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  1. Delaware is an obvious example but the entire country is a tax haven when you look at the way large corporations are able to cynically play states off against each other to pay little or no tax. I think think the whole workd is a tax haven if you're a large corporation as they're able to play countries off against each other. I think tax havens are now only of much use to medium sized businesses and moderately rich people. If you're super rich or a large corporation, the world is already a tax free oyster.
  2. How about Manx Forums do a daily one hour radio show where people call in? You could have it on Energy or Three FM.
  3. Someone posted this in the comments section on the video https://scontent-lga1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xtp1/v/t1.0-9/11221573_10206317701128639_3639467392083472209_n.jpg?oh=079a3f891da04d254a37b50ae58410e4&oe=56381891 Not sure what to make of it all really.
  4. Just seen this petition: http://foodbabe.com/subwaymeat/ Subway is one of the largest fast food chains in the world and is serving us meat that is raised with antibiotics. This is irresponsible because: Antibiotics are being routinely fed to farm animals – not to treat diseases – but to fatten them up and make them grow bigger on less food (4). Almost all of the antibiotics used in the U.S. are fed to farm animals and the amount continues to rise (5). This misuse of antibiotics is creating superbugs that could threaten the entire human population (6). When animals are constantly fed low levels of antibiotics, they become a breeding ground for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and it’s spreading to humans (7). We now have bacterial infections that only a few years ago could be cured and are now not responsive to any known antibiotics. Thousands of people are dying every year and experts believe it’s going to get worse (8). Would this apply in the Isle of Man and UK as well or is our meat industry better regulated?
  5. Corbyn is not a socialist, he is a communist posing as a socialist. Capitalism and socialism are not opposed. In order to have a true realisation of either, you would need both to exist.
  6. They can be useful in farming, security and the armed forces.
  7. How do flat earthers (assuming there are any here) explain continental drift? It's clear South America and Africa were once connected.
  8. Why I'm not willing to enter Manx politics at this time: - I think career politicians are the lowest of the low. I don't want to become one of them. - Even if I got the most votes, I'm not convinced I'd be declared the winner. - I don't believe politicians have much influence to do good. - If they did have influence and I was elected, I'd be assassinated. - I'd be pressured to go on Facebook and talk with the gobshites there. - I can't be arsed.
  9. Hopefully the wizard will grant them a brain while they're there.
  10. If only we could locate the rock these oddballs live under, we could cement the hole they crawl out from every election cycle.
  11. I'd like to smoke cannabis but I need someone to first explain how it's imported here. It's not sneaked in up people's bums is it?
  12. If I was a gambler, I'd bet you're totally wrong. Do you know how much I loathe trade unions and how they have been instrumental in ruining this island? I simply recognise that what she did at the time was necessary because unions were too powerful and were holding the country hostage. I think she went too far, however, because now power is completely in the hands of employers. I'm not a fan of unions and I consider them to be self-serving and myopic in their aspirations.
  13. I've found with the Netgear router's that going to Wireless settings and playing around with the channel number can help make the internet speed faster or slower. You can always change it back again. I think the default is Auto which is what I currently have it on, but in the past I've alternated between channel 3 and 7. There are all kinds of things that can interrupt the speed, like mobile phones, blootooth technology, microwaves, basically anything electrical.
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