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  1. Really!! rates go up, salaries go up, overheads go up, loads need repaying, maintenance costs each year has to be facilitated. To many admin, managers, seniors, services, to many local authorities. Ffs the council houses in Onchan are better maintained than most private houses.
  2. So is that the proposal from the independent panel who are being paid for by the turkeys noting for Christmas, that people who do less and are not department members should get about 30% increase plus their all keep their £3.65 per hour expenses (based on a 52 x 37 hours) until in 40 years time it becomes worthless. What do MLCs actually do?
  3. Did you actually have a career where you attitude to victims of crime was “sense of perspective, go and live in Enfield for 48 hours.“
  4. Does anyone know who the heads or Directors are in DHSC and what they do or don’t do?
  5. Has any one seen or said that private wing was trading at a loss?
  6. Are those costs for private patients?
  7. Takes money from the state by costing us to take him to court twice
  8. buncha wankas


    Tax payers pay millions on salaries of these so called manager who manage projects. Who are the heads of projects in DOI? Back bar gossip is that they manage DHSC projects as well?
  9. She picks up the gauntlet of Syrians and encourages student to protest, on pretext of listening. Interesting that she wants their voice heard on this issue but not to be heard on the issue of student fees debt and student grants. Politicians with a personal agenda. Put before public interest should get their arse is kicked out by the voters
  10. Luckily he got found and convicted before introducing red squirrel over here became a menace to the environment. He can be self sufficient by not drawing dole and buying his own land.
  11. He was not so environmentally friendly when he imported red squirrel. He can’t just set up a residential home on land owned by tax payers and piss in the river. He reminds me of the tramp Ted, we lost all the town benches after that farce. This guy needs to purchase a piece of land and do what he wants on it, in his shed. I assume the guy has a job.
  12. The guy living in the hills, rent free has the right ‘green idea’.
  13. Do you think people working cash in hand and under the radar would sign as unemployed?
  14. Senior Civil servants are paid to recognise and strategically manage risks, that what they get 60k plus a year for...before they retired with their big handshake, incompetence hidden and well rewarded.
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