads of it. All that energy is being released and converted into heat. It has to make some sort of a difference to an enclosed space like the planet. I can't see how that can be denied.
  5. Hah, kinda reminds me of December 1981 when one of Athol Street's finest did a runner to Spain in a Learjet and left his Rolls Royce on the runway at Ronaldsway. He got away with it too, and all the bags of people's stolen money.
  6. Interesting stuff. Just to confirm, where is this from? Who are the parties?
  7. Yes, but the powers that be, do that 'manx' thing and write off and ignore everything that Buster says because he is 'a nutter'. It works a treat. There needs to be regular questions in House of Keys as to what and how is going on.
  8. It's from a wiki link, and ICBA looking further an more reliable: In 2006, Rodan, then Minister of Health and Social Security, was instrumental in enfranchising 16 and 17 year olds when he moved a successful amendment to Clause 3 of the Registration of Electors Bill, a piece of legislation intended to provide for the rolling registration of electors, resulting in the lowering of the voting age.
  9. Good post John, but I think the authorities realise that that sort of stuff is just laughed at as complete and utter trite bs. ie the big tin of turd polish has completely run out. "Best to say nought. It will go away quietly. "
  10. A fair enough post Roger. Of course there are benefits to democracy generally. I am not against voting for 16-year-olds per se. My point was why did Tynwald (ie Steve Rodan OBE) do this other than as a cheap gimmick. Regarding your point [1]. That is concerning that the voting record is available, even for limited inspection (I have worked as an election clerk and realise the system) for this sort of purpose. I thought the correlation to counterfoils was for such as fraud purposes. While we are on the subject and, only a little off-topic, this reminds me of the teenage girl in Douglas East who proudly went to vote with Mum and Dad, only to find her vote had been Busterised. As she told the court "I was shocked and disappointed, it was my first time voting..and it will be my last". Not for the first time that day, there were a few eyes welled up in Court Number 3.
  11. Don't bother with insurance. It's far too expensive these days. If you get away with it for a few months you're always going to be quids in as the fine is a fraction of the cost of insurance and what you have saved.
  12. Edgar Mann and Charlie Farley Kerruish had shared the seats for Garff for 10 years (and Charlie had held his seat for 30 years before that) when Edgar was elevated to Legislative Council. But I suppose to prove some sort of point he resigned to fight the General Election in 1986 (as noted by John ^) . But Garff had become a single seat constituency and so he went head to head for it. There's only ever going to be one winner there and Charlie's seat had his name all over it, although it wasn't an absolute walkover. Not one to give up, Edgar Mann went for the by-election in Onchan a couple of years later but did not win. He got his chance back home in Garff when Charlie Kerruish went MLC. Edgar give it a couple of years before going back upstairs himself.
  13. I'm not far behind you TT. I'm not a spliffer per se but I'm sat nicely here in front of a roaring fire and I just might crack that Christmas whisky bottle. Much as it pains me, I have to say it is all a lot more desirable than the grotty pub these days. I used to love the Friday after work pub but it has been maybe 15 years since ICBA with it. Ah well.
  14. Socialise. Mmmm, ok. A generalisation of course but: There's nothing worse than having a night out when the pub suddenly becomes full with the drink at home mob, pre-loaded pissed up, who go out to the pub near the end of the night 'for the atmosphere' which they have not been a part of forming and who in effect have been slowly killing it off anyway. (Multiply that effect for the coke heads, they are a real pain in a pub atmosphere). The spliff heads are somewhere in between, but in any case usually on a different planet, but still in a world of their own.
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