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  1. But we don’t live in German, nor would we want to, Germany is a nothingness to us, so irrelevant what they do
  2. Yes you would say that as you say ver little else all aboard the gravy train. what exactly do you achieve for you large salary apart from undermining your staff on Manx forums?
  3. Why else would anyone pay a private investigator if not to find blame, if a crime was committed police would be called, if it’s procedural or non compliance with residential home requirements, DHSC inspection officers are there for that.
  4. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/police-called-in-to-abbotswood-investigation/
  5. Didn’t they do the investigation into Abbotswood. Paid for by tax payers to try and find blame to deflect from DHSC behaviours
  6. The worst thing in any accusation by the police is a lot of people have to admit guilt even when innocent or face financial ruin and years of legal process.
  7. This guy must have pissed the police off for them to have pursued ‘fresh air’
  8. What are you impressed with i heard a lot of measured waffle with no substance
  9. The unelected Corpy councillor seems to have no problem making videos belittling our island but can’t take being belittled himself
  10. How much do you get paid by rate payers to attend a meeting in your working day?
  11. Pot kettle black springs to mind Amadeus
  12. Well put, seems councillors forget who pays their overheads and fees for making them feel like they ‘are something special’ the fool Amadeus and the idiot who proposed this fortnightly bin collection whilst still increasing rents and rates with impunity from critical comment should shake their head and Amadeus forgets he never got a single vote to be a public representative in the Corpy, in a town (pretend city that rate payers were not consulted on) he quite obviously doesn’t understand the complexity of the residential set up.
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