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  1. I appreciate that may have stretched the suspension of disbelief a touch
  2. A completed functional prom
  3. Just been past this again today. Point 2 of the planning consent was that there are to be no moving images in the adverts. Pretty much all the ones I've seen are moving. Point 4 stipulates that the board shouldn't change more than once every 10 seconds. Pretty sure some ads show for shorter than that. Sat waiting in the petrol station watching this before someone comments about my driving
  4. Not sure. It's a condition of the planning approval https://services.gov.im/planningapplication/services/planning/planningapplicationdetails.iom?ApplicationReferenceNumber=20/01481/D
  5. Another provision is that no wipes or transitions are allowed, changes have to be within 0.1s So that's on planning's shoulders
  6. Extract from the planning consent granted Dec 2021: 6. The screen shall at all times be fitted with a light sensor, to adjust the brightness oft he display to changes in ambient light levels. At no time shall the luminance of the display exceed the thresholds contained within the Institute of Lighting Professionals guidance document PLG05 (The Brightness of Illuminated Advertisements 2015) or any subsequent amendment/replacement of that guidance (set at 600cd/m2 for daylight and 300cd/m2 for hours of darkness. Reason: In the interests of amenity and road safety. Wonder if it will be checked...
  7. It scared the shit out of a motorcyclist there last night as it turned to white when he was turning left. Fair bit of panicky searching for the lorry he thought was coming at him. It's going to be a nightmare on a rainy night when it's reflecting off the wet road as well
  8. They wouldn't take the licence off a guy who drove his taxi at someone at the airport (and also has several previous for verbal and physical altercations). What makes you think they'd do anything here? Actual quote when I asked them about suspending/withdrawing licences was "Well we can't take their licence off then because its their livelihood" No wonder they think they can get away with anything
  9. Actually Bernie Taupin and LA but point still stands
  10. There is a certain irony to them playing a song about all the dancefloors and clubs being closed down
  11. Why does there have to be music anyway? I could understand if it was synced to the music but this is just "Quick, bung the compilation tape on"
  12. I suppose New York has a big rubbish and druggy problem too. When are they being twinned? What's coming next? Vienna or will we shift to band names? Chicago, Berlin, Boston?
  13. shouldn't have been surprised. Suppose there isn't a song called We Built This Shithole
  14. May I suggest Town Hall steps? (No, it's not fucking City Hall)
  15. Apparently a taxi driver and delivery driver came to blows yesterday when the taxi driver blocked the delivery van in. Video of the incident around somewhere
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