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  1. Absolutely. What exactly did Cretney do in the 30 years he was on the payroll. yes we know he liked bikes and shows and DJ events and was a shop keeper, but 30 years and then left when the kitchen got hot. She will probably just be his political puppet. Let’s be having some new blood, using her dads name to get a job is old school, voters are not that daft. waiting to here what pot we get to vote on here in the south.
  2. Well said, smells of daddy calling up favours given in the past,
  3. What performance? What public position has she held, please share. she will be a puppet of her father. Reminds me of the Moffat clan passing bat-ton and meal ticket. let’s hope some decent candidates step up. Josef shouldn’t be put off by not getting in on first attempt.
  4. Hope they empty the useless hangers on, so called mangers, seems bad managers are just given new titles in DHSC brushing under carpet how useless they are. Some new blood is much needed. Worth every penny long term if the new teams pick up the carpet and chase the rats out. Shocking the things I hear about management in health care.
  5. Well said, I wonder who paid towards her so called qualifications in her chosen field. Washing her dirty knickers in public is getting boring now. We have avoided Covid for many months, unlikely any testing regime would prevents sparks getting out of the fireplace. She is just advertising herself as far as I am concerned. Never heard of her before Government gave her work and look forward to not hearing about her again. She reminds me of Mr Jetski.
  6. Cretin Cretney aka self appointed Minister of Fun as in a DJ has nominated his teaching assistant daughter for a ticket on the gravy train he rode so well. I have never heard of her which must be why she is knocking on doors so early.
  7. How doesSue waddayoudo get an MBE for doing the job the public pay her 80k a year to do...hardly actions from the goodness of her heart. As the DHSC and operator will be before the court soon it’s a shambles that her mates have nominated her to sway a jury.
  8. What is the update on this? Public are told people arrested over Covid situation and then DHSC manager is given a gong and promotion, indicating before any trial that DHSC have clean hands.
  9. That’s another 3.5 million NOT spent on treatment. But you never know, they may have realised they have such useless senior management in place, some of them have been sitting pushing paper for decades moving up the pay scales achieving nothing about to be binned off once new management roll in.
  10. Taking a poll around DOI office is not representative. I can not comprehend that 28% of any part of Isle of Man residents would say they are satisfied with roads. Ffs
  11. I think she is enjoying the adulation and 5 minutes of fame to care much about others. Next she will suddenly stand for election as the people’s saviour. Bitches gonna bitch. There are thousands of hard working front line staff who are in the front line army who saved lives this year, imagine if they all stood up to claim their job importance! Whether a nurse, bin man, shop server or science worker like Gobby Glover , they are all equal-in service.
  12. Rachael Glover. Was it you who submitted the FOI? Why are you bothered. Do you think it beyond realm of possibilities that someone you worked with may be fed up of your opinion and receive negativity and demoralised in the work place. If I had written to the Minister I would be made up that he binned my letter before rats started running up the drainpipe looking for something to munch on, or someone!!
  13. And Rachel whomever she is would be raking it in ready to retest entire nation again 2 months later. ching ching Wise up, commercial business wants more recognition and sub contractor pay check, hardly NEWS. The woman is one of a team of ‘experts’ doing the profession they are paid to do, TEAM! Like the rest of the island who are doing their bit. I certainly would not want her testing me, my missus or the kids as she quite obviously doesn’t understand ‘trust and confidentiality’. fancy yourselves as Manxileaks via this forum to get pay check back on track.
  14. Looks like the Watterson Lad is making a bid for a top job never seen so much activity from him as I have lately. He seems to be taking the Cretinism Cretney approach of I don’t do much but I am a nice honest bloke stance. Those sweating pants must be getting a bit itchy.
  15. Who is the clerk..His head will roll. stupid error costly
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