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  1. yorik

    Ramsey Marina

    I think Dilli belongs to that curious Manx breed that would rather people sent money here but didn’t come near the place. Inward investment doesn’t work that way
  2. yorik

    Manx Radio

    There’s damning with faint praise Although doesn’t say a lot about Kinley et al
  3. yorik

    Richmond hill

    It’s alright, Richmond Hill grits itself now
  4. yorik

    New Style £1 coin on the way?

    Oz rounds up/down to nearest 5c on cash payments, card payments are charged to the cent. Sweden does similar with krona/öre, cash transactions are to round amounts, non-cash to a fraction. No reason why we can’t do the same here - to the 5p obviously but I wouldn’t put it past Tynpotwald to put it to the pound with the balance going to the PS pension hole...
  5. yorik

    New buses all round

    I was on one the other night, they're certainly well fitted out inside - ergonomic leatherette seats with seat belts, USB charging ports in every seat back and, I think, wireless charging holders as well.
  6. yorik

    Objections to KFC

    Given the first KFC was in Utah [1] I would expect Mormon chicken [1] No, seriously it was
  7. yorik

    Planners rule against ice rink

    There’s a nice, big, flat open tarmac area just come free in Ballasalla. On a bus route, close to main road, loads of room for parking... Just saying...
  8. yorik

    Pronunciation argument

    Been puzzling me for while now and it’s not the Heysham conundrum. I’ve always pronounced Mooragh with a soft g - moor-a - but I’ve noticed people increasingly using a hard g - morag. So which should it be?
  9. yorik

    Richmond hill

    20mph grit signs and no overtaking signs were up at 6:30 this morning and still there at 4 this afternoon. No sign of any grit or any workers though
  10. yorik


    I also seem to remember they removed the flashing speed warning sign from the top of the hill after people complained that it was distracting. Given it would only flash if you were exceeding the speed limit...
  11. yorik

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    They seem to be claiming the Red Arrows and Friday’s firework display as well...
  12. yorik

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    I think you’ll find that’s why they’re where they are
  13. yorik

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    Have also heard a rumour (great those, aren’t they?) that Hooded Ram have already made approaches to say they want the Villa Gardens site next year. Anybody know how long a contract Bushys have for the site?
  14. yorik

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    Anybody else find it strange that Reef and Ross Noble are performing in the “intimate” setting of the VIP tent rather than the Villa/Gaiety where Ross Noble in particular would guarantee a sell out? After the civil service allocation there won’t have been many of the 500 tickets left for the general public.
  15. yorik

    Supertour 2018

    Friend was on the boat when they were coming over. Sounds like there are some right melons in that group. Plenty of arrogance about driving at excessive speed and “knowing every pebble on the road” and bikes not being able to keep up. But, hey, they get a briefing to drive responsibly and think of the locals so all will be ok.