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  1. The same ship has just come from Orkney where they did some beach cleaning... Never mind - good old Bill will still claim it was a unique idea dreamt up by his good self
  2. Posted this on the Where is Reynolds? thread...
  3. I think he took parts from more than one kit
  4. Fixed speed cameras don't work because, as you say, people learn where they are and slam on the brakes then speed off. There's something to be said for portable cameras that are moved round to random locations at different times (and not the same places at the same time each week/month) I've never understood why speed cameras/traps have to be visible from a distance. If you're speeding you're breaking the law, why does it matter if the camera/policeman is halfway up a tree or buried in a hedge?
  5. So boilerplate auto confirmations as I suspected. Righto then, as you were
  6. Chipping in from sidelines but what's the issue of posting a copy of these acknowledgments you claim to have received? Simply putting up a copy of those would prove that the issue is being looked at, as you claim. If not, I call bollocks like everyone else
  7. They've recycled Jimmy Carr for that one surely
  8. We didn’t start the fire (your honour)
  9. Where’s the “Sloc Mountain Road”?
  10. It’s not the first time it’s been said something will be over by Christmas. Look how that turned out
  11. I think Cav and Crutchlow could more accurately be described as ex-residents as well with the amount of time they spend in Italy as opposed to here. Brass name plates?
  12. yorik

    Car Leasing

    Especially as that place has form for "unexplained" conflagrations
  13. Just throwing this in because I'm bored: vehicle /ˈviːɪk(ə)l/ noun noun: vehicle; plural noun: vehicles 1. a thing used for transporting people or goods, especially on land Mandatory insurance? Not sure. Some form of identifying mark so if you cause an accident and leg it there is still a chance of tracing you and claiming on insurance or putting a civil claim? That makes a degree of sense to me
  14. Sumburgh Airport’s “security” fence - a 4 string wire fence And that’s a Google Streetview shot from the main road to the airport, not some random back road at the arse end of the airport
  15. And when we buy new wheels they won’t be compatible with the bogeys and so on
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