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  1. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    Well, it seems Tynwald members can give a nod and a wink to get their gaffs removed from Hansard.
  2. gettafa

    Manx students go on strike

    Jono's biggest asset was that he wasn't Robertshaw.
  3. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    Give us some free publicity and you can makes loads and loads of money, sort of thing. Sounds about right.
  4. gettafa

    Manx students go on strike

    Well that is a good starting point to think. One or two would be quite feasible. Jon Joughin was elected in Douglas East with 159 votes. They'd soon learn of course how much power they would have to change the world or indeed anything else (about zero). Even if there were 24 kiddie MHKs.
  5. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    Listen, can we stop posting and re-posting big pictures of Rob Callister on Manx Forums. I m not sure if I would rather see that picture of hippopotamii-esque people wallowing in a hot tub.
  6. gettafa

    Manx students go on strike

    It can't be stopped. The all-seeing politically astute and incisive President of Tynwald Steve Rodan has let the genie out of the bottle. To stop 'em voting the Government would need to give all day free Blue WKD in the 6th form room to keep the kids away from the polling stations. Mind you, they would probably suss out postal votes and party on down all day.
  7. gettafa

    Manx students go on strike

    Every kid attending that protest will have a vote as equal as anybody's in 2021 General Election. In fact many of them now. Once they realise that, then expect more of this, except with a bit of power behind it. If a Douglas MHK can get elected with less than a couple of hundred votes then you can expect a schoolkid or at least somehow forced to be sympathetic to their cause to be voted in. That's democracy. Oh, and Steve Rodan needs a right royal rogering for introducing votes for 16-year-olds which btw no one asked for,except his own ego.But who knows, maybe these kids could bring a better form of democracy and government to the Island.
  8. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    I have always found those Manx Radio ear pieces very useful and have no problem. They are AM. It's just blokes shouting pseudo-excitedly down a microphone and motorbikes making a noise. AM is fine.
  9. gettafa

    Lost battle

    These druggie types that get caught dealing. They will have been doing it for yonks and getting away with it, flooding our Island with shit. This is just the time they got caught.
  10. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    My names Ron. Let's talk about me.
  11. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    Oh come on flf, comparing LBC with Manx Radio is a bit ridiculous: Eddie Mair, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage et al. My guests from UK and further afield listen to Talking Heads/Mannin Line and find them very entertaining. Andy Wint likes to reword the emails and txts on the fly and make them lose all meaning, or just refuse to read them out at all, but Stu Peters and indeed Roger Watterson read them out as is (except if they are obviously too close to the knuckle or contain foul language). The voice of the people. You should phone in with your own thoughts. And Buster is magic, with the added spice of Quirkie. You couldn't write some of that stuff. Do 3fm do a phone-in?
  12. gettafa

    Manx Radio

    Aye but LightBulb was being ironic, that is clear.
  13. gettafa

    IOM Examiner Subscribe to on-line

    There does appear to he an element of truth there. Especially the arts grants. I love it when someone on the committee declares an interests. It's a virtual guarantee their friend is going to receive a cheque.
  14. gettafa

    Lost battle

    Surely the headline demonstrates that the battle is being won rather than "lost"? Incidentally I know a few drug dealers: my next door neighbour for a start, the woman around the corner, the Romanian guy lives in the flats at the back. They are devious nasty shits to a tee. I wouldn't buy jack shit off them. I suppose that is another story.
  15. gettafa

    Beneficial Register MPs visiting IOM

    I read some of the so-called constitutional reports and it contains a lot of language that Isle of Man should do as the UK does. I can go through and quote it FWIW but it is pretty clear how the UK want to treat the Isle of Man. Read some of the memorandums in the last linked zip file. Look, we had a Whitehall history degree qualified civil servant write it in a memorandum so it must be right. We've lots of them going back as long ago as 30 years and more and they even refer back to that 18th Century thing. And we put the bit about the Manx cat at the end of one of them to show how solid and friendly our relationship is (you subservient to us so shut up).