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  1. If I'd known mentioning a historical fact on here would result in lots of ill-informed people coming on calling me every name under the sun for hitting them with the truth, I'd probably have not bothered posting it. I'll know better next time - never post facts on here. Lesson learned, thanks.
  2. That's a misrepresentation. The Potsdam declaration had set out terms for Japan''s surrender. The Japanese rejected them. The Japanese made overtures via the Soviets, who at that point were not part of the Pacic war. The Soviet Union in fact then chose to enter the war on the Allied side. It's rubbish to say that Jaoan was 'desperately trying to surrender'. I don't think it is quite as simple as Hiroshima & Nagasaki ending the war, though. The entry of the Soviet Union into the alliance was also important. But those factors together made it plain that the Japanese plan to fight on their
  3. There is no need to reduce the tone of the thread to personal insults just because I posted a historical fact that you and Albert didn't know about and are too lazy to verify.
  4. (I'm not in the flat earth camp)
  5. Why place such a redundant limitation on the statement? We can't be sure of anything. Saying we can't be sure of anything is a contradiction in terms, as you're saying we can be sure that we can't be sure of anything. Being able to think about this and conclude we can't be sure means we can be sure of our own existence, which can in turn be reduced to certainty of our own cognition.
  6. The only thing we can really be sure of is that we can't be sure of anything outside our own mind.
  7. I don't even know what you are blabbering on about, Albert. I am just saying WW2 was well over before VJ day. Not sure how you read a philosophy into that. Facts are just facts. Sorry if you don't like them old chap.
  8. We already have an unelected plutocracy, which is why an elected plutocrat is the only one who would stand a chance of getting in and accomplishing meaningful reform. What we need is a Julius Caesar, not another weakling.
  9. Are these seriously the best and brightest this island has to offer? In all seriousness, I would like to know why more successful business owners don't run for public office, people who have already proven themselves to be capable of running large organisations, people who are already well off and so are not in it for money and won't be influenced by backhanders, people who love their country and want to give back to their community? Why is there a complete absence of such people? Do they know something we don't?
  10. I notice he calls government "it" and not "we". Is he no longer in government?
  11. I am interested in what your explanation is?
  12. I think some comedy on here goes beyond a single post or thread and should be judged as part of an overall character package. For example, some of TSM's threads might look incidental to the casual reader, but taken as part of a longstanding joke they can make you chuckle.
  13. World War II ended long before VJ day. The Japanese had been desperately trying to surrender for some time, but the Americans repeatedly ignored them because they wanted to go ahead and use the nuclear bomb as a warning to the Soviet Union. But does it really many any difference? The fact is, we do commemorate the world wars and I think it's a given that when we do so we are thinking about all the campaigns of the wars and not just within a set time frame.
  14. There has never been an empire that wasn't already in its final death throes before it even began. Empire itself is the final death throe of a declining nation. That said, it's a lovely sunny day outside. Get out there and enjoy it!
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