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  1. Edgar Mann and Charlie Farley Kerruish had shared the seats for Garff for 10 years (and Charlie had held his seat for 30 years before that) when Edgar was elevated to Legislative Council. But I suppose to prove some sort of point he resigned to fight the General Election in 1986 (as noted by John ^) . But Garff had become a single seat constituency and so he went head to head for it. There's only ever going to be one winner there and Charlie's seat had his name all over it, although it wasn't an absolute walkover. Not one to give up, Edgar Mann went for the by-election in Onchan a couple of years later but did not win. He got his chance back home in Garff when Charlie Kerruish went MLC. Edgar give it a couple of years before going back upstairs himself.
  2. I'm not far behind you TT. I'm not a spliffer per se but I'm sat nicely here in front of a roaring fire and I just might crack that Christmas whisky bottle. Much as it pains me, I have to say it is all a lot more desirable than the grotty pub these days. I used to love the Friday after work pub but it has been maybe 15 years since ICBA with it. Ah well.
  3. Socialise. Mmmm, ok. A generalisation of course but: There's nothing worse than having a night out when the pub suddenly becomes full with the drink at home mob, pre-loaded pissed up, who go out to the pub near the end of the night 'for the atmosphere' which they have not been a part of forming and who in effect have been slowly killing it off anyway. (Multiply that effect for the coke heads, they are a real pain in a pub atmosphere). The spliff heads are somewhere in between, but in any case usually on a different planet, but still in a world of their own.
  4. It was great a pub of course but so were many pubs back in the day. We hark back to The Dogs Home as the most memorable perhaps, but it's the pub culture generally that has died. Killed off by the six pack, a spliff or two and a Netflix account.
  5. Who was doing that? Were they employed by the Gov at the time?
  6. Manx Radio: Cabinet Office releases inspector's recommendations AKA Cabinet Office releases the recommendations they have told the inspector. I haven't read it fully but the conclusion was enough. ETA - Yep, it's a hefty document and I should have read it first. Happy to be corrected on this one...
  7. To be fair she is getting her voice and opinion heard better than say, us folk, on a local internet forum screaming at each other
  8. I see where you are coming from, but I disagree. It just needs properly sorting out. Bu Manx Radio is very much an arm of Isle of Man Government and as such it is bullet proof and they can do what the hell they want.
  9. Stevie Rodan has dined out on that one in all four corners of the British Commonwealth. And an OBE to boot. Not one 16 year-old had demanded the vote. Not even politely suggested. Not one. They were all playing happily on their Playstation1 and Gameboys when the Isle of Man played that cheap gimmick.
  10. gettafa

    Flu Vaccine

    Pongo has been sitting by the keyboard all that time waiting to pounce. Anyway, there once was a girl called Maxine who could find nothing to rhyme with her name.
  11. Needs to be a bit of a squeaky drawly voice too. I've heard the boys on Manx Radio on a Sunday. Maybe Phil just speaks like that all the time and he thinks all Manx men speak like that.
  12. Reading about it in today's paper, the figure for being low pad was £19k. To which I say "fuck me". I see where Alf is coming from Maybe drop that to £10k
  13. That could have been sorted out via tax return details. Same as someone who has a wedge of £250,000 in the bank and lives off the interest of say £12k pa. But again, that is easily sorted via tax return details or, a simple means test/form filling. It's a bit like the shower of twats who discarded the 6,000+ petition against the toilet tax. They find one "Michael Mouse" or whatever on the list and discard the whole thing. Because it is so easy to do and complies with their devious agenda.
  14. Eddie Teare and his then protégé Juan Watterson. They had found a some cases where they reckoned people were taking teh proverbial piss so rather than fix it (it could have been done qute easily) they scrapped it altogether. Chris Robertshaw MHK might want to revisit this aspect, but he knows it might receive support and help the less well off ( and that is the last thing Robertshaw really wants to do).
  15. Well for sure Andy Wint won't agree with you. He knows just about everything. He was asking if the kid was thinking about a political career. I mean, who the fuck thinks of s political career at that age (apart from Juan Watterson). This must all be part of the deal with the government Manx Radio Magic £Million.
  16. Yeah he did. Wasn't that a surprise. (It's in one of the links of the OP). Which leaves the question why did CR propose this. Well, we'll see next week.
  17. Andy Wint is interviewing pupils from one of the schools. Again, again. I think that is fair enough and it is clear that Manx Radio has dumbed down and/or down with the kids. The strategy might work because if all the future sixth formers know there will be a Manx Radio interview or two, there is a constant supply of interviewees. Will the strategy work? I think I'm with Albert on this one.
  18. Well I have to say, I have just had over 2 hours of Christmas record overload on BBC Radio 2 (Sorry Ken Bruce, you are nowhere near as cool as you like to make out). I might be forced to try Manx Radio.
  19. I wonder if the ex-civil service hefty pension cheques went astray too? Maybe all the money has run out.
  20. The Lord Lucan of Douglas East. Until election time then he is everywhere like the proverbial bad rash.
  21. Manx Radio 2nd Dec Manx Radio 4th Dec At first glance this sounds a not unreasonable proposal. Then I saw it was Chris Robertshaw. I can see only two reasons why he is doing this, 1. To wind up Alf Cannan 2. He is thinking of standing for Douglas East again and wants a sound bite on the door step for something he has attempted to get through Tynwald It hasn't got a chance of going anywhere (and he knows it) particularly as it is from him. Tynwald no more takes the one time golden boy of Manx politics seriously:
  22. Let democracy sort it out. If people believed in a 16 year old candidate then they will vote them in. If not, they won't.
  23. These changes have been planned for some time. The new MD Chris Sully had little or nothing to do with it, and he explains this in the interviews with Paul Moulton,
  24. Ahh.. that may be why there is a double tram track?
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