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  1. Now I know your talking crap as i have never said anything about Eddie moderator edit. You won't post them to reveal the vile things? Moderator edit Or you just keep random screen shots from months ago on your computer for wanking material as I really see no other reason?? Bloody hell pot kettle bet you have the contents of my wheelie bin from last week as well you freak!! Sultan of false id your wish is granted
  2. Screen shots would be good as I said I am not in there so would like to see what exactly I am saying. Come on back your self up ??? Oh yeah you can't. What you say about me really doesn't bother me with your childish insults but come on your accusing me of posting in a group back it up?? Where's your screen shots you usually have? Oh yeh you have none cause like always your talking shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂 It quite concerns me that Jess professes to have kept screen shots about me staying about Ms Turner from several months back, do you keep my photos too? *shudder* go seek help!!! ETA Until the administrators of this group stop people flinging libellous accusations which have no evidence around I really can not be bothered coming on here and exciting the trolls and giving them cheap thrills to sit home doing whatever it is they do when they get reactions they so crave. As I said I have no further interest in Manx politics my family is my focus I don't think it needs any help being tarnished it does that quite well all on its own. Leave me alone stop talking about me as you have no reason to, like Cat I have 4 very young children and you really should have more respect unless you have some bizarre obsession. Go partake in this little thing called life! I have no time to respond to your negativity anymore. Off for a busy day yet again, hope you do not spontaneously combust with all your hate for someone it's really really quite sad Toodaloo!!!
  3. Just to clarify MVIC is not my group and never has been. In fact I was booted as a member so whatever I've been typing allegedly in there must be a copy 😂😂😂 Will I ever win an election? I doubt it as I've stated I have no intentions of standing again. Elections 2016 I closed as tbh I have so much on at the moment I couldn't keep it up but I'm sure someone else will make one nearer elections. Off to sort me brows 😝
  4. Morning guys took me ages to log in then couldn't remember my password and with me being an acedemically challenged air head took me a while to work it out any way I just thought I would pop in and say I don't use MVIC anymore but Jess Julian is referring to my reply to Mannanans Reviews post about him I want to attach a screen shot but can't maybe it's cause I am on a mobile?? Any way my response was this That's hilarious that man posted a lot more vile made up bull shit about me and didn't care that my 4 children were of an age they could be told! What a bloody hipocrit clarifies to me what I already knew mr Julian Assewipe is lib van I apologise for my spelling I wouldn't have thought my IPhone would have corrected that but it must be as thick as me Any way must dash I've ran out of sharpies and need to get my brows on much love Amy Ps I have a group called Elections are coming 2016 your all more than welcome to join to rip me to shreds however the purpose was to talk about future candidates but hey ho anything goes
  5. Good evening all. Just thought I would pop in and say thanks for all the feedback. I haven't had time to catch up as I've been and will be extremely busy but feel free to email me anytime. Just a couple of answers to questions yes I was born in the isle of man and raised in the isle of man. And tattymcgee my wonderful friend 😊 I dropped De-Yoxall in 2004 when I married my husband. It was on facebook for networking with school friends who didn't realise I was married and had a new name. Not quite sure what your desperate interest is in that? In fact I find it rather odd all women who get married take their husbands name 😊 enjoy I am off for some more canvasing
  6. Thanks folks I hope if I am successful I can serve you all well. I do not get chance to come on here so feel free to contact me anytime aimes82@hotmail.co.uk. I didn't make any announcement as I was waiting until today to see if my nomination form was accepted and it was 😊
  7. Awful loss. Gary was a lovely guy always had a smile on his face 😢 thoughts go out to his family
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