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  1. I’ve seen clearer Nessie or Bigfoot pictures. Is he lurking in the exercise gear?
  2. yorik

    Operation Redcap

    Prime comedy moment in the video of them failing to smash a door in and then having to crawl in through the missing bottom panel of the door
  3. Hedge strimmers I can understand but which of our footpaths needs a ride on mower? How big a lawn does Bill have? Have we seen any benefits of this investment?
  4. yorik


    A bloke wearing ear defenders bashing away with a hammer
  5. You can't fool me, that picture wasn't taken over here. Our roads are nowhere near that good
  6. Already heading home at 3:15, nice to see a full day's graft had been put in
  7. I’d heard somebody mentioning the other day that Hartford had had archaeologists on the site a year/couple of years ago. How true that is I don’t know
  8. Money from our bank accounts to government coffers?
  9. Give it time and it might make it to Derek and Clive. Worst job I ever ‘ad…
  10. He’s not going to be holding a rally claiming the election was a steal and the GMP should storm Tynwald to install him as benificent dictator for life?
  11. The key bit of disability legislation is reasonable adaptations. They can spunk multi-millions on the shitshow that is the prom but have to ask if they should spend a little money (relatively pocket change) on making it easier for disabled residents to get around. The Tynwald building is a great example of their attitude, they spent a ton of money doing up the Legislative Buildings with lots of lovely wood cladding and glass but put in doors that don't auto open and are too heavy to open if you have mobility issues. That was the perfect time to look at modifications there but they chose not to because they didn't have to. I pity your mother and niece, may as well lock them under the stairs with your attitude. ETA: There are businesses that make adaptions for those that don't like crowds - Broadway Cinema and the Palace do autism friendly screenings. It's not hard, it may cost a little extra but the disabled pound is worth just the same as everyone else's
  12. Ramseyboi's attitude has reminded me of an Island establishment's approach to disabled access. I'm paraphrasing but the essential message they had on their website about them not being disabled accessible was that, as the Island had no legislation in place, it wasn't worth them spending money to make it accessible until they knew what the minimum requirements were So their approach to the disabled is we're not going to do anything until we're forced to and, even then, we'll do the absolute minimum we can get away with. There's an inclusive society for you
  13. I’m sorry but as someone who is married to somebody who is disabled I have one thing to say to you - fuck you and I seriously hope something happens to you that means you’ll understand first hand how shitty this island is for the disabled. Attitudes like yours are why this island is stuck in the dark ages with regards to disabled access and equality
  14. There are weeds growing between the blocks on the Admiral House stretch of Loch Prom already
  15. Oh god, he's going to be CM isn't he
  16. From FB. Your guess is as good as mine
  17. Nope. Different corners and neither have a roundabout. Maybe you mean Signpost?
  18. Ah, but only if your registration number is even, if it's odd it's the other way round
  19. I've only ever seen them flashing in the summer when temps were in double figures too
  20. Maybe they'll define a new concept next week. The Roundelbout - treated like a roundabout Monday, Wednesday and Friday and shared space Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sunday is a pay per view destruction derby
  21. yorik


    Don't they know you fly tip scrap round Jurby way?
  22. J) Heat death of the universe
  23. yorik

    Onchan Velodrome

    So proudly Manx he moved to Italy first chance he got
  24. We were commenting on that yesterday. Feels like it's been flattened out with the back of a shovel
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