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  1. Do you not feel that most of peoples minds are now on , is it the steam packets fault or governments fault argument . When really it should be about , if it was known it was the Kent variant quicker the likes of the noodle bar and other places wouldn’t of been low risk .
  2. The tynwald sitting, she said about getting PCR primers to find out the variants and that there are talks going on with manufacturers .
  3. I tell you what yesterday’s tynwald was an eye opener wasn’t it . I think advice has been given and not taken and someone has said I’ve done my bit if anything happens now , it’s down to them . Did anyone get that vibe. I wonder why they are getting genomics equipment if it’s not needed and I wonder how long that will take to set up. They are hell bent on not getting help of Dr Glover and I thought hetty was a bit rude , when she said she hasn’t had much to do with her . The woman set up the testing lab. They missed out the fact of the first cases of crew members getting covid last year and ac
  4. Can Dr Glover of a private company not put it out there to people themselves instead of going through government.
  5. Maybe they already had their own coding for their own machine . We have only heard allegations up to now and one side
  6. Honestly, I don’t think RG had a problem with the government using her robot or coding up until then , without them getting a license. You know if it was that important to her the robot the contract, license. Then as a business woman I would have that set up from the start . Whilst they were still building the lab. If it was me and had the expertise and wanted to help . Then that’s what I would do. Things were very quiet , we had our freedom , there was no panic . It wasn’t like we had community cases . I would know I wasn’t a one man band and part off a team. Dr Khan is very good and a ve
  7. I don’t think your getting it , answer me this if you can . Why is Dr Glover putting on Twitter how she will do tests for free or work 18 hours through the night for free for the same people she went to the police about alleging theft of coding ?
  8. Your forgetting she had already made a fuss by that point and quit . Remember we are in a middle of a pandemic I’m sure the dhsc and government have more than covid to deal with I’m sure all government are very grateful as the public are for what Dr Glover did for us all . She would of known what would happen taking the robot or coding away would do to the islands people . If government or any of the dhsc used her coding they did it in the best interest to get people tested to prevent a mass out break . All I have seen unless I’ve missed it , has been praise from government to Dr Glover . Dr
  9. But she said she was helping the people . I agree the government should of dropped everything for her . Stopped testing and sorted out their own coding going forward . If it took a month it took a month . What’s a life hey?
  10. Your right money wasn’t the main issue . She stated that management were not listening to her and taking credit for her work , she also stated she could do ex amount of tests a day but forgot that swobbing teams are not like her robot . If it comes out to be true that Dr Glovers coding was stolen . All tax payers should pay and the government should make a briefing stating they are sorry and that they should of stopped testing and waited until they set up their own coding. Where hundreds could of ended up in hospital and dying . And the whole Manx public congratulate Dr Glover and say she is r
  11. BS if that was true what about the robot wasn’t that used for free ? Give Dr Glovers due she probably should of been given more recognition for what she has done . But I’m sure the whole island knew and know. every single person has done something in this pandemic and no one has looked for a pat on the back. Look around Drs Nurses swob teams the 111 teams the vaccine team the government working around the clock to try and keep everyone safe . All I’m hearing inow from Dr Glover is when something goes wrong . I told you so . So she should state what it is what she is wanting from all of thi
  12. She stated she wasn’t bothered about money ,she was doing it to help . So why the urgency to be paid and not draw up a proper contract as a business woman ? I’m not saying who is right or who is wrong and like I said . She did a fantastic thing for the island . But I’m not a hundred per cent sure if it’s not more about she wanted to take the lead more than anything and when she wasn’t, she didn’t like it and then things fell apart . We have done very well on our island considering and ourselves and government and Dr Glover have all paid a part . I think it’s very unfair that some people
  13. I have listened to it , I wouldn’t of commented if I hadn’t . RG did a very selfless thing in helping , which I think many people are grateful including myself. But I know she has stated that she was bank staff . Bank staff choose their hours , and she then goes on to say she resigned because she wanted to be an outside contractor , so she can do her own work in her company. So I’m not understanding the difference in how much work she wanted to do with DHSS , as she could of done what she wanted doing bank work . The only difference with an outside contractor she could of charged m
  14. What does RG want ? she is a business woman , what contract did she sign before helping to setup a testing centre ? Did she not get paid for the work she did ? She seems so angry .
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