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  1. Why did Quayle have to do it? Should have delegated the task. No, hang on, that would mean he couldn't bask in the glow of "triumphantly taking us out of lockdown". Sorry, don't know what I was thinking
  2. Has he published the full table? I want to know who comes in at number 9 Is it just a top 10 or does he include the really minor royals and do a top 40 or Hot 100?
  3. I'm sure I've seen something that she was called the White Pearl before they went with A
  4. Someone was ashore (or onboard from ashore) today. That's the track of the tender. What's the take on lock down for visiting yachts?
  5. Can someone do an edited highlights? Pillock of the Day as it were
  6. Those expensive medical facilities set up in church halls and tents in car parks in the UK cost the same then?
  7. And highlighted the "fudging" of the figures If that's being unfair, maybe the two tier data release schedule
  8. It's the same old clarity from HRH as usual. I'm not sure anymore and can only put myself through listening to him so many times
  9. Didn’t they get Charters? Haven’t they suffered enough?
  10. That Q&A is Friday, I’m sure HRH referred to tomorrow on the recording
  11. Vote Vetinari. One man, one vote. He's the man and he has the vote
  12. Interesting take from Buster's old FB group (OK, I know I know). Quayle moving to pre-approved questions moderated by James Davis at the pressers? From 36:15 https://www.tynwald.org.im/business/listen/AgainFiles/7358a.mp3
  13. yorik


    It's terrible what this lock down has reduced us to Not belittling your wife's experiences but couldn't resist
  14. Maybe with a shovel and broom
  15. Is that an estimated figure? Will they revise that to 16 later tonight?
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