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  1. Now resolved. Sure gave me one of their routers to try and it connected up straight away to the internet. I was very suspicious at this so checked the settings and sure enough the DNS servers I had been given were different. I configured my ASUS router to these setting and it worked first time. My connection is now up and good. For anyone interested, the settings that worked were. Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:
  2. Yep I've checked with Sure and they have confirmed that my username and password are correct. Cheers
  3. Help needed! I have been "upgraded" this week to from the Sure 16Mb ADSL to the Sure 40Mb VDSL service. 2 days have now passed from MT visit and I still have no internet! Contacted Sure help desk last night, have been into store today and contacted help desk again tonight but I am no further forward! Sure have now provided me with 2 sets of settings for the VDSL 40Mb so I am looking for someone with Sure to confirm which works for them, if either are correct! Option 1 ATM settings VPI 0 VCI 38 Encapsulation PPPoE Authentication CHAP Primary DNS Secondary DNS Protocol PPPoE Modulation Type ITU-T 993.2 Option 2 Encapsulation: PTM PPPoE Authentication: CHAP Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: Protocol: Point to point protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) Transport protocol – Packet Transfer Mode (PTM) Modulation Type: DMT or Auto Interleaving / Impulse Noise Protection on – default setting Interleaving / INP off – optional VLAN – Off Any pointers would be much appreciated Cheers.
  4. This it totally pointless unless it will be enforced........
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