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  1. In response to Declan, I may come across a bit "dedicated" in my responses, because it seems (to me) that there is an obvious right (and sometimes alt-right) leaning to this forum, and at times I am having to "defend" my opinions/position against multiple posters at the same time (and usually the same crew). I have grown weary of this style of combative "discussion" and I am going to try and comment less on threads. As much as I like a "robust" discussion, having to wade through the insults, smugness and sock puppeting (not naming names as that can start a thread death spiral easily enough) removes any "joy" from posting.
  2. There's that smug position of authority I mentioned the other day...(which you and woolley seem to rely on a lot for putting me down). May would never win the PM slot before Brexit (remember she wanted to ban porn until it turned out her husband was charging hotel porn movies to her MP account). And she is only "popular" (and even then with a certain demographic) because she is over playing the "Brexit is Brexit" line. As soon as Cameron gave his intent to stand down, there should have been a general election.
  3. Swap competitors for "celebrity" or "leaders of industry" and the result is the same...
  4. You mean like PM Theresa May, sorry, the unelected PM Theresa May. That's so stupid it doesn't even warrant a reply. Unworthy of you. You moan about unelected officials, yet we are at the whims of one. You cant have it both ways.
  5. Is there a similar one for with car costs?
  6. 1) google 2) if you can see the head lights, you can see the car.
  7. You mean like PM Theresa May, sorry, the unelected PM Theresa May.
  8. An no one in the IRA fits that description without the aid of government...
  9. So pretty much like all the intelligence agencies who infiltrated them then. yes, because criminals need help to be criminals...
  10. Just like most threads end in angry Trump or Brexit rantings by Lxxx, Woolley, Quilp, Tarne, Woody2 or Notwell. This one starts off as a poll on would you use your real name on here and ends in a protracted Trump diatribe by a bunch of mongoloids. Give it a rest. Give what a rest? You all clearly have the same stupid views about Brexit and Donald Trump. That's all I said. But that's just it. There are many posters who post alternate views about a range of topics and for a variety of reasons, but just because some of them don't conform to yours, rmanx's etc.. they all get lumped in the same bracket like 'You all have the same stupid views about Brexit and Trump.' You unfortunately don't read the details you just stick to the narrative. You mean the liberal use of the term "liberals" being used as a catch all?
  11. They have been accussed of having links to the Syrian Rebels. Although it isn't clear if tthey are the "good" Rebels we were arming and training (which then ran off to join IS) or the bad Rebels who are supposedly armed and trained by Iran/Palestine/etc
  12. Are you suggesting that politicians aren't (or haven't) put people in potential harms way with their decisions? Regardless of whether they are in full possession of the relevant facts? Do you remember the bendy buses?
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