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  1. gettafa

    Me too

    I'm not pro Lib Van as such, but I am glad there is someone like Kate in Tynwald. Rather than a stuffed shirt/frock with their mouths stuffed with gold and gourmet buffets.
  2. To be fair, "we can land a man on the moon" analogies are already so passé
  3. gettafa

    Me too

    Kate Beecroft is saying "the Chief Secretary is not the right person to lead an investigation into an accusation of institutional bullying against the Education Minister." Manx Radio link That is more than a fair point in the current situation with Credgie the Wedgie. Hardly grandstanding. She raised the matter of bullying back in May: Former health minister hits out at hospital bullying culture I think you are being disingenuous in your post, our sid. Can you really blame her for raising the subject.
  4. Some of them are pretty good I have to say. Some enjoy a cosy chat with the Tynwald celebrities.
  5. Ramsey was particularly hard done by when those flats were built in the 1970s. Ramsey was promised the earth and all that happened was it just got a lot shitter. In the name of greed and the money men. There are a number of factors of course but I would say any decline in Ramsey can be traced back to when the monstrosity was built. Maybe it's a case of once bitten twice shy. Which is a great shame, but I can't blame the er, pitchfork wavers.
  6. The gag is usable for any of the teams. And to be fair, with the Tynwald lot they are by definition pulling together in the direction of the 'Party by Patronage' and the establishment, and all having a jolly good time too.
  7. That may as be, but I surely know as much as he.
  8. Perhaps you should put in a petition on Tywnald Day that the Isle of Man government should declare which sire of the fence it sits on this. Because at the moment I think you are being discriminated against for your beliefs. ECHR and all that. The flat earth society has branches all around the globe, is there a branch on t'Isle of Man?
  9. Just thought I'd take the opportunity to say: I have never been in a jewellers in my life. Other than Christmas there never seems to be anyone in the shops.
  10. Can we just look at that the other way a second: So it would take as many people to run a full service radio station with 85,000 potential listeners as it does for 8,500 or 850. Or to go further and to emphasize the point...85 people.
  11. Well there is plenty more where this has has come from. The Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers have found someone who has more than a couple of brain cells to rub together and he is being given the shit sticks to try and clean and then shake at the plebs.
  12. The Government's very own PR/spin doctor.
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