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  1. It would be good to see some honestly and see what is actually happening thank you. It is also disgusting our elderly are treated in such a way and don’t have a home. They have probably paid into the system most of their adult life , unless they have moved here later in life to retire, and I’m sure they don’t want to be stuck in a hospital. It’s a very sad and difficult situation.
  2. I wasn’t having a go at you my writing is probably coming across that way sorry. if you work at the hospital how many beds are being taken up at the moment with elderly people needing nursing or residential homes? Has that issue been resolved? As I’m sure it’s not just gynaecology it will be in other departments too.
  3. It would of been a better option to go private your right . But if you think after discussing major surgery with a consultant and your not informed of the wait. You think it’s going to be preformed when they say it is and not cancelled time and time again. Your job is already gone and going private isn’t an option anymore. I’m in no way blaming surgeons as they have done their job on finding out the person needs that operation. They only have two hands. Government must realise it’s important to treat people. It’s not right what’s happening.
  4. So are you saying it is right people should be left to suffer after it was the surgeon that noted they needed surgery? A minister has voted for assisted dying, where I agree that if terminal people shouldn’t suffer and should have the right to choose , but shouldn’t individuals be able to get treated before getting to that stage?or is this the new going forward for government. Don’t treat then shut them up. Shouldn’t it be treat everyone and if everything fails then they be assisted in dying if they wish. Or maybe they should be honest to people. There is going to be a very long wait and your symptoms may get worse, so go private before loosing your job. As they might close the ward down if and when government decides to open the border and ease restrictions and they have to open the covid ward again. What’s wrong with honesty?
  5. I haven’t blamed the surgeons, consultants Doctors and nurses can only do what they can do, it is the governments responsibility. Every body deserves treatment,
  6. It came to my attention yesterday after speaking to a friend I hadn’t seen for quite a while, that his wife has been waiting for gyno surgery for nearly two year. Where symptoms have been so bad, she has lost her job, as they couldn’t keep her job open. As the island has had a lot of cancellations in operations and treatment since covid. Are we as tax payers still paying surgeon’s salaries for daily surgeries to be on standby for emergencies only? If so how can that be right and what are government doing to rectify it as soon as possible.Especially if the ones suffering have to give up their jobs leaving them as a family worse off. It would be interesting to know how many people are affected in this way on the island. There have been many mistakes in government, the latest around top medical staff. It would be good to know that this latest wrong doing will not take all the energy and be misleading.
  7. I think it did a couple of quid but I’m not sure if you had a time frame to spend . To be honest when I seen the Sefton I had seen enough and stopped reading about it.
  8. The island is small and I think it’s a case of who you know gets the votes. It will be telling what the numbers are that don’t vote any more as they know it will be the same.
  9. Neither could I. Why would anyone put their hard earned cash on a card where your restricted. For many people eating out is a luxury and a treat. It’s like hidden dictatorship. This is what you should be doing.
  10. Sadly your right. Nobody cares and we seem to be only covering governments mistakes over and over again. The island is in a mess. That guy Charles in his video said an important thing . That hotel owners have painted the buildings ready for tourists and the promenade is a mess. Government are holding people back. I looked at the love card another waste, and three places where you could spend involved the Sefton. Who in the right mind is going to take money out of their bank account and put it on that card and spent it there. How many times have we paid them already. They think we’re daft. It has to stop.
  11. But bully’s should be stopped and are punished or should be. He hasn’t been punished he hasn’t had anything done to him.He stepped down himself. people are bound to be angry, the amount of money that this will cost could go on sick people or elderly peoples pensions or keep people out of the food bank. We can not keep carrying on with the mistakes made in government. The island is going bad to worse.
  12. I thought the same as you then looked at the other side and what happened to the doctor wasn’t good. It could of destroyed her career and all she did was , look out for the well-being of the people and the health service. You get good doctors that care and some that don’t. She cared. Is David Ashford fully at fault probably not. I do not think he acted alone . He might have come across as too convenient but they had acting training for briefings. Probably taking time away from things that were more important. Saying that though it’s strange that he didn’t see or any off them for that matter that the doctor wasnt giving her opinion off the situation in a pandemic and didn’t ask. What was she getting paid for if it wasn’t that? We’re comin taking any clinical opinions on board or were comin playing Russian roulette between themselves. He had to step down in any case .
  13. How long were you thinking of staying?
  14. I’m not sure I haven’t spoken to them in a while. I got told today by their old neighbour that . The belongings of the person have been put out into the street where people have been helping themselves. It’s been raining so I don’t think anything will be salvageable of what’s left. As they are sofa surfing I don’t think they would be able to put it anywhere anyway. Still not great, not when they don’t bat an eyelid when it comes to the sunken gardens. That rates have been paid to be taken care off.
  15. I would say there is definitely more too it than just a couple of people. Howard Quayle seems to be out of sight and mind, and we might as well own the Sefton the amount of public money it’s had over the years.
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