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  1. Yes it was Abbotswood
  2. I don’t recall. All Abbots-wood infected going to hospital. Your comments don’t make sense mate
  3. Why were the sick not moved to the hospital?
  4. I would like to know when the DHSC staff entered the building, how many died there after and why the hospital had to shut down services and clean their wards In prep for Covid, after it hit the island. Yet Abotswood were unable to do the same, the DHSC don’t seem to grasp a fully occupied building with vulnerable people should have meant Covid patients were moved to hospital. Was it because DHSC Nobles and Community services were late activating advice, support and preparation forCovid? Finger pointing from DHSC is not acceptable. It will be interesting when the facts come out.
  5. As much as the designers can make it cost as their fee will be tied into that Construction value. Salisbury is bigger and spec can’t be much different as they cater for same people, it wasn’t long ago that DHSC beds in Salisbury were being paid for by DHSC and being unused, now apparently the justification is an increase in older people but those figures don’t stack up. Obviously someone has money to burn sticking older people on a main traffic junction. Who wants to stare out of the window watching a roundabout and listening to traffic day after day.
  6. No idea but I do know someone is making a bloody fortune from idiot directors In Infrastructure who obviously just like to spend money.
  7. What is staggering is that a 60 bed residential facility will cost tax payers 12 million pounds built by government and yet a 68 bed facility was built by private company and sold to government 3 years ago for 7 million odd. Ffs Infrastructure running that farce as well. 12 million of tax payers money. The political sheep will just nod and agree.
  8. And BLM are??? Different how?
  9. His only contribution politically is to bleat in Tynwald that he might be out of pocket and not get his money back on stamp costs for his next electioneering endeavour.. His priorities are firmly self, self, self.
  10. Did Thomas actually state why he was going to vote No in Tynwald, surely if he did it would be getting quoted. When Hansard comes out it will show what he said about why he voted no, it will be on record if he did.
  11. We are in a state of emergency, Chris Thomas didn’t have the balls to resign on his principle, instead threw a curve ball at his team to cause confusion and mistrust at a time when the people of the island are feeling vulnerable and need to be able to trust the politicians. He is a complete plonker of the spineless variety. Good riddance, let hope the voters recall his attempt to take a pay check for a role he didn’t do.
  12. The amendment would stop people using planning procedures to Get passed the border, Thomas seems to think we should be more relaxed borders.
  13. ‘ROB the GOB’. does seem to like copy pasting news releases as if they are his news releases and words, how many different departments can they move him to DHSC, DOI, DoE, now Home Affairs, has he got a problem holding A job down? They can’t be moving him around because he is so productive, I have never heard of him doing anything useful.
  14. Electioneering started....
  15. Sounds about right from how the lady, now identified as Margaret Knight, came across. As the lead infection nurse, yes it would be her call what protection was offered. That’s what worry’s me, she sounds like a copy paste person not an able person.
  16. Random on about 60k a year, seemed dozy enough to throw herself under the stationary bus Gave us a laugh though.
  17. Watching the woman at at the press conference tonight, seemingly the head of Infection Control I was concerned that she may the medical advisor to the decision makers. She read from a document that seemed about 3 months out of date in respect of advice and when asked a question, fumbled as there was no script for her to refer to. I don’t know who she was but she seemed short of a shilling or two!
  18. Hard to monitor and contain confused residents in a care home, unless DHSC can prove that they put safeguards and support in place before March 2020 I don’t think any vulnerable home should be blamed or demonised over this incident. Only a fool would point a finger at anyone for any cause or contributing factor of any of the 270 thousand so far deaths. Even nobles had to invest in deep cleaning of the hospital before accepting Covid-19 related patients, I found that quite ridiculous considering it’s already an infection controlled hospital. Or was it? Plus they have spent hundreds of thousands upgrading private patient ward and Ward 20 doing their backlog maintenance in preparation for Covid19 needs, all retrospectively at end of March. That’s with the help of unconditional funds and also the DOI and DHSC staff on the books. Let’s wait and see who throws the first stone, see where it comes from and check they do not live in a glass house.
  19. Government stepped in after the fact and as an alternative to hospital admission for the residents who had the virus, does anyone know why infected residents were not received into hospital care? And chose instead to send their nurses into the home, quite bizarre action, leaving the infected in a home with uninflected.
  20. Looks like inspections and registrations will have questions to answer, they work within DHSC so will have to validate their inspection.
  21. Are you saying there are people who want to sleep on the street instead of sleeping in a bed paid for by the tax payer?
  22. Helping his constituents and colleagues by being a Covid19 conduit. Clever! But if you feel an bad judgement of a party night and emptying contents of over doing the beer is similar or worse, that’s your view, not mine. The “RC me me me” is an embarrassment to us all.
  23. Pick up the phone or FaceTime to fool, your self promotion is beyond contemptuous. Anyone who goes to you for advice would be few and far between. No unnecessary meetings, no unnecessary trips, anything to do with Rob Callister is definitely unnecessary. I would like to know how many people attended the Surgery and put themselves at risk or is Rob talking shite as usual and it’s just another pretentious advert known as “RC me, me, me” pretending to be available but actually doing nothing. Tosser
  24. You mean. “my fellow Isle of Man residents” is there actually a hierarchy of people you would expect to be pulled up by? I am happy to be at the bottom of your self appointed acceptable listing.
  25. How do you actually identify these selfish sods as Manx, Isle of Man residents cover a multitude of cultures. We have a high population of over 70 year olds, physically disabled and ill people, so let’s hope it is them that are hoarding, I have a corner shop that facilitates my daily needs but if this virus hits these shores I will probably stock up ready to self isolate. Government have done the right thing, next step, shut the door, then lock it. 2 weeks into a lock down, the vulnerable are safe and life can go on behind the locked door, albeit in a reduced capacity.
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