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  1. Maybe the Manx Liberation Army or the Fool Hallo are going to reemerge, but I heard they were all too ensconced into the post yuppy way of life in the Finance Sector and that.
  2. thommo, our kid, could you please hazard a guess as to how many minutes said basketball player has featured on the BBC* this past 10 years (excluding today of course). I bet my guess is nearer than yours. * eta: and Manx Radio, naturally
  3. Yes they do. On the Isle of Man we have a very low rate of repeat crimes and imprisonment. I can't prove that because the figures aren't really available, but it was suggested on a telly documentary so it must be true.
  4. My bad then. Admittedly I don't have a TV but I do listen to a lot of radio. and follow sport down t'pub. Ah well.
  5. You sound like a Russian hitman telling us about the height of the famous tourist attraction Salisbury Cathedral to which he has just visited.
  6. Douglas Promenade - the new poisoned chalice/shitty stick
  7. All very sad of course, but apart from maybe a mod and one other mf user, I doubt anyone else has heard of this chap, They certainly couldn't pick him out in a line up. Not really Local News of course, but I head something on Manx Radio this morning.
  8. What would people have said 30 years ago if they were told that the day would come when they couldn't board a plane without having their luggage and them scanned, no liquids, no tweezers etc. The terrorists are winning.
  9. It's a good question. The Isle of Man Government needs to get on top of this now rather than get into bed with the contractor and put out the usual homily that everything is fine. It looks like Quayle and his CoMin buddies have found a fall guy in Tim Baker.
  10. As the old saying goes: ..trust me I'm a doctor
  11. yeah, about right. How can you get it wrong on abortion when we were so far behind UK. I think he enjoyed the buzz from that, and not satisfied with resting on the laurels is going for another similar buzz.
  12. Mary Lou, I'm fucking dis custard because you won't marry me.
  13. Fair enough. But it's who was attempting to bring this through Tynwald, and the way it was being done that is my point. The abortion matter was IoM catching up with UK. That's a different matter. It couldn't really fail. This latest trend is from an ego-bound newbie who happens to have more O'Levels and is seemingly smarter than some of the rest of them. It's a big subject and I don't feel that Tynwald has the depth and breadth to offer much wisdom to the world on the matter, let alone Westminster.
  14. Good post hs. I don't know the answer but I do know that I would not want our politicians and especially this one having a say on whether I or any of my family live or die. With some tentative law to refer to I've seen the results of those with power on this Island taking over the mantle of god and it isn't pleasant. It's a mighty subject and I certainly wouldn't want it being manipulated and manoeuvred by an ego bound quack come politician I know little about and have no particular reason to have much respect for.
  15. Yep, and not hanging about in yer undies for the past few pints in a hot swetty pub or whatever. These tough guys in pub bogs who when they see someone washing their hands after a pee say "did you piss on your hands". (is this thread going a bit off-topic?)
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