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  1. The whole place is a shambles, private jet centre included. The manager in there is either half asleep or smelling of alcohol.
  2. The wait in A&E could be due to the closed wards and lack of beds as well. The public will only be told what manx care want to tell them. Uk is worse like you say but still it shouldn’t be happening. An elderly person had a fall on ward 4 on Wednesday, you have to wonder how many times is that happening, staff are running around, they don’t stop and they look really worn out. It can’t be healthy for them either.
  3. Well I was up at the hospital yesterday and nursing staff are not very happy with Manx Care and according to some, many are leaving or have left as they just don’t want to work for them any more. Three wards are shut and the bed situation is dreadful. Mostly filled with elderly where each department have waiting lists and they are not able to give the care they were trained in. Wednesday on gyno ward there were only three lady patients that needed that ward the rest of the ward was filled with elderly. Their waiting list is long but they just haven’t got the beds. Food the vegetables are black, potatoes look like they have been left out in the air after peeling them, I’m unsure how the same happens with carrots as they look frozen not fresh. Taxes are paying for these services who ever is doing the food want to be ashamed and how are they getting away with it? The staff look warn out . The place needs investigating.
  4. I think it’s more funny that the police seem to spend more time on Facebook than stupid comments about parking 😂
  5. What you mean is. Douglas corpy are like someone wearing Gucci but can’t afford to put a pair of knickers on. The town is dirty and falling apart. If any business uses their imagination and puts a couple of tables and chairs outside for customers . Douglas Corporation shoot it down without a second thought. Douglas Corporation in one hand started a half hearted attempt of helping the climate by recycling ( seeing as doing something) but provided no real resources to accomplish it and put on a half an hour show that ended in a puff of smoke and thinks what a great corporation we are.
  6. Life shouldn’t be all about money, cashing in and greed.
  7. Security manager has left or pushed out at the airport and a government employee has taken over. Something iffy is going on. How much will it cost the tax payer?
  8. Growing up you got adverts telling you to bin it. You spend your childrens childhood telling them to bin it. Douglas corporation do the opposite and cut the bins down. How backwards is that? But I did hear the once volunteers, beach buddies now get paid by government to pick up litter, over time will be great. I wonder if it’s friends of a friend involvement. Something Isn’t adding up.
  9. Why don’t they just do what the cats and dogs do in the schools? It will save on toilet roll.
  10. Think of the money they are saving adding the extra day off school so the important people can go on their jollies. The least they can do is spend it on some veg and give it the most vulnerable.
  11. Yes I know gay couples can adopt but I’m sure they need to have a place to live first, and I’m sure it takes a bit longer than getting pregnant. Adoption can take years. i thought first time buyers was for people who couldn’t afford a house on their own and the government gave out a loan to get them on the property ladder. Like a person could in a well paid job. I didn’t realise it was just for people with children. Unless of course you want a flat / apartment with management fees and no garden.
  12. Why should women have to be knocked up to get one? Cash in the hand. Wil solve that problem. Lots of people do it on the island especially in take away businesses.
  13. If anyone wants a house a woman has to give birth.
  14. Hopefully it has changed for the better, as only flats/apartments were offered to single and same sex couples without children. Man made rules as they can’t or don’t have or give birth.
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