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  1. I thought you need a cathedral for a town to be called a city? Dandara sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for that call, ching ching
  2. It’s not being racist at all. It was a known fact that governments before gave out work permits like free water because they knew most that came here were sending money home to buy houses and apartments then go home spending next to nothing in the economy but funding the governments pension fund. There were lots of families living up Douglas head in one house where the whole family shared one room and live of reduced food from Tesco. Living a shitty life but knowing they had bought a house and 3 apartments to rent out to live of, for when they moved back to there own country. The ones who try to dictate how our island should be, should remind themselves what they left behind and if they want chance go home and make that change in their own countries
  3. Yeah but did you see what a very angry councillor wrote afterwards? That he was an immigrant and the majority of the island are immigrants and as tax payers have rights on what happens on the island. So not that different to Michael wanting a better place for them. You have to wonder why they left where they were born in the first place. Low wages having nothing to do with race. More people came to live here so meant less jobs and drove the wage down. Now they don’t like it .
  4. Manx17


    Bless his soul, at least he isn’t locked in a prison anymore.
  5. Of course I know just because you’ve had it doesn’t mean you can’t catch it again or catch a new variant. But we do need a stronger government. When you’ve got one member stating yesterday that numbers should have gone down since Sunday if people were taking precautions then you have another member today stating the risk is low if you party together. Whilst we’ve got children in schools with coats on because windows and doors are open. Then another one wanting revamps of ports for visitors. It’s becoming a circus. Surly if it’s that bad getting our health service up to scratch should be first priority. So the sick are not left to get sicker to then end up in hospital with covid, schools to have better ventilation and test centres around the island so it’s quicker and more people can get to them if they don’t drive and have to take a taxi. The lft tests you can take a test in the afternoon and be negative and take another one in the evening and be positive. Nothing what they are doing is making any sense.
  6. Could you not off asked them if they mind coming forward to say who they are, if you felt under pressure of breaking the law, if you named them? It just doesn’t make sense that you would ruin your own character and they keep themselves hidden. If I was helping someone to stand to make it a better place I wouldn’t care if I was disclosed. Maybe someone knows who they are and don’t like them and it’s escalated where more people want to know. I think you were doing ok up until that point then people lost trust.
  7. The Isle of Man was a great place to live , things have gotten upside down the more people came here and tried to change it not all but some. If a Manx person makes a comment they are seen as a Manx crab. The same people that have seen things change dramatically and think what is happening to our beautiful island. What is a better world for you on our island? Why are you hiding Manx taxpayer alliance? It’s strange for a person to ruin their own character, if these people or person was legit.
  8. Michael are you a part of living hope church? Your videos whilst campaigning reminded me of their videos on social media.
  9. We’ve probably nearly all had it already any way
  10. The public are yes , some are still having parties. They said it was low risk last New Years and we all ended up in lock down . Maybe some are ignoring the advice they give now as they sound like they don’t have a clue.
  11. The only people to see people go out are themselves who are out. The thing is he isn’t stating it for health he is stating it for peoples profit. With them it’s what you can do and what you should and what you can’t do . Trying to control. If people want to go out they will go out if people want to wear a mask they will and if people want to get vaccinated they will. He was supposed to of sorted the schools with ventilation last time in government and he didn’t. They are all freezing now, whilst he thinks it’s ok for adults to party like it’s not happening.
  12. He really shouldn’t be making such statements. If people are not comfortable going out, then he should let them be. Not thinking of others peoples profits , I’m sure these businesses would have got deposits of the party goers and I’m sure if people caught it those businesses and Dr Allinson are not going to be running around for them, or offering up their wages when they can’t work. I can’t believe what some of them have come out with this week.
  13. Are you ok Ramseyboi? You act a bit strange if it’s about government. The island don’t do enough tests for Dr Allinson to make such a statement. He hasn’t a clue how many have had it or are infected. Lots of people don’t drive I’m sure they are not going to fork out on taxis there and back to the test centre, especially if you live outside of Douglas. They also cause a lot of panic as the ones who have spoken have given mixed messages. Wear a mask open windows and doors of schools but you don’t catch it sat together eating a meal or drinking alcohol. Maybe they are hoping more people are like you.
  14. Dr Allinson Has said there is a low chance of getting covid. Are anyone in government working together.
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