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  1. Interim CEO is also interim hospital director and remains the Mental Health Director, who just got told ‘could do better’ The DHSC is in safe hands, one lady is holding all the reigns
  2. Monday was a day of sitting in Keflavik airport, waiting to jump on a flight to Seattle, Washington. The flight left at 17.05 local time (Iceland) or 18.05 in the Isle of Man and we arrived in Seattle, Washington for 17.50 (local time) or 02.00 in Isle of Man time. The guy is clearly unhinged, who on earth writes a blog like this? This bloke thank god is so useless at making decisions he has no effect politically. Imagine if he did have a brain cell, rubbing against his skull that single brain cell would still be dangerous energy. I have an immediate sympathy for who ever has to sit next to him in Tynwald, it must be an endurance to say the least. He is on par with Cretney for biggin himself up.
  3. Is he posting on his own page or his mhk or social media outlet. He quite obviously tries to convince people he is useful and superior, reality is he will be unemployed and unemployable In less than 2 years like he was before he became a mhk. He isn’t a minister and his take home pay is about the same as a junior to middle manager hardly indicative of an achieving middle aged man, like he likes to think he is. I have yet to hear a single worth sound or word come from this guy apart from when he runs from reality of his job and resigns every other week. Sick of hearing the guys shite. He thinks the public are idiots, strangely he never answers a direct question when asked.
  4. To be fair the commissioner should only communicate at board meeting via chairperson... to stop the CEO from being intimidated, the CEO is answerable to the residents not some nutty commissioner.
  5. CT seems to overlook that inflated property prices and inflated rental being pumped up by off island non resident tax avoiders, is what is chasing Isle of Man residents and workers from our shores and keeping potential residents from being able to establish and sustain living here. Are you just waiting for the crash CT or is that the time you retire. It is not rocket science, form a policy and implement it, that’s what your role is, not to rant and pick up the salary which you do very well, but to make a decision and use your supposed education to lead or resign.
  6. Average insurance for a car in U.K. is £750, so I don’t need to think, the statistics is there, in London is over a grand average.
  7. Insurance is and by paying road tax and registering here it is cheaper.
  8. Then what do you agree? Or would you like to ask the welsh how they sorted a similar problem in their area that was crippling their young families. stamp duty or Manx tax on second home for non residents for example
  9. I know of people in U.K. and Europe that are not resident here that register their cars here for cheaper tax and insurance. They just use a mates address.
  10. So what has been done to pursue those in a residential house that has not submitted a census, have the rates been paid. Are we inviting people to stay under a radar by not registering on census? Something stinks about so many properties either owned for investment, tax evasion or something else, even if just 5% of the empty properties are just residents ‘hiding’ that is 2000 people. Chris Thomas can you confirm that these empty properties about 6000 are owned by non residents for investment purposes and that you are okay with that concept, leading to a false inflation of house prices and pushing building onto greenfield sites artificially.
  11. Manx people must be and have been doing something right in their island politics over the 1000 years, because thousands have moved here to become residents
  12. Are you actually saying that if you are being highly disagreeable it’s ok for me to pinch you and my defence is you were doing my head in, fear of reprisals, ffs should man or woman fear a punch. There is no possible mitigation for being violent to a partner.
  13. Margo should take over the prison if she was in control I would not want to re offend and revisit her. She takes no shit, good on her
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