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  1. so basically you will PM yourself - it most be confusing with all these different accounts (Andy the unelected LIbVan Member)
  2. So MHK's cant take any days off - give the guy a f*cking break Why dont you go through his blogs and see if he actually had four weeks holiday since being elected before you kick off because he took a couple of hours off this week
  3. Right on cue from the LibVan mouth piece - your Minister messed up again
  4. LibVan (AC) - muppet 2 BIg Ben with his many faces on Manxforums
  5. Yes the same Andrew Coleman in a relationship with Julie Edge, MHK Again you have more faces than Big Ben on here Mr. LibVan shout piece
  6. No connection to Manx Politics - my arse You have more faces than Big Ben on here, 89 pages of insults towards one MHK
  7. No is listening Andrew, other than your LibVan colleagues with a score to settle
  8. The Falklands expenses (Cocktails & Suntan Lotion) were claimed in addition to Members receiving the 7k, which makes it even more appalling at least Mr. Callister is trying to use his members expenses for work in connection with his job
  9. Loving this thread today, beat up the one MHK who is being accountable No mention of the other four MHK's Only in the Isle of Man
  10. I'm sure they will if you all try harder "Teddy" as that was the whole objective of this thread after all. For you lot to try to get ride of a poster who has opposing views to you lot. Oh, and one who has had a go at a certain Onchan MHK on several occasions too let's not forget. I am sorry, I thought it was a General Election for the House of Keys In 2021 I will simply ask you who I should vote for Have you found a job yet!
  11. I totally agree that he has mental health issues, I cant believe Manx Forums haven't banned him yet
  12. I supported Rob during the election and I will support him in the future Anyone following the story can see that Civil Servants messed up and that Rob took the public flank on behalf of the Minister. How many other MHK's can organise a meeting and resolve a potential polictial nightmare within 24 hours - top marks On the flip side, Rob shouldn't have done the interview on Friday with Manx Radio, which was wrong wrong wrong
  13. Certain posters seem tired of his repetitive "look at me, look at me" Facebook grandstanding and bullshit and he's only been in 10 minutes. Just wait and see all the egocentric bollocks he'll generate over the course of the next 5 years. Of course he'll take the chance of a pay increase if HQ is generous enough to offer him one. It's stating the obvious. Which is why he's getting all the arse kissing started from day one. Talk about having a personal agenda
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