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  1. DHSC finance director..3rd in the senior chain has jumped ship now. seems He has jumped ship now real management is expected instead of crap and bully tactics. Be gone with the useless who is next to jump or be pushed?
  2. Will the bike fit in the plane hold?
  3. That maybe easy for you to do, but in DHSC staff are specialist or specialising and many are away from home and undeveloped local support and knowledge. DHSC is weighted down by bullying and intimidation.
  4. The question needs to be asked how many staff have received MARs or redundancy payment, then the roles are set up again under a new name or moved. Retirement payment will not be in that figure, so someone needs to ask why government is expanding and yet 10s of millions paid to either get rid of good staff or handshake the crap staff who are their buddies. Something stinks of crap senior managers. Some departments are breeding grounds for incompetent bullies using our tax money to facilitate themselves. Why are politicians not asking for analysis of redundancies and Mars roles. I bet Couch didn’t get a penny, he just threw the towel in and told the role call of muppets he was supposed to manage in civil service to go forth and multiply. (...... off)
  5. It’s one month pay per year for redundancy, what I would like to know is if so many redundancies are handed out how come there is so many new roles?
  6. Would be interesting to know how many Directors and management staff there are in DHSC above HEO grade. How many are actually needed? and how many real staff they could get In DHSC if they get rid of the people in pretend jobs. It’s a tiny island with a tiny population.
  7. Commissioning Director
  8. Have you read the report? That is the concept behind it and it is politicians who advocate that concept.
  9. The good news is this report being issued has strangely brought Kate Beacroft off her sick bed and off sick leave with a miraculous recovery to enable her to attend the arena. She has been revived after the rest since being fired. I hope she does not gain an injury falling off the bandwagon she just jumped on.
  10. Absolutely, nice to see a comment from someone who has understood the report and the political outcome.
  11. The fact that you don’t notice that attitude is patronising is why someone like you will never get voted in. how long did you last in a junior post in Noble’s Derek. What did you achieve as a business manager?
  12. Get off their backsides and give their kids a good work ethic. This change is welcome to stop the culture of the people who thing money comes from end of the rainbow from the fairy’s
  13. Bloody hell she looks worn out already and hasn’t even started the role. They should send 50% of middle management and senior management on a cruise for a month and take note how no one missed them and things got done faster, then cut the cloth. It’s a joke how the have a senior manager to manage a senior manager to manage a middle manager who manages a junior who manages front line services. A junior manager costs tax payer 48k a year. Jobs creating jobs to sustain their own jobs. Madness. Imagine how much all the middle and senior managers are costing us.
  14. All they have left in DHSC head office is Catlow, the ex post office accountant. Taking bets that like at post office he will jump ship now the shit hits the fan.
  15. Why build a new facility if it can not accommodate current need let alone the future
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