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  1. 'Manxness' is just about irrelevant these days when it comes to Tynwald members. Well, for example the President of Tynwald is a dyed in the wool swetty. It used to be that if you hadn't been to Silverdale on a Sunday School Anniversary picnic you didn't have a chance. These days many of the import politicians would simply have such places concreted over and made into yuppie/taxdodger homes, let alone know where it was
  2. The phrase is grammatically correct.
  3. gettafa


    Milners Tower has faired pretty well (although it had a good makeover about 20 years ago).
  4. No. I am blaming that fact that it was a poor job in the first place on Gawne. The current resurfacing fiasco is just a manifestation of the poor redesign/relaying/resurfacing and poor workmanship etc. carried out under his 'watch' (and you know it).
  5. Yep exactly, when was the original Great Richmond Hill road layout carried out. You know, when there was that massive car park put there for the Old Horses place, and all that. That was Phil's 'watch'. Minister 2010, 2011, etc Here's an exmple MF clip from 2010 but there are many, many more. There shouldn't be a need for last year's resurface if the job had been done correctly in the first place. It was never right, such as the surface causing cars to aquaplane etc
  6. Well I blame the Minister at the time. The buck stops there doesn't it? Except it doesn't. This is the Isle of Man. Phil Gawne wasn't it? Well I don't know how many roads contractors there are on the Isle of Man but Phil can bank on their votes when he stands again to get back on the Tynwald gravy train.
  7. From an incident in March, but for the record: Manx Radio: Town centre fight duo appear in court
  8. So the Health Services are likely going to be placed under the auspices of the almighty Cabinet Office. This newly conjured up arm of Government is like a catch all thingymajig, just shove it in and let Minister Chris Thomas do his catatonia inducing speeches on it and it will be ok.
  9. Ah.. the old 'joke'... excuse. "I was only trying to wind you up"..."bants" etc. Bullying is bullying. Nothing whatsoever to do with discipline or even what you term 'beasted'. Nothing whatsoever.
  10. Yep, bullying is probably more abundant in the armed forces than anywhere. Doesn't make it right or necessary though.
  11. It takes a lot of confidence to be able to leave a job you have worked hard to get in the first place. And it becomes a near impossibility when you have mortgage and family to look after...etc The bully realises this of course and it's win-win for them. Stay and you get bullied the more. Leave, and they've won, and there will be another soul on the way to bully.
  12. Manx Radio: MHK calls for Chief Minister to resign
  13. Surely Mrs Beecroft was trying to do something - hence the boot from your pal.
  14. Although not health services, I've experienced bullying in the workplace. The bullies were people who had somehow been placed well above their station. People below them soon found out that for the sake of their jobs and for the sake of some respite from the bullying, it was easier to stay quiet and never expose the inadequacies of the bullies. Ever. The bullies had been placed there by like minded individuals who had similarly found themselves in a position way above their true abilities, and a job similarly with power over others.
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