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  1. Plenty of spare time for MLCs I recall Cretney in MLC post, all he did was go for long walks and post it on FB.
  2. His media training spend was wasted then, if he posts something on open social media, he knows he is posting it on local news as well.
  3. So are you saying you never spoke to Manx radio on this topic this week. Or did you and you are lying?
  4. Hope Callister reads his job spec this time.
  5. Rob Callister…. I don’t think Cannan is that stupid Christian hasn’t shown any signs of Minister material, am sure her Co-op partner would like to see her in dept enterprise. Crookall will get Minister role, give him DHSC and put DC in DoI
  6. Agree, he has been working with the candidates for years, and has had 2 weeks in same building as them to discuss manifesto if he wanted to.
  7. Thomas edging his bets, trying to make sure he is in with both sides. Complete idiot looking after himself as always.
  8. They didn’t have anyone decent to vote for. They voted for a bloke who got paid to b3 children’s champion but didn’t actually understand the role, he will ride the gravy train and Onchan will keep joining with Douglas until it disappears.
  9. Will be hanging in Paul Phillips hall so he can reminisce his non racing days and how Cretney plucked him from Bank teller job and escalated him into top job.
  10. And yet Sefton got bailed out when they didn’t want to sell their assets in difficult time.
  11. They have their own PR mouthpiece role according to senior management structure
  12. Due to lack of maintenance, leaving it unprotected for years to force expenditure.
  13. And yet the public had to vote RC back in as no decent candidate stepped up. Onchan are stuck with an idiot representing Onchan mentality. Getting what they deserve.
  14. Are they paid by McMillan ?
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