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  1. I just didn't understand the point you were making when you said " any flack is directed at the system that allows this to happen " Allows what? !?!??!
  2. notwell

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    Your very rusty rod
  3. notwell

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    So basically Slinky said exactly what I've been saying yet I'm paranoid. Deary me. Slinky has shown you your arse yet you are still droning on. Comical.
  4. notwell

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    Put it away You're no Sultan
  5. notwell

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    You're not helping yourself to be honest.
  6. notwell

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    Binned off a load of genuine posters?
  7. notwell

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    What's there to be paranoid about? Are you denying that there has been a particularly vile poster posting here under a number of user names abusing people? And that website that was set up do you think those are the actions of someone of sound mind (when taken in conjunction with their 'efforts' here)? "Unnerving"
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    I think you're deliberately shit stirring and over playing things. It's quite clear what has been going on here and that individual is mentally unwell. If people act in that manner they can expect to get called out for it. The vile approach of it is quite disturbing. As evidenced in the PM received by Quilp. Only a nonce defends that sort of behaviour and tries to imply blame could be shifted to others in relation to that nutters wellfare. It obvious what is going on here.
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    Seven? Ridiculous more than scary. One of my kids is seven. Zero chance they'll be engaging with mobile phones, facebook what's app etc.
  10. I don't get your point about "the system". It isn't "the system" that has allowed DF to leave a public sector job and take up a civil service job. It's called a democracy. The way you worded it came across that if "the system" was different DF would be excluded from working elsewhere in government. Or am I missing your point?
  11. Who are the vested interests specifically?
  12. That’s an interesting question actually because if someone is on less than the publicised pay scales it can only be for that reason I assume.
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