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  1. I think it is fair to say you don't believe there was an ambush, but to describe the not unreasonable suggestion that it was an ambush as conspiracy paranoia is unnecessarily divisive. And makes you look a bit of a fool.
  2. gettafa

    Fancy a pint?

    Generally, yeah. Why not add Wednesday to that. Thursday too. And Sunday.
  3. gettafa

    Fancy a pint?

    There seems to be a few pubs closed Monday and Tuesday and other hours to suit. I suppose fair enough, the brewery are adjusting. Lockdown seems to have accelerated the numbers of people taking to the(dubious?) attraction of a £10 carry out and Netflix on the sofa.
  4. Howard Quayle is on all week 11:30am providing his favourite tunes and that a la Desert Island Discs sort of thing Oh, I can just hear @Uhtred shouting at the radio from here.
  5. There has to be irony... tongue in cheek... a snigger... something in there but I just can't see it.
  6. Hey, they had Lego® pieces specially made (MTTV interview). That would go straight to the top of my CV.
  7. Incidentally, there were MHKs clapped as they strode back to the church from the hill. Which is fair enough, it can't be denied this past few months have been tough.
  8. My point being is that there is a way to resolve a problem. People did it wrong. They took perhaps an adversarial approach. They complained to CC to give that Stu Peters a metaphorical bloody nose and get him sacked. If these people (I don't know how to address them just now) have a reasonable and valid concern (I am not doubting they do) then they are going about it wrong. If they are looking for sympathy and/or support, then the way they are going about things they are only going to get it from people with similar chips on their should against society, and silly woke girls.
  9. .....if only for them to get that Stu Peters sacked. When are you going to criticise these as yet anonymous but highly self-important people for the way they went about things.
  10. For reasons I am not sure, I stumbled across this link. Cheers kevster. Give it a click. A good laugh and tonic indeed
  11. A rolling system of arrival quarantine, testing and tagging could work. The infrastructure is there. The Isle of Man could be showing the world. The virus isn't going away anytime soon.
  12. I've worked for less than minimum wage at times, when I've put in a price that has been too low. I just accept it, I needed the work and it had to be done. Better than nothing.
  13. Exactly. He's drawing on a stereotype and making a parody of it. It's a fine line to balance though and it's only visitors who might - and its a big might - be upset if there is any suggestion of a piss-take, so they can't know. And he's got to keep 'Jonny' going right on, the whole fortnight.
  14. Oh come on, Mossy is very much tongue in cheek. Give the guy a break!
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