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  1. To be fair, I was just trying to take the piss 🙂 But you make some very good points. Here's what we could have won...
  2. Shetland. But their population is only about 23,000 so might not be a fair comparison
  3. This is the Isle of Man...
  4. yorik

    TT 2022 ??

    That's the access to the disabled viewing platform
  5. Interesting that there's very little mention from DoI of the additional fees that RingGo take such as their 10p "convenience" fee for using them and the 20p reminder and summary texts. Not much in the grand scheme but they add up
  6. Yes, Douglas has them trumped by being completely down at heel
  7. I can think of someone who's just left a job that would look just fine in hi-vis scanning number plates. Might have to do it after dark though
  8. Interestingly, I was down there yesterday and noticed the disabled drop off/pick up spaces were full of cars with Speedy Park “Awaiting Collection” danglers on the rear view mirrors. Went in to ask if they genuinely had multiple disabled drivers coming to collect their cars to be told that they were now their spaces but the disabled signs hadn’t been taken down… Any parking, let alone disabled parking is at a premium at the airport and they do this?
  9. yorik

    Firm closing

    I'm sure I'd heard that M&S in-store bakery used RB dough. So further knock on there possibly
  10. Skateboard under each hoof for the downhill sections?
  11. yorik

    TT 2022 ??

    I believe a section is on display in Victory Cafe. Would be interesting to find out if any other sections have been squirreled away, by whom and at what consideration.
  12. Given his recent court case and previous convictions, I'd say there's a bit too much stupidity, selfishness and aggression in that particular taxi driver.
  13. Can't believe the amateurs have even managed to get the lettering on backwards and the wrong town
  14. Don’t you know taxi drivers transcend mere traffic regulations? Just look at Victoria Street where the loading bay and disabled bays form an extension to the rank. God help you if you try to raise it with them though and the RTLC do fuck all as “taking action against drivers for illegal actions or offensive behavior” might affect their livelihoods, bless
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