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  1. Yes and 😝you answered my query. Thank you ✅
  2. Amusing that Wrighty defends the managers meeting and yet the thread is about the incompetence of the managers meeting. If all essential operational directors met face to face for photo it would be a busy time in the workplaces. Are you up for a role in Manx Care Wrighty, old chap?
  3. Taking the piss out of Callister for his unbearable ‘me me me commentary’. Latter taking leaf out of creatin Cretney self promotion technique Bugger me now my own MHK has started with his own self promotional ‘dear diary’ To much time on their hands.
  4. Is it just a case of moving 3 million staff costs to DHSC and lowering the budget already for Manx care.
  5. They appointed a new Care Quality Director Nov 20 for new DHSC He promptly resigned and left the island not long after starting so then we saw the re advertising of the post, has it been filled yet?
  6. His cheery face serving you in mooches was because he was getting paid by you as a tax payer while he was serving you in the shop and lining his pocket. He has the time to walk and jog around the island all these years because he got paid whether he did anything or not for over 30 years, plus he learnt putting photos of his wanders got him lots of ooohs and aaahs. interesting that he writes about shit and rubbish, it’s his best topic There are some great characters who could write interesting commentary on the island Cretney is not one of them what next Karran wisdom!
  7. Callister is beyond thick, he had one little thing to do. Hooper seems to making a mountain out of a molehill in attempt to look as if he is doing a job so I switched off.
  8. Spot on. I note the papers carrying the front page comparing Abbotswood and IOSPC. It will be the same heads chasing Abbotswood that devised the border controls for IOMSPC. Reminds me of Salisbury saga where DHSC wanted to take over the building. needs an independent investigator.
  9. The head of Douglas Council David Christian should resign, blatant incompetency and inadequate leader, and his staff seem to be a# daft a# him.
  10. Paper article this week stated new residents near 800 added since March 2020 That’s near 3 times the usual. going to be expensive for NHS as I would put money on it being aged or older residents. someone pulled the plug, we are going to be drained. watching the vaccine numbers with interest as that will be a reality show.
  11. I am sure she will repay him once he gets her on the gravy train. Did he go to the same media training as Rob Callister by any chance? political giant?? What did he accomplish ? Leaving others to clear up the crap he left behind in politics, it’s quite befitting he tries to take moral high ground on dogs who leave shit behind. He needs his nose rubbing in his mess not a 40k a year pension.
  12. No doubt he will complete a 50 page teenage girl dear diary submission on how he responded to 109 queries and how busy he is running his world for himself for his constituency.
  13. The bloke should get a hair piece and an orange tan to copy his hero Trump. Me Me Me. Reads like a teenage girls diary. He is missing an very important bolt
  14. They need to bring in emergency powered before this gets out of hand.
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