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  1. Manx butter is 12p a block more expensive in Tesco.
  2. The new lot will be the old lot.
  3. MSK? What does MSK stand for in that article?
  4. Guess you're from the living hope goons in PSM then...
  5. Thanks folks. Sod the gift, i want to go up in a glider.
  6. His use of language isn't very good.
  7. Brilliant, made me laugh so hard my head nearly popped. You should be on tv.
  8. Is there anyone over here that offers helicopter rides that you could buy someone as a gift? Outside of TT week? Or maybe if not, a ride in a little plane? Cheers
  9. It's a combination of both manx.net and outlook being utterly shit. edit - like my spelling.
  10. How much does an MLC get paid?
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