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  1. Who is the clerk..His head will roll. stupid error costly
  2. I have read your rants and it’s quite clear that you are an aspiring Mini Rob Callister, I hope you don’t enter politics as you have said you are not interested in the skills and mechanisms of politics. Best practice, community needs directs policy, if you want a job in policy making get a civil servant job, if you want a salary in politics, trust me with your arrogance knocking on doors will not help you.
  3. That’s the problem, they are so bonded, propping up each others inadequacy, there is no chance of any change. Each leader is soon shown the door names ‘family or personal reasons’ to leave. Crap managers don’t leave they just sit on the same salary in another made up post, but in reality they are still propping up the crap management ways. Must be bloody awful for the workers working under them.
  4. Does not concern me, I was just stating facts that you don’t become Manx
  5. Do they get to keep pension benefits if found guilty.
  6. An Australian Isle of Man resident then, not Manx.
  7. I thought Rob C MHK was the official communication officer for government
  8. Shambles?? It can’t be, the director of mental health then became the interim CEO and then on to a new post running the hospital, surely if she was a shambles manager of mental health services whilst all this was going on she would have been held accountable. Shambles, surely not.
  9. Yes it was Abbotswood
  10. I don’t recall. All Abbots-wood infected going to hospital. Your comments don’t make sense mate
  11. Why were the sick not moved to the hospital?
  12. I would like to know when the DHSC staff entered the building, how many died there after and why the hospital had to shut down services and clean their wards In prep for Covid, after it hit the island. Yet Abotswood were unable to do the same, the DHSC don’t seem to grasp a fully occupied building with vulnerable people should have meant Covid patients were moved to hospital. Was it because DHSC Nobles and Community services were late activating advice, support and preparation forCovid? Finger pointing from DHSC is not acceptable. It will be interesting when the facts come out.
  13. As much as the designers can make it cost as their fee will be tied into that Construction value. Salisbury is bigger and spec can’t be much different as they cater for same people, it wasn’t long ago that DHSC beds in Salisbury were being paid for by DHSC and being unused, now apparently the justification is an increase in older people but those figures don’t stack up. Obviously someone has money to burn sticking older people on a main traffic junction. Who wants to stare out of the window watching a roundabout and listening to traffic day after day.
  14. No idea but I do know someone is making a bloody fortune from idiot directors In Infrastructure who obviously just like to spend money.
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