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  1. They've recycled Jimmy Carr for that one surely
  2. We didn’t start the fire (your honour)
  3. Where’s the “Sloc Mountain Road”?
  4. It’s not the first time it’s been said something will be over by Christmas. Look how that turned out
  5. I think Cav and Crutchlow could more accurately be described as ex-residents as well with the amount of time they spend in Italy as opposed to here. Brass name plates?
  6. yorik

    Car Leasing

    Especially as that place has form for "unexplained" conflagrations
  7. Just throwing this in because I'm bored: vehicle /ˈviːɪk(ə)l/ noun noun: vehicle; plural noun: vehicles 1. a thing used for transporting people or goods, especially on land Mandatory insurance? Not sure. Some form of identifying mark so if you cause an accident and leg it there is still a chance of tracing you and claiming on insurance or putting a civil claim? That makes a degree of sense to me
  8. yorik

    Where is Reynolds?

    Sumburgh Airport’s “security” fence - a 4 string wire fence And that’s a Google Streetview shot from the main road to the airport, not some random back road at the arse end of the airport
  9. And when we buy new wheels they won’t be compatible with the bogeys and so on
  10. One of the worst places for this is outside Sulby church Colby Malew Church where someone always parks right on the bend blind crest. Never mind, God will forgive them
  11. yorik


    We could do with a few of them though
  12. yorik

    Beer Tent

    That raises the question of if the fair is coming over this year where is it/the prom walkway parking going?
  13. yorik

    William Hoggatt

    If memory serves there are the remains of some stone walls to the left of the road near that cottage. Been a little while since I've been down round that way
  14. yorik

    William Hoggatt

    Was going to say it looks like the self catering cottage round Pooil Vaaish (sp?) but it looks like Milner Tower in the background
  15. To be honest, no. And I doubt visitors from across will either so they’ll end up calling the premium rate number. I did call 661661 in the end
  16. Funnily enough, I did. You get the same message. And the texts they send out don’t quote that number at all
  17. Speaking of profit. Today’s Heysham sailing is cancelled and to rebook you have to ring a number charging 11p a minute on top of network charge. Not coining it in are they?
  18. OK. Let me reword that - will probably increase the numbers chancing it. I used to work with someone whose parking fines in a couple of months easily outstripped what they would have paid in a pay and display for the year.
  19. Law of unintended consequences - this will just reaffirm some people's view that it's fine to park there and not go into Tesco. Will probably increase the numbers doing it.
  20. yorik

    Expense allowance

    Sorry? Quote one thing I’ve posted that is “childish” All I pointed out is that you shouldn’t take the piss with expenses. And 50p on paracetamol is asking the piss
  21. yorik

    Expense allowance

    And so the descent begins...
  22. yorik

    Expense allowance

    No, I just know how not to take the piss. And I live and work in the real world, not the wonderful fantasy land that some of our public sector money sinks seem to exist in
  23. yorik

    Expense allowance

    Because you just don’t do that. Claiming 50p FFS. I know if I’d tried that on the last business trip I was on, my feet wouldn’t have touched the ground. Everything I’d tried to claim would then have been looked into in minute detail. But then again, I work in the private sector and am ultimately responsible to shareholders. This is the kind of attitude that leads to the great Gawne-ism “Well, we had some money left over and it had to be spent on something”. The term “Treat the company’s money as if it was your own” means be careful, be frugal and don’t take the piss. Not “Wahey lads! Get the chequebook out and the shots in!”
  24. From what I’ve read it’s similar to cruise control/speed limiters now. Override with a firm push down on the pedal or just disable when you start the car (will re-enable when you switch off and back on again) It’s the data logging “black boxes” they’re also suggesting that will catch people out
  25. Didn’t Toyota try that a few years ago? #thecarinthecarinfront
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