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  1. The Beacroft HomeCare doesn’t seem to be working from Quines Corner anymore. Interestingly it names Troutbeck on Strang Road as business address instead of North Quay, the business is now registered at MERRIGAL HOUSE, BALLAVITCHEL ROAD, CROSBY, IM4 2DL, Isle of Man, change in director in July 19. Looks like losing the government work ended the bills getting paid and her husband has got rid, then was thrown under the bus by her. As one of her constituents I would like to know if this newly formed Ms Costain should still be representing my family in politics and getting paid over 50k when she won’t even live in our community.
  2. Load of shite, has anyone ever heard of senior civil servants being fired or founded for bullying. I doubt if you could find one because no one would dare challenge the management. Now if politicians do, they know they can be fired like that Houghton fella. Game over.
  3. Hardly the family home when they sold their house in Braddan a year ago... is the company she and her husband ran still running since they lost the non tendered contract they had with DHSC there is some skulduggery going on somewhere.
  4. According to her neighbour Buster Lewin, she is still living with her husband, is he taking a fall for her to save her gravy train falling of the tracks now court actions for debt coming out of woodwork.
  5. All the politicians. MHK or MLC still getting paid for doing nothing now who sat in a political seat and voted on this fiasco should resign, either way. Cretney can wander the roads taking pictures unpaid, Crookall as well. Who else sat counting particles in fresh air instead of representing the public interest?
  6. When new rates system kicks in based on house size not rentable value house prices will drop down to reality and the island will become a quiet zone, less traffic, less crime., less people so less health and social care. excellent strategy Mr Thomas.
  7. Work going on around private patients, does this mean they are going to open it back up?
  8. It will be interesting to see if Cretney gets booted off the gravy train he has been riding on for decades, he is a nodding donkey!
  9. Get the prisoners out to clear the roads and clearance, I bet they would be glad of the work and putting something back in the tax payers purse, the purse that keeps them fed and looked after.
  10. If people pay rates for a garage to hold their car in, DO boat owners pay rates as well? Or a boat tax to go towards overheads?
  11. Show me a page where other MHKs periodically big themselves up along side a social media, blog and website to propagate bagging themselves up and we can then make a comparison with Robs self promoting twin. As I wrote this it suddenly occurred to me Of course Cretney is about as equal to Rob undisputed, and public opinion on Cretney is just as negative. Both a pair of self promoting nodding donkeys
  12. So let me get this straight the mhk tasked with being the chair of an active committee says There's not enough investment being made by government to make our roads and homes safe when bad weather hits the Island. That's from Onchan MHK Rob Callister speaking in his capacity as chair of the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee. excuse me mate but that was your job to ensure as the chair of the committee. The idea is you do your job and ensure others do theirs before stating the obvious. Beyond a joke, does he ever comprehend how daft he is?
  13. They agreed to pay their parking fees...ooh hang on the public were already paying them to pay their parking fees Rob Callister confirmed this in his expenses breakdown.
  14. If it was basic pay he would be paying tax and pension and NI against it. Did this guy get voted in by the public for being so thick? ...or is he beyond ignorant? It’s not rocket science writing a list that is employment related. Such as paying for a phone or paying petrol or work related tasks. NOT suits, NOT trips to pool halls, NOT donating personally to unknown charity (if he did) printer ink, stamps. The public is paying him over 60k a year to be this stupid and he is paying a websites to publicise how thick he is. Keep this thread intact on run up to next election so no one forgets how stupid he thinks the working man is.
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