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  1. Or whoever. The point being it was DJ music. Not a band. (Damn, I'm getting into a silly Dili argument)
  2. Get your calculator out and work out how many miles of the course are covered for each rider killed. At a guess, say 10,000 miles.
  3. So, it was 2 DJs. And to answer the question the musicians actually were the Rolling Stones. And Status Quo. And Meatloaf. et al. I could hear it from my work and thought it better than the usual.
  4. Yes, the phrase is galling. The op makes a good point but then screws it up with the oblique reference to junkies and alcoholics. But anyway, imagine doing something you love and then it all goes horribly wrong - what are your last dying thoughts?
  5. I am aware that there is more to this story than the perpetrator tried to make out during his 15 seconds of TV fame. Incidentally, a rolled up newspaper is a particularly effective impromptu weapon. as good as a thick stick.
  6. ie act like normal human beings
  7. Even limiting the bikes to 250cc won't see much difference in casualty rates but it would allow tehnology and skill to play a bigger part.
  8. I wonder if there will be some sort of addendum. Like the 7th episode. The catchup. It's all TV entertainment after all. "Where are they now" sort of thing. The knacker that is Moorhouse (always better than Gawne though - always) didn't need to ask 20 questions (hey, I've just thought of a Radio Quiz show name). He just needed to ask one simple question. One. Why?
  9. I'll stand corrected, taking all the back lanes etc and only to the nearest point of the schools. 1.03 miles: 1.3km:
  10. Wot you been on tonight laaa?
  11. The 'play' arrow makes Bob look like he's wearing a dickie bow. It flashes red when you run the mouse into the Youtube box.
  12. On that there Isle of Man you get locked up for just hitting your Mum with the Hello! magazine. I saw it on the telly.
  13. 1.05 miles But there is a fair point being made. Obesity, diet and all that xBox stuff. We can't have it both ways. Snowflakes abound.
  14. The staff see the Governor and his right hand man splashed over the TV screen and hamming it up for the oh so important TV crews, they must wonder where the lines are. In allowing for this entirely unnecessary TV show, the Governor has lost all contact with dignity, and it seems, control.
  15. Esther worked for both Manx Radio and the newspapers.
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