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  1. yorik

    Onchan Velodrome

    So proudly Manx he moved to Italy first chance he got
  2. We were commenting on that yesterday. Feels like it's been flattened out with the back of a shovel
  3. Nice of the prom works to make sure there are plenty of cones in the surrounding area ready to be relocated. How long do you give it?
  4. CBA looking but didn’t they pitch it from the beginning as a “roundabout” at he bottom of Broadway so that’s what people will be expecting and acting accordingly? if the intention is that there is no “right of way” and people are to slow down, look and proceed there’s going to be no end of fun down there. There’s no way traffic coming along the prom are going to lift approaching that. “I’m coming through and no other bugger can stop me” is the Manx way
  5. We were on Thursday boat and seemed to be a few on then (including a coach full of kids). Booked test on Wednesday evening for mid-morning Friday and had result by Friday evening
  6. King Bill's does make kind of a sense as there are a number of driveways with limited visibility opening straight onto the road there. Can't think of anything similar outside Braddan school - maybe one and an estate junction? Said it before and I'll say it again - no fixed speed cameras, just mobile and regularly moved to random places, not the same 4 or 5 over and over. Also, change the laws, why should they be easily visible? I'm someone who likes to drive at pace but recognise that there is a time and a place
  7. I noticed the other day they're cutting holes in the concrete strip around on Loch Prom. Any ideas why?
  8. It's interesting how much advice has suddenly been "verbal" I guess if it's not written down they can't make you hand it over
  9. We know they're going to do whatever it takes to not pay out so no valid tax just gives them another string to their bow. Common argument you hear is "But it is taxed, just haven't got it taxed here yet" when that often isn't the case
  10. Isn't there the grey area of the UK tax ending when the car is sold in the UK and no IOM tax until the car has gone through the test? So, unless you're able to give a UK address when you buy the car to tax it, the car is technically unregistered. What's the insurance situation if you have an accident in the meantime?
  11. But it’s a factor nonetheless. Are you saying that shoving sand up to the sea wall outwith normal tidal action isn’t going to affect the level at the prom side? When you build up a berm to the level of the walkway you’re giving the sea a direct route onto the prom. Yes, beach movement is cyclical and dependent on a number of factors, DBC have exacerbated the problem by creating a perpetual non-job for the boys
  12. Beg to differ, I’ve regularly walked along the prom into town while they’ve been doing their seaweed redistribution and every time they were driving up the beach with the bucket down pushing sand/shingle ahead of them and then scraping a small portion of it back. There’s been plenty of times they’ve left small lagoons up near the sea wall in their half-arsed attempts to correct what they’ve done. I’d swear the bank they’d made was higher than the prom level at times
  13. Half of the issue has been DBC’s beach cleaning job creation where they’ve continually pushed sand and shingle up the beach to the sea wall. There’s a slipway on Queen’s Prom that they’ve had to dig out, at one point you had to go down it to climb up on to the beach. Not sure what it’s like just now
  14. Why did Quayle have to do it? Should have delegated the task. No, hang on, that would mean he couldn't bask in the glow of "triumphantly taking us out of lockdown". Sorry, don't know what I was thinking
  15. Has he published the full table? I want to know who comes in at number 9 Is it just a top 10 or does he include the really minor royals and do a top 40 or Hot 100?
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