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  1. To be honest, no. And I doubt visitors from across will either so they’ll end up calling the premium rate number. I did call 661661 in the end
  2. Funnily enough, I did. You get the same message. And the texts they send out don’t quote that number at all
  3. Speaking of profit. Today’s Heysham sailing is cancelled and to rebook you have to ring a number charging 11p a minute on top of network charge. Not coining it in are they?
  4. OK. Let me reword that - will probably increase the numbers chancing it. I used to work with someone whose parking fines in a couple of months easily outstripped what they would have paid in a pay and display for the year.
  5. Law of unintended consequences - this will just reaffirm some people's view that it's fine to park there and not go into Tesco. Will probably increase the numbers doing it.
  6. yorik

    Expense allowance

    Sorry? Quote one thing I’ve posted that is “childish” All I pointed out is that you shouldn’t take the piss with expenses. And 50p on paracetamol is asking the piss
  7. yorik

    Expense allowance

    And so the descent begins...
  8. yorik

    Expense allowance

    No, I just know how not to take the piss. And I live and work in the real world, not the wonderful fantasy land that some of our public sector money sinks seem to exist in
  9. yorik

    Expense allowance

    Because you just don’t do that. Claiming 50p FFS. I know if I’d tried that on the last business trip I was on, my feet wouldn’t have touched the ground. Everything I’d tried to claim would then have been looked into in minute detail. But then again, I work in the private sector and am ultimately responsible to shareholders. This is the kind of attitude that leads to the great Gawne-ism “Well, we had some money left over and it had to be spent on something”. The term “Treat the company’s money as if it was your own” means be careful, be frugal and don’t take the piss. Not “Wahey lads! Get the chequebook out and the shots in!”
  10. From what I’ve read it’s similar to cruise control/speed limiters now. Override with a firm push down on the pedal or just disable when you start the car (will re-enable when you switch off and back on again) It’s the data logging “black boxes” they’re also suggesting that will catch people out
  11. Didn’t Toyota try that a few years ago? #thecarinthecarinfront
  12. You'd have to move the cones they put out front on a Sunday first. Have to admit a guilty pleasure of mine is suggesting edits on Google Maps that the LH clubhouse isn't suitable for children
  13. Was told the other day that it’s apparently a requirement for all new build/converted flats to only have electric heating. Apparently goes back to just after the Majestic Apts were done. Maybe that’s why Dandara are keen to build so many rabbit hutches - incentive scheme from the MUA
  14. I think Dilli belongs to that curious Manx breed that would rather people sent money here but didn’t come near the place. Inward investment doesn’t work that way
  15. yorik

    Manx Radio

    There’s damning with faint praise Although doesn’t say a lot about Kinley et al
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