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  1. There used to be a lot of racism against the Irish, Manx people suffer racism.  My Mrs suffers a lot of sexism at work and a smell of racism because of her ethnicity.   We all need to be minded of our mixed community. 
    someone finding a minority aspect, whether it’s colour, sex, hair colour, nationality or anything, to belittle, usually have insecurities and inadequacies.  GTFU 

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  2. 7 hours ago, Danoo said:

    For me it just highlighted the inaptitude of our governing officials. Both politicians and senior civil service. Of course this was an unprecedented set of circumstances so to a certain extent I sympathise but to be stuck like rabbits in the headlights with no plan, falling back on a combination of legislation from another era and copying whatever they did across was a very poor effort. To say nothing of the PR failures and descent into wilful totalitarianism. 

    We did better with foot and mouth strategy and action than we did with Covid prep.    That’s what indicated to me that CEO and directors in the DHSC in 2020 were incompetent. 

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  3. 58 minutes ago, Gladys said:

    Not so sure about that. More likely, there was a contraction to Comin, then the dream team.

    There were probably many elsewhere who had views, suggestions and practical issues who were never invited to the table.  If they weren't involved, no amount of preparation would prepare them for what was actually was expected.  

    The Steam Packet is a good example. 

    Let’s all look forward to the medical directors case in January

  4. 56 minutes ago, Gladys said:

    Again, I agree.  Everyone says it was a completely unexpected event.  To a degree, it was.  But there are common measures and preparations for any emergency.  A plan would help in coordinating input and response.  Not least it would help in the kind of response committees (hate to say it, but you need to be able bring knowledge and resource together) who should be on them, what they should so and so on. 

    There were areas of expertise/resource that were not brought in to a coordinated response. For example, what use of the various voluntary organisations was made? What about the churches, WI, etc. could they have been more centrally part of the response to assist in helping out those who suddenly had to self-isolate? What about Civil Defence, St John's Ambulance, people furloughed in the catering industry?  They could all have brought expertise and, importantly, manpower. 

    There is probably a huge wealth of knowledge in dealing with emergencies on this island, but none were asked to be involved.

    Was there an exercise to identify who was particularly vulnerable, not to Covid but to the effects of being isolated?

    The list goes on, really.  As I said above, what steps were taken to protect the critical infrastructure and have a contingency plan to move resource where it was needed?  This happened to a degree by moving MNH and railways staff, but still volunteers were sought to man the vax hubs.

    If there wasn't a framework plan, the one thing this review should require is that there is one for the future.

    Spot on

    add to that the fact that we pay for all these senior managers and Directors who seem to have been incapable of mitigating risk even with 2 months notice that Covid was coming.    

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  5. 2 hours ago, Boris Johnson said:

    Lack of staff full stop, its massively under funded and we could not afford to fund it properly.

    It should just be a Triage centre that ships you off island to specialists apart from the basics like simple broken bones etc.

    Medicine is getting more and more specialised and expensive to give the best treatment.

    We can never afford the best doctors or equipment so why keep kidding ourselves?

    Get a referral from your GP to a UK specialist and cut out the middle man (Nobles)

    Then if you turn up with some bleeding you would be seen a lot quicker.

    PPS. I don't envy you the iron tablets, anyone who has taken them for a while will sympathise too with their main side effect... 🙂 Stock up on Kleenex moist toilet tissue would be my main advice.

    Is it underfunded or is it just to expensive to have so many civil servants and top management instead of service provision. Same managers duplicated in DHSC, waste of 10s millions a year.

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  6. An independent review SHOULD go ahead to show where Government, community and businesses failed or succeeded.   It is quite apparent their was no pro active approach to Covid by government, however private enterprise should be able to contribute to independent review as well as public to ensure public realms learn from their inexperience.   

    there should be a public consultation to ask public if they want a review.   It’s our money and our island. 

  7. 46 minutes ago, Max Power said:

    I didn't know that thread titles had become sacracent? 


    It was a good all rounded thread, showing all views, I didn’t realise potential racism could be diluted with humour but only idiot MHK living in the 60s could be protected from ridicule.  
    SP is showing he remains the same ignorant idiot on this topic. 

  8. 13 hours ago, Stu Peters said:

    You DO talk tripe. I don't have enough 'mates' in Middle to have got me elected. And don't you dare lecture me on how and when I should work - apart from sittings I'm responsible for my own diary. Which is why I often work at the weekends and in the evenings and from home while you're chuntering in the snug over a bottle of brown ale. You really DO need to lighten up. Before idiots like you got so puritanical and self righteous we used to enjoy some banter and a bit of a laugh on here.

    Stu peters, we are still waiting for you to talk, talk about local issues, talk about what you are doing to earn over a grand a week.  But nothing, here you are making humour on a Black Lives Matter thread.  Puritanical and self righteous??   Why because we expect you to do your job, which is to lead and represent a community rather than get a old has been radio presenter missing his freedom of expression (cough) tripe. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, Ramseyboi said:

    You can be at work and use a phone every now and then.

    plus semi retired 

    SP is not semi retired, he took up a full time post, if he isn’t going to disagree with a topic or agree or elaborate, then he should just shut up and do what his mates voted him in for.  It’s not a joke topic, it’s a Black Lives Matter thread. 

  10. 6 hours ago, Stu Peters said:

    It was merely an attempt at humour Wankas. I'm sorry if that offends you. Actually no, I'm not sorry.

    Humour in a community discussion about racism, you are paid to lead and change cultures no sit with a pint in your hand chuckling with the lads.   Put your mouth and opinions where it’s supposed to be.  You kiss arse to much.  We pay you 70k to do a job, not to sit talking shite in middle of the day on social media. 

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  11. 12 hours ago, Roxanne said:

    Thank you. You’ve just saved the GMP a shed load of money and unlike any kind of review conclusion, you’ve hit the nail firmly on the head. 

    Maybe the ministers know that the medical directors case is being heard in January and therefore an inquiry will be requested then once public here the facts, so they are doing a review ready for their defence. 

  12. On 10/22/2021 at 3:53 PM, StrangeBrew said:

    I’d be interested to hear the employee’s view as to whether they ‘volunteered’ to help administer ear drops to the chair of the commissioners’ dog. Given the Chair held a position of authority, perhaps the employee felt obliged and that they couldn’t say no?

    Years ago, I worked in an office and was asked by one of the directors to check on her house first thing in the morning and late at night for a fortnight when she was on holiday. It was clear it wasn’t going to be paid, it was outside of my normal hours and I was the single mum of a 1 year old so it was a massive pain in the arse. But I absolutely felt obliged to do it as she was my boss and could make life difficult for me if I had said no. I bet had anyone asked her, she would have said that I offered. Which I kind of did, having been manipulated into it and given no option but to ‘offer’.

    Sounds like Quine made her working position untenable by behaving the way she has, hence the no confidence in her. 

  13. On 10/22/2021 at 7:54 PM, Happier diner said:

    What rights do they have to do that? 

    Gov give the licence to Manx gas, without it manx gas would be cut off 

    they should be seeing the accounts each year 

  14. On 10/20/2021 at 9:05 PM, Kopek said:

    If he did not stand again for 'Family Reasons', how can he suddenly perform the role of an MLC???

    Plenty of spare time for MLCs 

    I recall Cretney in MLC post, all he did was go for long walks and post it on FB. 

  15. On 10/18/2021 at 9:49 PM, Itsmeee said:

    That’s how I interpreted it

    His media training spend was wasted then,  if he posts something on open social media, he knows he is posting it on local news as well.  

  16. On 10/17/2021 at 10:51 AM, Rob Callister said:

    No, I didn’t speak to Manx Radio…..

    I guess they got the story from Manx Forums or Facebook. 

    I was asked a simple question, which I was happy to answer 

    So are you saying you never spoke to Manx radio on this topic this week.  Or did you and you are lying? 

  17. On 10/11/2021 at 10:09 PM, Ramseyboi said:

    So you just throw people out of their town houses and built 30 percent the number of houses that people want on the land they free up?


    Peope don’t want to live in town.  People want moderns houses with Gardens and Hartford know exactly what sells.

    Look at Royal Park in Ramsey. It’s massive, exactly what people want, and all sold.

    Yes but are they all owner occupied.   No! 

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  18. 2 hours ago, 747-400 said:

    Ok, I’ll take the bait. Remember I only have 23 options (assuming I can still use the Speaker and Deputy Speaker) and have ruled out using MLCs to make it more straight forward. Also, confess to not knowing much about the new intake, so not utilised, but will bring them in at my first reshuffle 🤪

    DOI: Julie Edge

    DEFA: Rob Callister

    DFE: Daphne Cain

    DHSC: Claire Christian

    DESC: Kate Lord-Brennan

    Treasury: Lawrie Hooper

    DHA: Clare Barber

    Cabinet Office: Jane Poole-Wilson

    Rob Callister…. I don’t think Cannan is that stupid   Christian hasn’t shown any signs of Minister material, am sure her Co-op partner would like to see her in dept enterprise.  
    Crookall will get Minister role, give him DHSC and put DC in DoI 

  19. 1 minute ago, Ramseyboi said:

    Rubbish.  He tried to make some sort of point and get his name in the news again.

    There has been plenty of time to question them and everyone else had managed to use the time available to get answers and make a decision.

    No idea what wanna berg was playing at.  Lost all credibility in my eyes

    Agree, he has been working with the candidates for years, and has had 2 weeks in same building as them to discuss manifesto if he wanted to. 


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  20. 47 minutes ago, Ham_N_Eggs said:

    I think he really didn't want Cannan

    Thomas edging his bets, trying to make sure he is in with both sides.  Complete idiot

    looking after himself as always. 

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