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  1. One small problem one or two large companies have been buying up all the land over the years and now own our arse.
  2. Load of shite, dozens of new rolls https://www.gov.im/about-the-government/departments/health-and-social-care/
  3. Seems the unemployed or unemployable are setting their cap out at fools votes, I don’t suppose you are mates with Micheal Manx Jesop by any chance Stu Peters.
  4. Surely a section in Cabinet office or a closet, or DOI or year 6 at high schools could have overseen the Manx mandate compliance better value for money. It’s costing millions for this new DHSC team who don’t seem to have experience in original IOM NHS. turkey voting for Christmas. the millions should go into NHS, gets people in population back to work, retains staff in nhs, would boost economy.
  5. Well then Peel will get what they deserve by voting in such incompetence
  6. Are Any of those ousted from Peel on the Corrin home board?
  7. FFS. So 2 unelected get votes to influence the elected, on top of the MLC unelected. I think a new thread is needed. That is beyond a farce how many not elected votes are there all together
  8. Does Skelly get a vote like the Bishop? The Bishop getting a vote in constitutional issues is a complete farce and un democratic
  9. So they are delivering their manifesto in bulk for each other, are they even talking to the voters? Sounds like they would all fit into public service, pushing paper around for each other.
  10. Josem states he has two jobs, very important fellow, coop job and tax alliance. I think that equates to needs a job to go with his Aussie but German, no wait Manx by choice.. ooh f**k I give up, I am just hoping he doesn’t stand where we live once he fails in Douglas again. We may be safe though as he is only on his second area in Douglas so we should be safe for a decade. And then there is the Self Proclaimed KING. Where will he go next.
  11. So does that mean tax payers money paid out again to facilitate crap senior managers. Dr Derek Proudlove, Mrs Angela Murray, Ms Emma McClean and Mr Brendan McIlveen as additional Respondent are they all fired now and pensions removed. I note they are named in shared link.
  12. Claire Florence Tinwell and Department of Health & Social Care Claimant Respondent Whatever happened to this case, has it been swept under the carpet?
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