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  1. My post was an explanational theory, in response to a previous question as to why the 2nd part of the hearing was still not undertaken by GMC. Rest of post removed by moderators
  2. Any obvious reason why non-libelous, freedom of speech posts get removed. Is freedom of speech being eroded, and censored.
  3. Really is seriously important to get an update. Clinical Director of Mental Health, of which does MH not have the best history on the Island. Confidence needed asap!!
  4. Think an update is needed. Big carpet and Ewbank, again possible!!!
  5. Anybody got news on Dr Tim Byrne's case, Clinical Director of Mental Health? Seems all has gone quiet. GMC stalling? Why??
  6. Asked for a second Psychiatric opinion. IRB found that the fax request had been written out, but never faxed. Nobody could explain why!!!!
  7. Sorry, this is 4 days before they die, of all nutritional intake being withdrawn.
  8. Would like to know how many dementia patients in final stages sing-along to a CD (also documented) and can verbally answer questions.
  9. Sorry, going back a bit. I witnessed medical Consultants trying to be heard against the Psychiatric Consultants' opinion in Noble's. The Hospital etc. was siding with the mental health as medics were giving their honest opinion....we don't know what is wrong. Woe betide someone with integrity and honesty. Honest Consultants are banging their heads against a brick wall. The Doctor who signed the death certificate of the patient, as "Dementia", (which was queried at Registrar's office), who is NOT a dementia expert, and must have based his assumption on the said Psychiatrist (as said before, w
  10. My purpose of my original post was to express my concerns about the integrity of the Mental Health Clincal Director and the obscene lengths that the establishment will go to ensure damage limitation at any deceitful and unjust costs, when a serious failure of duty has ocurred, and a patient died as a result of this.
  11. Ask for info from Steve Chell as to how many cases of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (a condition caused by psychiatric meds) had been reported on the island in a recorded meeting. He told me they would provide it, but guess what.......silence.
  12. Truly it is not the theory that is the problem. It is the practice, the culture of deceit and complacency that is putting the public at risk.
  13. If expert doctors are brought over to the Island, presumably paid for by IOM Gov., for the purpose of providing an expert opinion and the sole purpose of the Independent Report, and, in their field of expertise and of significant importance in the case, detail something that is factually wrong in their area of speciality, is this merely an error, and something more sinister?
  14. Sorry, but forgot to point out that a hospital complaint, predicting the patients death citing failure of duty, was in place BEFORE the patient died
  15. It is probably very significant to highlight that I reported Dr Byrne (and another psychiatrist), for lying, providing evidence to the GMC too. Their take, was that it was a hospital issue and failing that I could refer it to the Independent Review Body on the island. After nearly 3 years, the IRB brought over 2 expert doctors from the UK, that would be appointed through the Royal Colleges. Turns out, they would be just from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and both from the same NHS Trust. They provided the report, which contained errors and evasions. Wrote to the IRB concerning these erro
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