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  1. Manx17


    360 calls, Manx Telecom bosses are in for a good Christmas party 💰 💰
  2. Well I think they haven’t thought it through properly and they should have had the public on board more. Listened to ideas to make it run more smoothly so everyone is happy. I don’t think the issue is recycling it’s self it’s more to do with the waste that can’t be recycled and many people are proud and respect the island and want it clean and are very upset that Douglas town will become known as the Douglas tip and not a city. Last summer we had a hose pipe ban. What are they going to do next summer when everyone is washing containers and tins? Say people are using too much water and put metres in place? Have they looked into where this new water supply is coming from? How many things are going wrong, costing up to now? How much is it costing for man power when it comes to fly tipping.Is there a shift in costs so it is costing the same or more. How much money are they willing to loose before something is done. A couple of weeks ago a black bin bag was left on a field at Henry Bloom Nobles School open with a bag of used needles spilt out . A child got injured from one of the needles. That needle could of had diseases. I’m all for recycling but it should be a good thing not a bad thing and the extra rubbish that is being refused to be picked up is not the way forward. I give it six months and it will be stopped as they won’t empty the black bins properly and it won’t have anything to do with the recycling element. They did it before and failed as they just burnt it. They lied then and probably are lying now.
  3. Yes she did until she was told. Also the two of them were quite rude talking whilst someone was asking questions and the smirks were noted too, to the other councillor sat In the front. They didn’t want to listen. It was astonishing to hear the guy, as he didn’t seem to have a clue what’s happening in Douglas and kept referring it to the UK. what a waste of time.
  4. Manx17


    That could be it then, I’m all for helping the environment.
  5. Manx17


    I’ve already answered you before.
  6. Manx17


    So what I they using. As one of the gritters seems to think so.
  7. Manx17


    It’s local, do you need glasses Gladys? This is Manx forums are you getting mixed up thinking it’s the mirror or something?
  8. Manx17


    Is it true the government have opted for a cheaper version of grit to grit the roads with and its turns to sheets of ice at a certain temperature?
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