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  1. I don't want to knock it as such. It's just not my cup of tea. Obviously some people (Ben's mum for example?) do like it. It's that they (ie Alex 'I'm a jolly good laugh' Brindley) replaced the news and current affairs with this stuff. And it must be so much easier to spin a disc than it is to get 3 minutes 20 seconds of interview with a government minister or whatever.
  2. There'll be a few who haven't been on the Island for quite a while. Keeping a foot on the ground here for medical care and emergency or just this very situation. Come one come all. ETA: there will of course be others who have been caught out in circumstances they had little control over.
  3. Well I tuned in at 07:30 this morning as I am sure many people did waiting for any latest news. It was actually quite good, a bit like the Morning Mandate was. They dusted off the old Beth kicked her out of bed early and exchanged her for the Stepford Wife they surely keep in a cupboard up there for the afternoon show There was a bit of Covid news and stuff, and business news too. No word of Ben's Banger or Hartley Hideaway or any of that carry on. They managed until 8 minutes to 8:00 before they blew it, throwing on a record (Ed Sheeran), which was my cue to switch to BBC Radio4. Maybe they could force a half hour of just news and current affairs with no frivolity and DJing. Say 7:30 - 8:00.
  4. I had a parcel arrive on the Tuesday after languishing all weekend in the UK warehouse from the Friday. Which I suppose I have to take on the chin. They phoned me on Wednesday and said they could deliver the following Monday. I wanted to say expletives, but just easier to go and pick it up. Which if course was a result for Manx Independent Carriers. It's often worth considering paying the sender the extra to have the item delivered all the way.
  5. gettafa


    Nice one John. People calling this current situation a war-footing only serve to diminish all that people went through during those times. This made me think of something I was told by someone who had served in the Army: "The most important part of a soldiers survival equipment is . . . a brew kit". I thought it was a bit of a light-hearted joke at the time, but with a little thought I got it.
  6. A (true) fable. When I were a spotty youth I worked with a plumber down south. He had one main competitor and the two of them would battle it out for work. As soon as one got his pension he simply used it to be able to reduce his prices and get more work and deprive his rival. It's a funny old world.
  7. The advice has got to stop. Law and enforcement is what is required because of the stupid/selfish/stupid/ignorant minority.
  8. Jollies and holidays , cruises, skiing, buying second homes abroad (amazing how many of our CS have those) etc. All in the past and just a memory I would suggest. Reality hasn't kicked in yet. There is likely to be a huge levelling from government controlled expenditure - ALL expenditure including salaries and pensions. Coronavirus/Emergency Measure will trump everything including employment contracts. The private sector will be self-levelling and that process has of course begun. It's a big subject. ETA: (This should be in the Corona Virus thread, but maybe best to keep it tucked away)
  9. gettafa


    It's certainly very similar and the lawyers would be all over it like a rash these days. For a forensic comparison we would need @The Sick Moon or one of their alias. They liked to see themselves as a bit of a music buff (I think TSM must have copped their wack, the ultimate ban hammer?)
  10. Stu Peters speaking utter sense, (I didn't say "for once" that would be churlish) although I would say that the VAT over-payment money is sloshing about to this very day. The over-payments may have stopped but the mighty spend goes on and on and on, until it runs out or maybe the odd £million or so rattling about. Of course this virus episode is going to somewhat curtail the government 's hedonistic endeavours.
  11. gettafa


    Youtube link ^^^ is broken, this one ok:
  12. Anything can happen. Islands might become particularly desirable locations to live. Although by that time £25 million might buy a loaf of bread.
  13. Actually the time was nearly 9 years ago when the phrase appeared on election manifestos, and then again 5 years later. Statistics show government has grown bigger and of course somewhat dumber. We have become immune to the phrase and it is a standard throwaway homily to be seen on manifestos next year. It does sound rather good though and is a sure vote catcher. Seriously though, what does that mean and how do you make a government smarter - answer by voting 'me' in. No one ever got a vote by saying make government thicker and bigger.
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