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  1. Yes, they would behave the same, not much from Labour or Lib Van on the issue, Labour make statements that make out the behaviours are in the past, Lib Van just plays dumb. Both parties have members on DHSC. There isn’t a rug to sweep this behaviour under, Gov seem to have a trap door to a concrete bunker to sweep it into.
  2. Not really, she broke public trust and confidence.
  3. Didn’t the head of care quality get a obe or something, I remember article about her getting it.
  4. Chris Thomas is like a rat looking for a rain pipe to run up to escape the no man’s land he lives in. Trying to give himself credibility.
  5. Ashford should stay, he won’t be so trusting next time, the gang of directors and CEOs should be demoted or fired accordingly, if fired their pension should be penalised. They get paid to advise and do their job, Ashford gets paid to represent them in Tynwald and represent department. The word is most Directors etc have jumped in last year taking early retirement AKA we are paying them for next 30yrs for their incompetence. Even the Chief Secretary was allowed to retire early instead of disciplined it is beyond disgusting. This is why there is a mob bullying corporate culture in IOM, because civil servant know the public will blame politicians and they keep their jobs and get to carry on. CEOs get paid more than politicians https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/iomgovjobs/displayjob.aspx?jobid=13852
  6. Pretty clear anyone with capabilities would not survive in civil service. I hear if you have a friend on the ‘inside’ you can get a job whether you can do the job or not. It’s all about who you know not what you know.
  7. Hooper is just as bad, sat in his Ministerial post knowing what he heard from Ranson and Glover in PAC but continued letting it go on for months. His CEO and Deputy CEO defending the indefensible with tax payers money and he supported them. Hooper then rewarded the Deputy CEO for facilitating it all. Just shows he follows the “pay cheque’ line.
  8. A employers culture usually stems from HR, what’s the bet Clair Conie has been promoted for facilitating this culture. fire the lot of them.
  9. Hooper shirked his responsibility Hooper not up to the job Hewitt conspired with Magson, integrity gone Dr Glover stood her ground complacency and arrogance of government workers. duty of care on the media form of corruption, rotten 🍎 apples destroyed lives some straight talking between Robertshaw and Moulton
  10. That arse kissing got Mrs Malone promoted to DHSC CEO, shows the civil service culture and how to get promoted into 90k job. Smart texts. 😆 😝
  11. HR Director should be the one to resign, it is their job, cabinet office, to ensure compliance with employment and culture expectations. They, whomever, clearly failed in their job.
  12. More like he hasn’t go a clue
  13. No hearing a word from Labour or that other Lib Van political group, embarrassing how quiet they are on everything
  14. She got promoted into Magson role due to arse 😘 kissing Shows how you can do well in that culture by sucking up, the culture will continue in DHSC as Malone seems to have got promoted by doing the dirty work for her mates. Disgusting 🤮
  15. School girl bullying, not what we should expect from current CEO, got her promoted into CEO role though.
  16. She should be reinstated as the CEO of DHSC, her integrity and expertise would be beneficial to our NHS. The current CEO was complicit in bullying Dr Ranson out of her role.
  17. When did the breach take place?
  18. Has the Ranson case had a ruling yet? It was heard months ago, is there no rug big enough to sweep it under?
  19. Who owns the incinerator?
  20. Excellent time to sell property assets, they have had the flats next to hotel up for sale for years, over inflates price, no parking, they should lower the price to first time buyers and give back to tax payers that prop up their profits.
  21. Seems to be taking a long time Have the DHSC settled before judgement? the current DHSC CEO was reported to be a shit stirrer and ridiculed her colleague Dr Ranson to their then CEO to discredit Dr Ranson.
  22. Billions in finance support gone into that neighbourhood gesture from around the world.
  23. That’s just the first invoice paid
  24. How many of the original roles and staff were retained in DHSC? I bet no one knows
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