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  1. Helping his constituents and colleagues by being a Covid19 conduit. Clever! But if you feel an bad judgement of a party night and emptying contents of over doing the beer is similar or worse, that’s your view, not mine. The “RC me me me” is an embarrassment to us all.
  2. Pick up the phone or FaceTime to fool, your self promotion is beyond contemptuous. Anyone who goes to you for advice would be few and far between. No unnecessary meetings, no unnecessary trips, anything to do with Rob Callister is definitely unnecessary. I would like to know how many people attended the Surgery and put themselves at risk or is Rob talking shite as usual and it’s just another pretentious advert known as “RC me, me, me” pretending to be available but actually doing nothing. Tosser
  3. You mean. “my fellow Isle of Man residents” is there actually a hierarchy of people you would expect to be pulled up by? I am happy to be at the bottom of your self appointed acceptable listing.
  4. How do you actually identify these selfish sods as Manx, Isle of Man residents cover a multitude of cultures. We have a high population of over 70 year olds, physically disabled and ill people, so let’s hope it is them that are hoarding, I have a corner shop that facilitates my daily needs but if this virus hits these shores I will probably stock up ready to self isolate. Government have done the right thing, next step, shut the door, then lock it. 2 weeks into a lock down, the vulnerable are safe and life can go on behind the locked door, albeit in a reduced capacity.
  5. Why the hell didn’t they just give him a warning and remove the items. What was the point to prosecuting him?
  6. Don’t government workers pay 10% of their salary into their pension, if the give up 10% of their income for their future needs, how are they any different to other workplace pension, aside from the fact that their employer is the government! Its those that don’t save for their pension to top up their state pension who can become a drain on the pot and are 10% better off for 30 to 40 years. I have a private pension and I pay for it.
  7. Are they digging up the pavement area that they only did a few years ago between Regent hotel and bottom of Victoria street.?
  8. The old mental health buildings sit empty deteriorating and the Head of Mental health has been promoted in the last few months, obviously for doing such a great job in her old role. The whole of Nobles was a mental health site now it’s just one building.
  9. Why don't they utilise the big VIP venue beside the grandstand instead of paying a fortune for a venue that no one uses apart from Roc C Nesbit ‘rent a mates’ who get free passes to hang out with him at tax payers expense. It’s all getting very elitist for the TT. I don’t recall a tender process for a venue. Big question is why is Villa not available?
  10. Really!! rates go up, salaries go up, overheads go up, loads need repaying, maintenance costs each year has to be facilitated. To many admin, managers, seniors, services, to many local authorities. Ffs the council houses in Onchan are better maintained than most private houses.
  11. So is that the proposal from the independent panel who are being paid for by the turkeys noting for Christmas, that people who do less and are not department members should get about 30% increase plus their all keep their £3.65 per hour expenses (based on a 52 x 37 hours) until in 40 years time it becomes worthless. What do MLCs actually do?
  12. Did you actually have a career where you attitude to victims of crime was “sense of perspective, go and live in Enfield for 48 hours.“
  13. Does anyone know who the heads or Directors are in DHSC and what they do or don’t do?
  14. Has any one seen or said that private wing was trading at a loss?
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