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  1. Finally a member, no idea what I am doing though

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    2. piebaps


      This is a status update. Nobody really takes much notice. Get into a thread and make some comments. Put a steel helmet on and wait for the responses. Good luck!


    3. Amy Burns

      Amy Burns

      Thanks for the advice, with invest in some armour lol

    4. woolley


      I have seen some of your negative comments about MF elsewhere. In fact, most people are reasonable most of the time, but we all have our moments! From my own experience, I would say post and say what you think. Don't go looking for trouble but if you encounter it, give back at least as good as you get and most of all, whatever they say, don't take it to heart and flounce off! Life's too short to get hung up about what someone says on an internet forum.

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