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  1. gettafa

    Man waves knob at traffic

    Yes. I was looking forward to an-depth discussion on the merits or otherwise of the various approaches to nob waving in public.
  2. gettafa

    Man waves knob at traffic

    Another serious and intellectual discussion thread on manxforums descends into schoolboy bickering
  3. gettafa

    Man waves knob at traffic

    It is standard etiquette that waving knob around should only be done when making the 'woo-woo' noise. As discussed previously on manxforums.
  4. Makes as much sense as £290+£26= £316
  5. It is odd, but no odder than suggesting that it is ok to dubiously 'lose' money if the net result from a certain perspective means that even more money was gained, but not apparently dubiously. And I just thought I'd introduce a bit of Godwin's law, kill two birds with one stone type of thing.
  6. gettafa

    Mallett's Mallet

  7. What an odd equation to make. (link is for FT subscribers only btw) Why not say...I dunno...Hitler didn't kill any Jews really because there were lots, lots more born after the war that easily makes up for it.
  8. The Isle of Man at the highest levels (and by that I don't necessarily mean politicians, obviously, as they are just the willing pawns presented to the public) is a scheming cesspit of corruption and high greed. There are people shat on, shafted and conned in such a process. Provided that the net effect is that the Island overall makes money, then that is ok?
  9. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    The management of Manx Radio, and to an extent every single employee, should be ashamed of themselves making a loss, especially considering the level of subvention. But in this day and age lots of companies make losses and the directors still get hugely paid, don't they, so hey, what's the problem, we'll just keep swaggering around as if it is normal to be part of such an expensive loss making (ie failing) organisation?
  10. gettafa

    Things you couldn't make up

    "The Chief Minister has insisted his attendance at UK political party conferences does pay dividends." He can actually find a politician to be pictured with that makes him look smartly dressed.
  11. Knackers need to be strung up. There needs to be a thorough inquiry. Where did all the money go.
  12. You are, I hope, fucking joking. (and Moyle was never a deemster btw, he seemed to be a decent bloke)
  13. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    Man (and his mates) down the coffee shop with a grudge
  14. Roly Drower cases were heard by Deemster Kerruish.
  15. Interesting. Misconduct in public office in UK can result in life imprisonment. Isle of Man? Results in promotion and a wedge pay rise?