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  1. You live in Lala land most residents in doulas don’t even know what Corpy does and those that do know it’s waste of time complaining. tell me, no tell all of us where does all the recycling go to that Corpy collects and what income is generated from it?
  2. I see Rob C idiot is in the news again demanding clarity of why he was fired anyone care to help him understand that no one wants to play with him and they don’t trust him to lead them? Resulting in a no confidence complaint to Chief Minister who then fired him
  3. Rob the …. Will now find he has shot himself in the foot as his hands would need to be squeaking clean now he comments are to be investigated. He will be starting to realise he should have gone quietly.
  4. The Private Patients was making plenty of revenue before it was closed. You suspect budgeted figure? There was no tender so the revenue is actual loss from previous revenue earned.
  5. Not actually true as Manx care put loss incurred buy closing private as 800k lost income. So it couldn’t have been subsidised by tax payer, sounds like we lost millions. don’t believe everything they tell you.
  6. Why did hospital bin private patients and the income it generated? They must have lost a few million since it closed.
  7. The board and chief exec of Manx care is responsible, now who is responsible for kicking their arse if they make excuses for not delivering, then that’s Comin via the DHSC minister, however if the DHSC minister wastes time and resources on trivia, doubling up on others remits, and doesn’t develop the policies and legislation needed by Manx care then The DHSC minister gets arse kicked. Simples
  8. Some of his posts on social media over the last month from ‘Rob the Sobber’ definitely show he though he was minister for Manx Care, he isn’t, wasn’t, not even close. Setting policy and being the overseeing conduit as well as Cabinet Office is all that tiny DHSC department of a few dozen staff do. He was minister of smallest Department and fell on his face. The bloke is soft in the head and Cannan did right swiping Robs chair from him. ‘I wont forgive…’ The man is deluded!
  9. In other words he does what they say, not exactly his role, no wonder the other political members got pissed off
  10. the low bar was set by Corpy councillor wasting money, self promotion of themselves and raising rates on top of gas central heating installed in Corpy houses. Big mistake!! An event for the residents you make poorer is setting the bar as low as the Corpy councillor IQ.
  11. He is daft enough to think he has any influence over Manx Care 😆 he has the tiniest department with a dozen staff and arms length means no hands 🙌
  12. It’s the civil service way, crap manages get moved by promotion.
  13. NHS is now at arms length with a bundle of senior managers to check Manx care are performing in relation to the contract. millions a year paying DHSC new team to monitor !!! All makes perfect sense until the report came out and showed Manx Care isn’t achieving and the DHSC haven’t done their monitoring and oversight at all DHSC cost millions to produce fresh air even though Manx care now has ability to generate its own oxygen, it’s time to make cabinet office responsible for Manx Care policy and compliance, so it loops directly through gov policy and expectations and save millions being wasted on Callisters tiny team.
  14. Hooper is like a “Rabbit in the headlights” just sitting staring. He is not a leader, like Beacroft he is all mouth no action Less mouth to go with no action once he got a ministerial position. He needs to step aside and let someone who isn’t afraid of senior civil managers step in.
  15. I think you just broke confidentiality there Mr Wright, in your hast to defend
  16. Magson was never CEO of Manx care
  17. Quite clear from report just made public that Cope can cope, OHR Director specific to Manx Care achieved nothing apart from a promotion who is head of Infection control that needs held accountable and disposed of? answers on a postcard to Copeless
  18. They have a director of OHR in Manx care
  19. Hooper needs to resign, he has sat in his comfy chair for nearly a year and allowed this shit show to go live and has not been open and transparent. He has failed the department and needs to put his coat on and leave immediately.
  20. Hooper was in the seat when DHSC decided to defend senior managers instead of protect Ranson.
  21. Wild head should roll, he been in the roll for years so it’s his incompetence
  22. I see Manx Care are building new residential home on Glencrutchery road, shiner of a roof but no solar panels, it seems government is not leading the way in green living but expecting us householders to invest.
  23. What is Hoopers stance on this Manx care failing, the new DHSC and new team of senior management staff is supposed to make sure Manx Care do their job on budget. Nothing changed just millions more for new management jobs and still millions over budget.
  24. No, because they build and rent out or make money managing them for investors, effectively keeping prices high and still not enough properties in resident buyers listings, it’s a sham and about time we had a reality BANG to rebalance.
  25. I couldn’t rent or stay somewhere with cats or dogs as previous occupiers, allergy’s
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